Wednesday, 26 May 2010

I'm Back!

HOORAY! I cannot tell you how happy I am to be back online. The charger finally arrived yesterday and I have been trying to catch up with everything and everyone as quickly as possible so I can get blogging again. I have to say it was AWFUL not having my laptop, as I am stuck in a lot of the time due to my back, knees blah blah... I rely on tinternet to keep me in touch with the world so as you can imagine I have felt pretty lonely this past week. But here I am back where I belong hehe.

So as promised I have finished work to share YIPEE! I also have a small work in progress which has been added to the rest...but before all that I just want to breathe and get it all out. So the weather has been gorgeous! I have seen that most of you have been making the most of it and when I get 5 min away from wedding plans(I get measured for my dress tonight...not anywhere near as slim as I hoped I would be but oh well) I will be enjoying reading ALL your blogs that I have missed over the last few days. I have been very busy with family, crochet, wedding plans and trying to start up a little business(will tell you more when it is happening) and I have also had physiotherapy sessions to attend. My therapist is amazing and after only 2 sessions I love her lots. She has given me plenty of little but affective exercises to help and has discovered after much prodding and poking that I have slipping discs at the base of my spine. This is due to my hyper mobility dysfunction(very lax muscles) and having 3 children. I don't have a fully slipped disc which apparently would require surgery but they are slipping which is causing all the problems and incredible pain. So it is going to take a while but now we know what is the main problem we can relieve it a lot in time.

The wedding plans are coming along now and I am getting very excited. I am a little concerned with the cost of it all but hopefully we will be OK and it will all run smoothly and it will be the most incredible day like I want it to be(and hopefully it wont take too long to pay off) the only problem with me and wedding plans is that I am totally indecisive, I change my mind daily and in the end I want it all whether it matches or not so I am having an eclectic wedding to match my personality hehe!

Right on with the crochet and my finished projects you remember seeing my raspberry ripple wip here and here well here it is in all its ripply, raspberry cuteness, all finished and ready to make a lovely little girl very snuggly, cosy and hopefully very, very happy!...

and for her little sister I have been showing you another blanket here and here well this also has finally been finished. This one started off quite a bit smaller and I did start putting the edging on but then decided I wanted it bigger and wanted the edging neater so at last here it is in its finished girly gloriness...I think this will make a perfect prezzie for a little girl to carry around with her.

I do have a few wips that I yet to share but they can wait. I am so shocked how fast the crocheting is coming along. Like I have mentioned I only started crocheting in February this year and so far these are my achievements(the rainbow ripple is not yet finished but it looks fab)...

Oh and a certain little bug likes Mummies blankets too, so cute...

So that is about it for now. WOW! It is a pretty long one, but I suppose that is what happens when there is no laptop for me. Hope you are all enjoying the scrummy weather and are all very well xxx

Friday, 21 May 2010


I am feeling very sorry for myself as 2 days ago the charger for my laptop got crushed and I am still waiting(very impatiently) for it's replacement to arrive. I am hating it. I am using my 14 year old Nieces' laptop atm and have quickly come on here to say a quick hello and tell you I am missing you all so very, very much. Have had a quick glance at a few of your posts but cannot wait until I can sit and relax with a cuppa and have a ruddy good rummage through all your gossip, antics and achievements. I have several items to share with you and I CANNOT wait, so I hope you are all still interested when I return. Have a FABULOUS weekend and I will see you all again very, very soon(please hurry Mr Postman x)
Em xxx

P.S Just so you have something to look at here is my middle sons 6th Birthday cake...

Monday, 17 May 2010

New Fabric...

Oh I can tell already that the fabric buying is going to get as bad as the yarn buying if not worse... how can it not be with all the stunning fabrics out there and especially when I have discovered a wonderful fabric and quilting shop in one of our local heritage parks. It so happened that this weekend we went on a family excursion to this park and my Father and I had a look around. My father fell in love with this quilt and I can't say I blame him.

All the quilts they had up for display are absolutely stunning and something I would love to be able to achieve one day. Whilst I was there of course I simply had to treat myself to some of the wonderful fabric, but being sensible I remembered that I am just learning so will be making small things first to get the hang of it all so this I felt was a great buy...

(Sorry about the images I had to use my phone!) It is called a jelly roll, which I think is a fabulous name. This one is the Botany collection by Lauren and Jessi Jung for Moda. Their website is here and their blog here. I also bought some gorgeous FQ's from there. I am going to have a lot of fun I can tell.
Hope you all had a fab weekend xxxx

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Struggling but still doing!

Hello there lovely blogger friends, and welcome to the new people that are following me. Firstly let me say how much I am enjoying the land of blog and how wonderful all of you are. It is so nice to sit down after a busy(sometimes stressed filled) day, sink into my cushions, relax with a cup of tea and retreat into blogland to read all your lovely goings on. I feel I may become a pain in the arse simply because I am constantly leaving comments but I just really love reading how your day was, what new yarn you have, looking at your wip's or new fabric it all puts a great big fat smile on my face and the fact that people are reading about my days is really wonderful and I can only hope you enjoy it a fraction of what I do.

