Thursday, 29 April 2010

Learning and Progress

Hi there again. Well I have been so busy lately that my camera and my blog have been almost totally neglected. I am gutted as I love both(even though the camera isn't technically mine it was a Birthday gift for the fella). I have tried to catch up but have missed out on showing you all a lot of what I have been up to.
So firstly before I begin talking about my latest crochet projects I would like to share with you some of the wonderful beauties that live in the trees not too far away. We couldn't get a fantastic shot as they rarely fly too close and we unfortunately do not own a dslr something which is first on our list after our wedding is done and dusted!

I know they are very poor shots but these fabulous birds are Buzzards. I am no ornithologist so I am not up on which type they are, all I know is that they are so spectacular to watch and when they grace the skies above me with their presence I have to stop and take in every breath taking minute of their aerial dance. Every year you see the families grow, they learn to fly and away they go until the next year. This site can tell you a little more about them.

So on to crochet and I have been very, very busy. I may have mentioned before how my yarn stash is ever growing never decreasing so with the help of my many new books(I am so in love with it I have to get my hands on as many helpful books as possible)

I have loaned 1 or 2 out but you get the idea that I am very eager to learn all I can, the problem with this wealth of helpful knowledge at my fingertips is that I want to run before I can walk and am so impatient I wish I had 8 hands to do it all with. I have been trying my hand at some flowers here is 1 example

I have also been making progress on the girly blanket for my Niece and it looks like it will be an April ta dah too which is simply fab and after this is complete(I have a plan for this evening...) I plan on getting some more squares done for the fabulous SIBOL campaign. So here is my girly blanket so far...

So that is part of what is keeping me so busy lately...that and cake sales(forgot camera!), children, pets, school runs, housework...YAWN! Boring myself there!!! I am working on a new blue ripple blanket for my own bug as I loved working on the other so much and had a bit of the yarn left. I also have begun to think about knitted characters as my children are absolutely obsessed with Harry Hill and they have been pleading with me to make them one of their own so thanks to my friend I have loaned a pattern and should be able to fix one up(or 2! Would only only be fair one each hehe!) So I had better hop off here and get busy...Hope you are all busy but happy :)

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

I GOT AN AWARD! I can't believe it. A great, big, huge Thank you to Jacquie at Bunny Mummy. This is so unexpected especially as I haven't been blogging long at all. I am learning everyday about how to do it(now it is just finding the time...oh and remembering to take the pictures!!!). Now to think about seven "interesting" things about me ooooooo...

1. I was 18 when I first went on a plane...and it was to Australia!!! (would have been a bit buggered if I had discovered I had a fear of flying!!!)

2. I am addicted to hobbies. I am the jack of all crafts...master of...well actually I am pretty good in the kitchen hehe!

3. I am getting married in August!!!

4. I have 3 children all boys! Phew I am tired just reminding myself.

5. I love overuse of the exclamation mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. I am obsessed with comfort. Blankets, slippers, pillows, bubble baths, pj's and teddy bears all have a place in my heart and home.

7. I LOVE films. I can watch, watch, watch...which of course goes fabulously with crochet :)

I would like to nominate these blogs for this award...

and I wouldn't be blogging(or rippling) if it wasn't for the now world famous Lucy at...

I will be back asap with a few wips and BOOKS! Take care and thanks again Jacquie xxxx

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

YAY! Baby Blanket is Finished

I am so happy. I have been missing my regular blogging lately but it has all been worth it as I have been working my little fingers really, really hard to get this project finished. I have loved every minute of this baby blanket and it is even more special as it is my first commissioned blanket :)
So here it is in all its ripply goodness...

I used a cotton blend yarn I needed 14 50g balls in total and the measurements are 70cm X 94cm. I used 5 colours.

I decided to put an edge on the blanket simply because it is for a baby and I wanted to give it that extra little bit of resistance to wear and tear.

