Monday, 27 January 2014

I have moved!

Hello gorgeous people. Well I have been useless over the last 18 months as I have just had so much going on. I decided to start a new blog now things have settled down. Still the same old me but I would love you to join me there as I have missed you all dearly x

I really, REALLY hope to see you there. Big hugs and love 
Emma x

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


So I know I wasn't here for such a very long time and there are so many pictures I didn't get to show and stories that never got told that I thought I would just put a little blog together to kinda get a few of the pics out of the way so we now where I am up to hehe.

 Childrens paintings

 Crochet in the park



 New Kitty...This is Pumpkin(My Brother calls him Mr Terry Tickles) we got him in September and he is gawjus :)

 London Snow


 Pancakes and more coffee
 Baking again...
 and again...


 Theatre...Wicked 2012

NEW HOME...With yarn hide-away :) I love looking at yarn

So there is a snippet in pictures. I hope you enjoyed and now we can move on to brighter tomorrows xxx

Baby Bunting

Hello there. Blimey I leave it ages to post don't I? Sometimes life just gets in the way of everything else you want to do. I think about blogging everyday and never have time in the daylight hours. Then I am tired and just about make it to bed before falling fast asleep. I have been working on this and that oh and it was Easter hehe! 
anyway I haven't been here and there isn't much point me gassing on about the fact.
I want to share with you my little evening project I worked on tonight.
We live opposite a park. A lovely large park with a large duck pond and lots of trees. My husband takes the boys there a lot. When they return they always have something in hand for me. Daffodils a few weeks ago, blossoms now(I keep telling them to stop picking and pulling and hubby dearest said boys swing from trees leave them alone) an argument that he is winning.
Anyway yesterday hubby brings in a great big twig. I didn't ask whether he had pulled it off or found it as that may seem like I am picking yet another fight about plants.
He told me he brought it home as he thought I could hang 'stuff' off it!
hmmmmm he may have a point...

 And so begins baby bunting.
I got the pattern from pink milk. Its super easy so perfect for in between projects

 Crocheting together

Before bedtime I always crochet in bed atm as it is the only place I can spread out without little hands interfering.  


I just took a photo of them hanging so you get the effect. They are now here...

Getting spray starched so they hang a little better. I am also going to work on some amigurumi hearts to hang, and felt birds. You could say I am quite fond of the twig already :)

Saturday, 7 April 2012

My Brother

Well Happy Easter weekend to you all. I hope you are all having a fun time. I am but I will post about that another day. Today I want to talk about a very, very special person to me. It isn't often we have a blank space where we can shout out our feelings and loves but on our little own space of internet we can and today I want to shout about my Brother.
Tomorrow is Easter. My eldest two are in Wales with their Dad, Husband is working and I am with my smallest bug alone, well not quite because I have my little Brother.
Adam is 13 months younger than me so right from the start we were close. We always fought as kids ALWAYS! I would beat him up and he would tell tales on me.
At 14 when I moved away Ad and I were separated, during this time we had our ups and downs but as we grew we grew up.
Never more than a phonecall away, My little Brother has always been there and vice versa. When Sarah died we were both broken hearted, she was our big sister and when she left there was only us two. It is a big shock when someone is gone so quickly and you realise that everyday is a gift.
Since moving up I spend at least 2 days a week with him, he spoils me rotten(and moans about it), and even though he is younger than me he takes care of me, he calms me when I am mad, soothes me when I am upset. Agrees with me when I am moaning, and laughs with me constantly. He makes me feel safe, loved and special. 
I think a sibling love can be the most special of all. It is usually there from birth, they grow with you and they know you more than anyone can because they have seen all of you forever. They see you become a Mum, Dad, Wife, Husband, they go through it with you, always in the photos, always the ones who are the rock when the world is letting you down.
I love my Brother and I wanted to spend these few minutes writing it down, SHOUTING IT OUT. Letting the world know what a proud Sister I am of my brave, kind, loving, funny as hell Brother.
I love you Ad xxxxx

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Happy Sunday

Hey all. Yep it is a happy Sunday. It has been an emotional week. The year anniversary of my Sweet Sisters passing on Thursday. It has flown by. What a year of extreme changes and new beginnings. I can feel her with us all the time and I know her soul is happy. She is always alive in us. The day itself wasn't too emotional. We kept it simple and just had a few very close friends over and my Brother. My Brother and I went for a pint in honour of her and I made a chilli which was her favourite :)

I have had quite a busy, hectic week so haven't really had much crafting time. I did manage to spruce up the basket I acquired the other day. It isn't very good as it was done by hand and I have absolutely no clue how it is suppose to be done... 
 Please ignore background mess, had kids everywhere when I was trying to do it all. Joys of being a Mum!

 See? Not that great but I think with a bit more practice(and time...Oh maybe some advice from anyone in blogland who knows a bit more) I might get better at it

Stoopid Iphone making things unclear. Oh well here it is with its stash inside. 

As usual I have a few projects on the go. I got the colourful yarn out again the other night to make a start on my Great-Nephews Elmer blanket.
I do love my kiddy bright blankets. Great to work on. 
As well as another Elmer blanket I have got the needles out to start click clacking a little baby snuggly. I am quite a slow knitter so it may take a while before I have a ta dah to show you all. This is what I will be spending the rest of the evening doing as well as jumping in a hot, bubbly candlelit bath...

Yes I am a little bit of a Gleek btw.
Hope you have all had a lovely weekend. See you soon
Emma xxx

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Crochet, Children and China :)

Evening lovely bloggers. What a wonderful Spring we are having I for one am absolutely LOVING waking up to warm, bright sunlight piercing through the blinds(we haven't got as far as getting curtains---Im not actually very good at the whole soft furnishing thing!)
I wake up smiling and ready to go...Usually though by the time I have tigger bounced down the stairs I am about ready to crawl back up them and back to bed. I suppose I need to work on sustaining the enthusiasm. It's a little like projects ABSOLUTELY LOVE starting them, then get a little bleurgh about them half way through when my fingers and mind are thinking about starting something new...then usually do!

