Wednesday, 21 April 2010

YAY! Baby Blanket is Finished

I am so happy. I have been missing my regular blogging lately but it has all been worth it as I have been working my little fingers really, really hard to get this project finished. I have loved every minute of this baby blanket and it is even more special as it is my first commissioned blanket :)
So here it is in all its ripply goodness...

I used a cotton blend yarn I needed 14 50g balls in total and the measurements are 70cm X 94cm. I used 5 colours.

I decided to put an edge on the blanket simply because it is for a baby and I wanted to give it that extra little bit of resistance to wear and tear.

I am hoping to make one for my own little bug as soon as I finish off a few more projects that have been started. I am so terrible for starting projects and not finishing them but I have literally ran out of room for all my yarn now so I need to get the stash down before I can buy more :)
Hope you are all happy and well xxxx


  1. Your blanket looks Perfect,love the way you have repeated the colours and the thin darker colour works really well .
    I have rather a large yarn stash too !!
    I reicently bought one of those plastic drawer units to keep it all in. Not very pretty but practical :0)
    Have a great weekend
    Jcaquie x

  2. That is absolutely delicious!! Oh lors, the ever expanding yarn stash... mine now takes up two rooms! And I'm off to Wonder Wool at the weekend! Have a good one. O. xxxx

  3. I am trying so hard to stash bust that I hardly have time to blog anymore lol! Thanks for your comments ladies I will be sad to see this blanket go but I will make another. I saw all your lovely new goodies Oran and I must say that was one day out I wish I was a part of xxx

  4. Hi, It's me again :0)
    There's an award for you on my blog if you would like to take part
    Jacquie x


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