Saturday, 8 May 2010

Dinners Ready

Do you have those days when you can't make up your mind what to cook for dinner? Not because of limited choice but because your taste buds are calling out to your brain to have so many different foods? Well I am like this most of the time. I would rather eat bits of this and that from different meals than a full meal. Now I am not saying that a beautiful roast dinner is unappreciated quite the opposite, any meal that can supply me with plenty of different flavours is thumbs up for me, but sometimes I just want lots of variety. I want to pick and choose and put my own combinations together. So today we had one of our fave meals...

We usually have a lot more with this, melton mowbray pork pies, crackers, different sauces, jams etc but I have to seriously watch the calories as I am not shifting any weight which is making me sad. It is basically a large ploughmans and we love it. The different selections of cheeses, tiger bread, ham, turkey, pan fried potatoes with garlic and mint mmm mmm mmmmmmmm. Yummy! We thoroughly enjoyed todays dinner and even though I am calorie counting I was a little naughty...

Well who really could resist when presented so beautifully??? My fella only ever shows his talents off when he really wants to so not very often hehe! Makes it all the lovelier.
SO I am off to let all that settle with a good film and some crochet. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend xxx

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