Anyway I have been busy the last few days, crocheting and enjoying the weather and inspiration with the children.
I have finished the little Elmer blanket I was working on thanks to Jacquies inspiration

I am thrilled with it(the pics are taken with an iphone and hubby took them so blanket is wrong way up) but more importantly little bug is in love with it.
this is him with it yesterday. I was hooking outside and he nabbed it as I made a brew!

snuggled up last night just as it was finished.

Little bug has been a nightmare since the sun has been out. He pretty much refuses to come inside for any reason. We have a pretty rubbish back yard but it does have a locked gate so thankfully he can play outside without me having to panic all the time.

In South Wales he went to playgroup everyday but haven't managed to get him into one up here so going to enjoy all the time with him before nursery in September.
I have done a little more crocheting this week as well. I made a little summer headband for a friends baby girl. Little projects are a blessing when minds get a little distracted from bigger projects.
 I really like this stitch, really fast to work up and I think makes a lovely little headband. Going to make a scarf using it. It is called side bars.
Because of the gaps in the pattern the size is adjustable so I just added a button instead of sewing the ends.
I found the pattern in this book

It is nearly Easter break which means the schools are letting the children use their imaginations a lot more and the eggs come out. Hard boiled eggs and childrens imaginations. Here is what my 8 year old and 10 year old came up with...

10 year old. I love it and so did the judges he won 1st prize so he was very happy indeed with his easter egg reward

8 year olds effort(with help from mummy) Mario the egg fell down the pipe haha! He got second prize but that didn't come with chocolate so he wasn't bothered hehe!

It was their parents evening today and I am once again a very proud mummy. My eldest teacher suggested I seriously think about grammar school. Middle bugs teacher told me he is absolutely outstanding in maths. I am so proud of them, after the year we have all had and they have left the only home they have known and all their friends and yet they still shine. Children are incredible. I start to fall to pieces every five minutes and they just keep going and keep smiling. Truly inspirational. 

So now to the third C, China. Not the place, no, sadly no holiday planned. Today we went for a walk to the local shops so I could pop into local wool shop(hate it with a passion. Expensive and unhelpful grrr) but local and I want to start my new project now. On way popped into local CS.
A close member of my family has recently discovered they are expecting which is joyous news but also ends our plans of spending as much of the summer as we can in beer gardens. I have decided that instead we will start having afternoon tea...all posh like! But ALAS! I am short one very nice tea set...hmmm thought I would save up some pennies which at the moment is nigh on impossible...

Thank goodness for Charity Shops. It cost me £30 for the lot including the basket. It is missing one cup but is in wonderful condition and I love it. It is all stamped on the bottom but I have no clue about china so means nothing to me. I just know that it is pretty and perfect for some lovely afternoon tea with friends :)
I am a happy lady today.

Well that was a long post. I hope you made to the bottom. Enjoy the sunshine lovely people. I'm off to read through your lovely doings :)

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

mmmmm Spring

Hello there lovely fellow bloggers. Well hasn't it been an absolutely wonderful spring so far? I am so happy when I wake up and the bedroom is filled with bright sunshine. I find I can't help but smile. Everything seems so much easier and more cheerful when a day starts off with the sun smiling in :)
Of course we can't forget the beauty that spring brings and my husband managed to capture a beautiful pic which encapsulates spring for me...
The humble but truly stunning daffodil. It also reminds me of my lovely Wales.

So we have had a very busy but great weekend. St Patricks day on Saturday was a lot of fun. I decided to make a little party for the kiddies as my best friend was coming over with her two girls to spend the night. Obviously this meant at least a little baking and I decided to go all the way with the Irish theme...
It is amazing how a little food colouring and imagination can make a big difference. I had quite a lot of family popping in on Saturday and they all got so excited about it was rather funny. 
 I was so pleased how they turned out

A little buttercream and piped shamrocks and there we have it. Easy peasy St Patrick day cupcakes.

Of course once the little ones had enjoyed their full on sugar rush us Mums enjoyed some drinks and chatting and had a good old knees up.

Mothering Sunday

This was a day filled with mixed emotions for everyone around me. My nieces were of course very mixed up and it seemed so very unreal not having my Sister here. Last year on Mothering Sunday my children were hundreds of miles away from me and we were all discussing the funeral. I think my husband realised it would be a hard day and really went all out for me and my friend who is like a sister. Took all the children to play in the park after making us breakfast in bed and I was truly spoiled 

I loved all my little gifts, they were absolutely perfect. A very lucky lady I am indeed(although after he had made a fiasco of Valentines day I think he felt a little bad)

After scrolling through blogs recently I found that Jacquie has started a project I had been thinking about for a while but just hadn't had the head capacity to start. I fell totally in love with her blanket though and decided I was definitely going to start it. I unashamedly copied. Like I said I had thought about it in passing but couldn't resist after seeing what it would actually look like.
The blanket I have started isn't quite the same as doesn't use the same colours and I use smaller squares but it  is a total copy and I am not ashamed lol. You all inspire me and sometimes a little too much as i see one of your gorgeous creations and pretty much stop what I am doing to have one of my own :)
Sorry about the pic quality will get a better one in the daylight. It is a fun blanket to create. The problem is everyone who has seen me busy hooking over the last few days also wants one! AND an Elmer. I seem to be reminded of Birthdays a lot lately hmmmm can see busy hands in the future.

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend and are enjoying your week. 
Big Hugs
Emma xxx