Monday, 10 May 2010

New Stuff

Well today me and my good friend went shopping. My friend is beginning her thrifty, handmade, shabby chic adventure. She has just moved into a lovely 1930s home and it needs completely renovating so it is a good time to start especially as she has a lot of time on her hands whilst the hubby gets on with all the boring building stuff. So to begin we needed the craft store and off we went. My friend is starting her handmade journey with bunting(she has a lovely state of the art digi sewing machine that she informs me has been used 1-2 times!!!) so fabric was on the list. This particular craft store is quite large and stocks a majority of what you need and has hundreds of fabrics but unfortunately not too many pretty girly fabrics(so we will just have to try and drag ourselves on another shopping trip!), but we did get some. I want to make some cushions and bits for the boys so picked a few out. This is also a great place for yarn and have a pretty vast selection so of course I gathered all the yarn I was running low on(and maybe a little extra)

The fabric isn't bright summer colours but they are colours that I love especially in a little boys bedroom. There are few other colours I want but will have to wait for them.

And did you spot some other things in the first pic??? One of my other little favourite things?...yep BUTTONS! I LOVE BUTTONS. These were so cute I couldn't possibly walk away without a handful...

Hope you all had a happy Monday xxx


  1. Vert cute star buttons.....that fabric is so yummy!x

  2. Gorgeous fabric Emma, I love the red starry one! Thank you for your sweet comment on my dresser!
    Rachel x

  3. Love the spotty buttons! Thanks for the link to your local craft store (like a Michaels here in the US); it was interesting to see what you have over there. Quite interesting was the way the store has their items categorized: Under "Crochet," one finds all the crochet books and cotton thread. Under "Knitting," one finds all the yarn!

  4. Hee!! You discovered the polka dot buttons too. Aren't they absolutely delicious? Love the fabric and the cushions. I really must get around to finding my sewing machine. *hugs*


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