Wednesday, 26 May 2010

I'm Back!

HOORAY! I cannot tell you how happy I am to be back online. The charger finally arrived yesterday and I have been trying to catch up with everything and everyone as quickly as possible so I can get blogging again. I have to say it was AWFUL not having my laptop, as I am stuck in a lot of the time due to my back, knees blah blah... I rely on tinternet to keep me in touch with the world so as you can imagine I have felt pretty lonely this past week. But here I am back where I belong hehe.

So as promised I have finished work to share YIPEE! I also have a small work in progress which has been added to the rest...but before all that I just want to breathe and get it all out. So the weather has been gorgeous! I have seen that most of you have been making the most of it and when I get 5 min away from wedding plans(I get measured for my dress tonight...not anywhere near as slim as I hoped I would be but oh well) I will be enjoying reading ALL your blogs that I have missed over the last few days. I have been very busy with family, crochet, wedding plans and trying to start up a little business(will tell you more when it is happening) and I have also had physiotherapy sessions to attend. My therapist is amazing and after only 2 sessions I love her lots. She has given me plenty of little but affective exercises to help and has discovered after much prodding and poking that I have slipping discs at the base of my spine. This is due to my hyper mobility dysfunction(very lax muscles) and having 3 children. I don't have a fully slipped disc which apparently would require surgery but they are slipping which is causing all the problems and incredible pain. So it is going to take a while but now we know what is the main problem we can relieve it a lot in time.

The wedding plans are coming along now and I am getting very excited. I am a little concerned with the cost of it all but hopefully we will be OK and it will all run smoothly and it will be the most incredible day like I want it to be(and hopefully it wont take too long to pay off) the only problem with me and wedding plans is that I am totally indecisive, I change my mind daily and in the end I want it all whether it matches or not so I am having an eclectic wedding to match my personality hehe!

Right on with the crochet and my finished projects you remember seeing my raspberry ripple wip here and here well here it is in all its ripply, raspberry cuteness, all finished and ready to make a lovely little girl very snuggly, cosy and hopefully very, very happy!...

and for her little sister I have been showing you another blanket here and here well this also has finally been finished. This one started off quite a bit smaller and I did start putting the edging on but then decided I wanted it bigger and wanted the edging neater so at last here it is in its finished girly gloriness...I think this will make a perfect prezzie for a little girl to carry around with her.

I do have a few wips that I yet to share but they can wait. I am so shocked how fast the crocheting is coming along. Like I have mentioned I only started crocheting in February this year and so far these are my achievements(the rainbow ripple is not yet finished but it looks fab)...

Oh and a certain little bug likes Mummies blankets too, so cute...

So that is about it for now. WOW! It is a pretty long one, but I suppose that is what happens when there is no laptop for me. Hope you are all enjoying the scrummy weather and are all very well xxx


  1. So glad you are back in the land of blog !
    Thanks for the kind comments on my latest posts.
    Love your new blankets,especially the pink ripple,it's adorable.
    Great to see all your beautiful crochet together.You must be so pleased with it all.
    Hope your back continues to improve.The wedding plans sound so exciting !
    Jacquie x

  2. Wow amazing blankets, I'm majorly impressed that you only started in February!

  3. Wow those blankets, scrummy!
    Ooh how I love a wedding and all the planning is such fun! Can't wait to hear more!
    Nice to have you back!
    p.s gave that bunting a go, I should get around to blogging the photos soon!

  4. Love all your blankets; that raspberry ripple looks soft and just perfect. Both it and the pretty blocks blanket will surely be cherished for a long time to come. I'm very sorry to hear about your back; I had back problems after the birth of my first child, and I know how you can feel just about paralyzed with pain from the smallest movements. Crochet does seem to be the perfect activity in such moments. Hope your therapy brings about improvements so you're back on the move again.

  5. Wow, great blankets!

    I wasn't as thin as I'd like on my wedding day either, but believe me, on the day you just won't care! x

  6. Hello Hello!!!! Welcome Back to the Land of Blog! Can't wait to hear more about your wedding plans...I married 15 years ago it was all much simpler then. I am in lurrve with your Raspberry Ripple it is beautiful...such a lucky little girl! I would love to have some little girls in the family just so I could make 'pink things'. Thank you for asking if all is well....I'm finding little time for blogging at the moment. I hope to get back on track over the weekend. Enjoy your weekend Em. with love ax

  7. Your blankets are just beautiful and I love the shades of pinks. You must be a speedy crochet-er to have done so much in just a few months! Wow - well done - you must feel rather chuffed and so you should! :-)

    Caz from Never Knew

  8. Those I really really love!! So glad to have you back. I hate having computer woes I have to admit. *hugs*


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