Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Happy Birthday presents...

There isn't much more I enjoy than the giving of gifts. From the very beginning of an idea of the perfect gift rattling around in my mind to the purchase/creation, wrapping, writing and giving of. I love it all the process in its entirety. So I am very happy when it is someones Birthday as I have the reason I need to start plotting and planning. Today it is two very special people in my life's Birthdays. My Niece and one of my closest friends. My Niece however is 2 today and lives a cool 180 miles away so I am limited with her(even though I am working on a very lovely blanket for her)so that is a nice card with a voucher or some cash(sent recorded delivery of course, can't be too careful with this postal service), but the other Birthday I can take great pleasure from and I have.

I started making this gift over 2 months ago not long after learning how to knit, it didn't take too long but right at the end I put it to the side and kinda neglected it as I learnt how to crochet(my new addiction) but last night I got it from its wrapping and finished it TA DAH... I must say I really do like it and think it would make a lovely addition to any outfit throughout the year.
I also picked out a beautiful card, which was a very fitting card as we both LOVE teddy bears, and come on check out this absolutely stunning wrapping paper. This came from a little shop in a town near us, one of those shops that you walk into and want to buy the entire place and could not possibly leave without a little something at least and this was it. I am so pleased with how this little gift has come together it makes me all happy just looking at the funky little bag and knowing that my friend is going to appreciate all the pretty girliness as I do and hopefully she will love her Birthday gift made with love :)

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Another? Really?

Hey there, well to be perfectly honest I have just opened this totally by accident, Was not at all concentrating when clicking and naming...oh well! I actually have a blog already on the go and have filled all this in when in fact there was no necessary need especially as I have no belief that anyone is at all interested in anything I have to say. I am sooo into crafts and crochet at the moment and just want to talk about it constantly and I thought that a blog would be a real cool way of doing this lol so I think I may just link my other blog unless I like this one more hmmmm.... Hope you are all OK and maybe I will meet a few like-minded people on here who just want to escape into light-hearted, shared interested conversation because that would be really nice x