I am hoping to make one for my own little bug as soon as I finish off a few more projects that have been started. I am so terrible for starting projects and not finishing them but I have literally ran out of room for all my yarn now so I need to get the stash down before I can buy more :)
Hope you are all happy and well xxxx

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Thrills and Spills

Well what a weekend. It was my little sisters 5th Birthday on Saturday and I was suppose to have the party at my house(Thanks Dad) but thankfully the weather was simply beautiful and so I made up the sandwiches, packed the blanket and we went on a Birthday picnic instead. It was lovely.
Sunday however wasn't the greatest as my back started to punish me for all the outings I had been on over the week so we were stuck in. But that did mean that I was able to get a bit further on with my baby blanket

(I am just loving the way it is looking) and it also gave me some time to have a wander through the land of flicr and the land of blog. These are some of my most favourite activities lately.
I found on flickr a lady called Sue who, with the help of friends is making blankets for the elderly and asking crocheters from around the globe to send 6" squares to be turned into one of these blankets. Well I think this is a wonderful idea and couldn't wait to help. Here is what I have managed so far...

I hope they are sunshine bright enough.

Hope you all have a wonderful week and you are all well and happy xxxx

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Tired but Busy

Hello there my blogging friends, hope you all had a wonderful Easter. Mine has been totally taken up by my little bug teething, he gets so poorly sometimes it is unbearable and of course he needs cuddles constantly which start off so lovely but can get so frustrating after hours and hours, but I am pleased to say that this batch of terrible teething seems to be coming to an end...phew! It has been a stressful few days in all honesty.

Underneath this blanket is my poorly little bug.

Of course though being limited to one room to care for him means I have made some headway on a couple of crochet projects.

This is the start of a very girly blanket for my Niece and I am loving putting it together with all the pinks. I decided to sew these squares together and must admit I found it much easier and quicker than crocheting and I really like the effect.

Loving all the projects I have on the go at present but have a real problem with patience because whilst I am happily hooking away I start thinking about other projects!!! Does anyone else do that??? I have to learn to finish what I start before I think about other stuff lol. I bought more yarn yesterday and some other wonderful goodies which I will blog about on my other page. Must go now to continue with the umpteen projects I have on the go whilst waiting for a special delivery :) Take care everyone xxxxx

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Just a quickie...

We had to purchase some flowers yesterday as the mood in the home needed lifting but we bought a few too many for the 2 vases we have in the home, so inspired by Lucy at Attic24 I decided to give one of my large jars a make over and Voila! What do you think???


Friday, 2 April 2010

The Oats and Raisin Cookie Journey...

I love to bake and one of the things I love to do is go to the pantry grab ingredients throw them together and make something totally yummy.
This is the oats and raisin cookie, and one of the things I love about it is that no matter how I make it, it always comes out delicious. I am going to take you through it's short but scrummy story and maybe when you see how simple it really is you will jump up from your seat and go bake some scrummy goodness for yourself mmmmmmm...spreading the cookie love.

In the bowl are the following ingredients and please believe me when I tell you I weighed NOTHING! I was far too impatient and eager for that...(preheat oven at a mid temp I use gas mark 5 and grease a baking tray)

Plain flour
Butter(which I mixed with the flour to make a crumbly mix) If you want to weigh then a good measurement is half fat to flour. Example:: 8oz flour= 4oz butter(or marg)
Rolled oats(porridge oats) I used about 2-3 large handfuls
Soft brown sugar(approx 3oz) for even cookier flavour light muscovado is yummy!
mixed spice, nutmeg, and ground cinnamon(this is total preference, I like lots and lots)
Raisins, I used what fell out of the bag but 2-3 large handfuls is plenty,
and finally a great huge dollop of golden syrup(this will bind it together)

When everything is all mixed up together you can mold them and place them onto a baking tray and place in the oven(if you make lots of mixture you may need to do this several times)

After around 10 min the cookies will still be pale(the paler the cookie the softer they are) I like mine a little brown around the edges as I love to dunk in tea, take them out of oven and place on cooling rack.

If like me your patience is none existent when it comes to yummy treats then eating them warm is fine...

And then there you have it, a barrel full of biscuits and a belly full of smiles :)