Monday, 3 May 2010

Plans, Plans...

Well today we have all had a ball. With it being a bank holiday there was a lot going on everywhere but just up the road was a fair and also the Roman museum were having a festival as May day originates from the festival of Flora(Godness of flowers I think?!). The bigger boys had a ball creating head dresses, eating inspired food including cucumbers blanched in honey and vinegar and dressing up in roman clothing fighting eachother with plastic swords hehe!

We then went to the fair where my friend and I joined the teenagers on one of the bigger rides before taking the kiddies on all the other rides and 'win a prize stalls'. Followed all this off with a beautiful lunch where my friend had the fab idea of sending the men folk off to the pub for a few bank holiday beverages whilst we got on with a few wedding friend happens to be head bridesmaid! And so armed with coffee, a pen, paper and the laptop we spent the late afternoon planning and plotting and having a good old giggle and natter. My friend told me how delicious Waitrose cupcakes are so we decided that as I wont have time to make them myself this is the next best option for wedding cake. The favours will be sugarmice and soaps and on the table should be a vase over-flowing with sweets and with peacock feathers(which I have already purchased) sticking out of the middle. Oh it is all starting to become so much fun :)))


  1. You've been having some lovely trips out Emma!
    Good Luck with your wedding plans! Exciting times!
    Have a great week
    Rachel x

  2. Hiya thanks for popping by - your comments were really sweet really love the cupcake idea for your wedding :)


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