Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Tired but Busy

Hello there my blogging friends, hope you all had a wonderful Easter. Mine has been totally taken up by my little bug teething, he gets so poorly sometimes it is unbearable and of course he needs cuddles constantly which start off so lovely but can get so frustrating after hours and hours, but I am pleased to say that this batch of terrible teething seems to be coming to an end...phew! It has been a stressful few days in all honesty.

Underneath this blanket is my poorly little bug.

Of course though being limited to one room to care for him means I have made some headway on a couple of crochet projects.

This is the start of a very girly blanket for my Niece and I am loving putting it together with all the pinks. I decided to sew these squares together and must admit I found it much easier and quicker than crocheting and I really like the effect.

Loving all the projects I have on the go at present but have a real problem with patience because whilst I am happily hooking away I start thinking about other projects!!! Does anyone else do that??? I have to learn to finish what I start before I think about other stuff lol. I bought more yarn yesterday and some other wonderful goodies which I will blog about on my other page. Must go now to continue with the umpteen projects I have on the go whilst waiting for a special delivery :) Take care everyone xxxxx


  1. Beautiful little project here Emma, I love the colours you are using!
    You are quite welcome to join us if you can find the time, looks like you are rather busy!!
    Hugs and Love Suex

  2. Hello Emma,
    your crochet is gorgeous.I often think about the next project all the time In fact I wish I had a 37 hour day!
    Hope your little one feels better soon!
    Rachel x

  3. I also wish there were many more hours in the day! Thank you both. Mrs Twins I am working away at some squares and I am having a blast doing them, the bright colours are so different and refreshing x


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