Anyhow, I may have mentioned in another blog that I am not very practised at sewing and am very slowly trying to teach myself. I have a stash of fabric that is very, very slowly starting to build up although I now have proper sites to visit for really pretty fabric at last it might be a quicker process. Here are a few sites I have, here and here. Obviously there are more out there but I have struggled to find any so I am overjoyed at these...but I am going off track. Years ago when I was just 21 I made a patchwork thing out of my middle childs clothes by hand, with no order, structure or knowledge of any kind and so made a total mess of it. I couldn't get rid of it as I didn't want to waste the clothes but I couldn't really use it so I decided to make another cushion using it...I call it Clumsy Cushion...

This is the back, I decided to make life easier for myself I would just fold the inside over...

So there it is, totally rubbished but I think the fact that it is my childs clothes and I was so clueless when I started it but had so much love for the idea that it still has a lot of charm.
I also decided to keep practising whilst lady(my machine) was out so being very patriotic made this...

Halfed stuffed with filling then I got all my ends from here...

and added them to here...

and Voila!

My old gal did me proud again. I did have a few issues with the bobbin at times but that is totally me being clueless about anything to do with sewing machines and is going to be a long journey!!!

P.S It is nearly the weekend :)

Monday, 10 May 2010

New Stuff

Well today me and my good friend went shopping. My friend is beginning her thrifty, handmade, shabby chic adventure. She has just moved into a lovely 1930s home and it needs completely renovating so it is a good time to start especially as she has a lot of time on her hands whilst the hubby gets on with all the boring building stuff. So to begin we needed the craft store and off we went. My friend is starting her handmade journey with bunting(she has a lovely state of the art digi sewing machine that she informs me has been used 1-2 times!!!) so fabric was on the list. This particular craft store is quite large and stocks a majority of what you need and has hundreds of fabrics but unfortunately not too many pretty girly fabrics(so we will just have to try and drag ourselves on another shopping trip!), but we did get some. I want to make some cushions and bits for the boys so picked a few out. This is also a great place for yarn and have a pretty vast selection so of course I gathered all the yarn I was running low on(and maybe a little extra)

The fabric isn't bright summer colours but they are colours that I love especially in a little boys bedroom. There are few other colours I want but will have to wait for them.

And did you spot some other things in the first pic??? One of my other little favourite things?...yep BUTTONS! I LOVE BUTTONS. These were so cute I couldn't possibly walk away without a handful...

Hope you all had a happy Monday xxx

Sunday, 9 May 2010

RIP's... Ripples in Progress

Hello there, well I thought I would share with you what I am obsessed with at the moment, it is of course the ripple! A few blogs back I had my first ripple ta dah! Which I was so proud of and I have to admit I haven't stopped rippling since I first discovered the pattern on the lovely Lucy at the Attic's blog. I find the whole experience from the picking of the colours to working the combination of the stripes to the actual hooking itself so exciting and yet immensely relaxing(I must say though that I think I have strained my arm from continued rippling) I am like one of the knitting nanas from the T.V ad when I get started like something possessed! So anyway I am waffling again, here are my rip's...

This pink ripple reminds me so much of ice-cream, well like a raspberry ripple I suppose hehe! I am using acrylics for this as it is for my niece and she is a total blanket baby(although she is nearly 10), her Mum has brought both her girls up to be just like her and they love anything comforting especially blankets and because of this they get taken EVERYWHERE! So to be kind to Mum I want it to be washable and dryable.

This I started because I absolutely loved the last blue one I did and have some yarn left over. It is a cotton blend yarn and although at times a little splitty it is still in my opinion a really lovely soft yarn especially the Wendy Sorento it feels more luxurious but is still easier to wash etc than other yarns.

And finally this beautiful rainbow of ripple is mine. It is my blanket that I am making for me, for my bed, for me to snuggle up to on cold nights whilst happily hooking away. I am using sublime baby cashmere, merino, silk DK and it is WONDERFUL! I cannot compliment this yarn enough, so pleasurable to use as it easily slips through hook and fingers to create this beautiful woolly loveliness. Gorgeous is what it is. Now being a beginner at all this I haven't yet had the chance to use many other brands of fine wool but for me this is my kind of luxury. It will take a while to make this blanket as it is SOOOOOO LOOOOOONG but it will be worth it.
So there you have it my ripples. I have some granny squares on the go as well but I will share those in a future blog. Hope you all had a fab weekend xxxxx

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Dinners Ready

Do you have those days when you can't make up your mind what to cook for dinner? Not because of limited choice but because your taste buds are calling out to your brain to have so many different foods? Well I am like this most of the time. I would rather eat bits of this and that from different meals than a full meal. Now I am not saying that a beautiful roast dinner is unappreciated quite the opposite, any meal that can supply me with plenty of different flavours is thumbs up for me, but sometimes I just want lots of variety. I want to pick and choose and put my own combinations together. So today we had one of our fave meals...

