Tuesday, 4 May 2010

First EVER cushion!

WOW! I have just realised how dark all my photos are. The reason for this is because I always rush around in the daylight hours and like a vampire I do my best work at night!!! This of course does not make for great photographs(plus I am not the best at taking pics!) I hope these few pics of my first ever cushion are a bit better(hmmmmmmmm right).
I have a huge bucket full of fabric as I did have the plan of making some quilts for the children but then I learnt to crochet and the fabric and the ideas have taken a back seat. Today though I decided that I would make my first cushion, something that I have wanted to get on with for an age, and considering I have had hardly any experience with fabric and a sewing machine I am quite pleased with the result.

This retro lady I got free from the wonderful freecycle and I absolutely love it

The Spongebob fabric was an ebay find if I remember correctly and the red and green were just part of my scrap fabric collection. I think the colours work quite well together especially as my biggest boy loves red and my middle boy loves green:)
And here it is my first Spongebob cushion.

This is the back

I am really pleased with how it has come out, and it didn't take me more than 30 mins so can see a lovely new relationship with my fab retro sewing machine blossom...


  1. What a fantastic find on Freecyle Emma! I'm never quick enough to get anything, even though the emails come throgh directly to tell me whats available!I'm going to hang my bunting outdoors when we have summer BBQ's!
    You made a geat job of the cushion! Well Done you!
    Rachel x

  2. Hi Emma, thanks for your comments on my blog. Yes, that is Chorlton water park - well spotted!

  3. I asked for it Rachel. My friend has one almost the same but newer. I haven't been on there in ages as I have nothing at the moment to give away but it is fantastic.
    I thought it was Victoria, I would love to be up North again but think I will prob be down south for a long time!

  4. That sewing machine is flippin awesome! I love it! Cushion is great too - my daughter is a SB fan and I've never seen fabric before - I'm going to have to hunt for some now!

  5. I LOVE that sewing machine. You lucky thing.
    Thanks for your comments on my blog re the baths. I actually live 30 seconds from Levenshulme baths. Are you still in the area?

  6. hello Emma!

    Thank you very much for the kind and lovely comments you left me on my blog today, glad you found me as it meant I could find you! :D
    I love your cushion, well done with that (the sewing machine is a dream too by the way), I also adore your ripple blanket (from an earlier post). Feel free to give me a nudge about commissions whenever you like, it would be absolutely lovely to hear from you!

    See you again soon,
    Love Julia x x x

  7. That chine is such a great colour!
    I like the cushion...what a fun print!

  8. Thank you ladies :)
    MelMel just been on your blog. I am from Manchester, originally Burnage but lived all over South Manchester really. Your blog is lovely xxx


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