Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Thrills and Spills

Well what a weekend. It was my little sisters 5th Birthday on Saturday and I was suppose to have the party at my house(Thanks Dad) but thankfully the weather was simply beautiful and so I made up the sandwiches, packed the blanket and we went on a Birthday picnic instead. It was lovely.
Sunday however wasn't the greatest as my back started to punish me for all the outings I had been on over the week so we were stuck in. But that did mean that I was able to get a bit further on with my baby blanket

(I am just loving the way it is looking) and it also gave me some time to have a wander through the land of flicr and the land of blog. These are some of my most favourite activities lately.
I found on flickr a lady called Sue who, with the help of friends is making blankets for the elderly and asking crocheters from around the globe to send 6" squares to be turned into one of these blankets. Well I think this is a wonderful idea and couldn't wait to help. Here is what I have managed so far...

I hope they are sunshine bright enough.

Hope you all have a wonderful week and you are all well and happy xxxx

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  1. Hi Emma! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

    I love your blanket and crocheted squares. Those colors are beautiful. I used to crochet quite a bit, but I haven't in awhile. This makes me want to start up again. :)

    Take care!


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