We usually have a lot more with this, melton mowbray pork pies, crackers, different sauces, jams etc but I have to seriously watch the calories as I am not shifting any weight which is making me sad. It is basically a large ploughmans and we love it. The different selections of cheeses, tiger bread, ham, turkey, pan fried potatoes with garlic and mint mmm mmm mmmmmmmm. Yummy! We thoroughly enjoyed todays dinner and even though I am calorie counting I was a little naughty...

Well who really could resist when presented so beautifully??? My fella only ever shows his talents off when he really wants to so not very often hehe! Makes it all the lovelier.
SO I am off to let all that settle with a good film and some crochet. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend xxx

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Presents in the Post

Don't you just LOVE getting nice things through the post??? I know that I do. If I know something is winging it's way to me I wait, wait, wait for it until it pops through the letterbox(onto a bag heading for charity at the moment!!!) Well I have been so very, very patient lately as the volcano erruption seriously slowed down my latest Amazon order(yet more books for the children!) but they have now arrived safely and made their way into the arms of 2 very eager and excited little chaps who have not let them out of their site since!
But something that really gets me excited fit to burst is presents for me in the post. They are not that common(not that rare), but they are usually very special and nothing more so than when it has been made by hand with love. And that is exactly what arrived for me it is...

Isn't she lovely. This little gem came from RubyRed her tiny shop is beautiful and she sent it with a beautiful little note which is on the photo. Of course I could just add her to the rest of my keyrings to be thrown around, lost or chewed up by little bugs but I have the perfect little friend to keep her company and I can show her off for all to admire...

Perfect :)

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

First EVER cushion!

WOW! I have just realised how dark all my photos are. The reason for this is because I always rush around in the daylight hours and like a vampire I do my best work at night!!! This of course does not make for great photographs(plus I am not the best at taking pics!) I hope these few pics of my first ever cushion are a bit better(hmmmmmmmm right).
I have a huge bucket full of fabric as I did have the plan of making some quilts for the children but then I learnt to crochet and the fabric and the ideas have taken a back seat. Today though I decided that I would make my first cushion, something that I have wanted to get on with for an age, and considering I have had hardly any experience with fabric and a sewing machine I am quite pleased with the result.

This retro lady I got free from the wonderful freecycle and I absolutely love it

The Spongebob fabric was an ebay find if I remember correctly and the red and green were just part of my scrap fabric collection. I think the colours work quite well together especially as my biggest boy loves red and my middle boy loves green:)
And here it is my first Spongebob cushion.

This is the back

I am really pleased with how it has come out, and it didn't take me more than 30 mins so can see a lovely new relationship with my fab retro sewing machine blossom...

Monday, 3 May 2010

Plans, Plans...

Well today we have all had a ball. With it being a bank holiday there was a lot going on everywhere but just up the road was a fair and also the Roman museum were having a festival as May day originates from the festival of Flora(Godness of flowers I think?!). The bigger boys had a ball creating head dresses, eating inspired food including cucumbers blanched in honey and vinegar and dressing up in roman clothing fighting eachother with plastic swords hehe!

We then went to the fair where my friend and I joined the teenagers on one of the bigger rides before taking the kiddies on all the other rides and 'win a prize stalls'. Followed all this off with a beautiful lunch where my friend had the fab idea of sending the men folk off to the pub for a few bank holiday beverages whilst we got on with a few wedding friend happens to be head bridesmaid! And so armed with coffee, a pen, paper and the laptop we spent the late afternoon planning and plotting and having a good old giggle and natter. My friend told me how delicious Waitrose cupcakes are so we decided that as I wont have time to make them myself this is the next best option for wedding cake. The favours will be sugarmice and soaps and on the table should be a vase over-flowing with sweets and with peacock feathers(which I have already purchased) sticking out of the middle. Oh it is all starting to become so much fun :)))

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Serene Sunday

We have had a really lovely day today. Woke up not too early and decided that despite the cold wind we would venture out on the train. We didn't have a plan and at first thought we would go to bath but my eldest was having a friend stay over tonight so we had to be home at a reasonable hour, so with the time factor we decided to hop 3 stations along to Chepstow and have a tour of the castle. It is amazing I have been in Wales for 13 years now and have never ventured to more than 2-3 of its castles!!!

We really did have a lovely day and the castle was a lot more impressive than I thought it would be. I was expecting just overgrown ruins but it was amazing how many rooms there were and how many of the features were still jumping out at us, giving us a tiny peek into the past.

They had a gentleman there who was playing all the 16th century instruments including a very impressive recorder, he was dressed the part and it really did make the whole thing a little surreal. Absolutely fab though I must say and the boys enjoyed it immensely.

I can't upload any more pics now as it is having issues but I think you can see from just these few how pretty and impressive this place is. I am working on some new blankets at the moment and that is how I plan to spend this Sunday evening whilst the boys enjoy their sleepover in their beds, deciding how they are going to fit as many things in as possible in the last few moments before they are told to turn the lights out and sleep. Oh to be a child again and enjoy such simple pleasures.

I hope you are all enjoying your long weekend and fingers crossed the sun will shine tomorrow so we can take full advantage xxxx