Sunday, 9 May 2010

RIP's... Ripples in Progress

Hello there, well I thought I would share with you what I am obsessed with at the moment, it is of course the ripple! A few blogs back I had my first ripple ta dah! Which I was so proud of and I have to admit I haven't stopped rippling since I first discovered the pattern on the lovely Lucy at the Attic's blog. I find the whole experience from the picking of the colours to working the combination of the stripes to the actual hooking itself so exciting and yet immensely relaxing(I must say though that I think I have strained my arm from continued rippling) I am like one of the knitting nanas from the T.V ad when I get started like something possessed! So anyway I am waffling again, here are my rip's...

This pink ripple reminds me so much of ice-cream, well like a raspberry ripple I suppose hehe! I am using acrylics for this as it is for my niece and she is a total blanket baby(although she is nearly 10), her Mum has brought both her girls up to be just like her and they love anything comforting especially blankets and because of this they get taken EVERYWHERE! So to be kind to Mum I want it to be washable and dryable.

This I started because I absolutely loved the last blue one I did and have some yarn left over. It is a cotton blend yarn and although at times a little splitty it is still in my opinion a really lovely soft yarn especially the Wendy Sorento it feels more luxurious but is still easier to wash etc than other yarns.

And finally this beautiful rainbow of ripple is mine. It is my blanket that I am making for me, for my bed, for me to snuggle up to on cold nights whilst happily hooking away. I am using sublime baby cashmere, merino, silk DK and it is WONDERFUL! I cannot compliment this yarn enough, so pleasurable to use as it easily slips through hook and fingers to create this beautiful woolly loveliness. Gorgeous is what it is. Now being a beginner at all this I haven't yet had the chance to use many other brands of fine wool but for me this is my kind of luxury. It will take a while to make this blanket as it is SOOOOOO LOOOOOONG but it will be worth it.
So there you have it my ripples. I have some granny squares on the go as well but I will share those in a future blog. Hope you all had a fab weekend xxxxx


  1. I've beeb busy too today......:>))

    I WISH I could crochet......because this looks lovely......ripple-tastic!xxxx

  2. We left comments at the same time!

    I have had a busy one, lotsof SATS prep and other work related stuff, as well as shopping etc!
    Now cooking dinner (late) because I was playing in my sewing room!xxx

  3. Haha! I was thinking the same thing as I read your blog that I have been busy lol. I am guilty for making dinner late as a result of getting lost in making pretty things!

  4. Hi Emma ,Love your ripples - especially your rainbow ripple .The yarn you've used sounds great.I must take the plunge and invest in some quality yarn too :0)
    Your knitting Nanna comment made me smile , thats what my brother in law always calls me !

  5. Hello Emma,
    gorgeous ripples, love your colour combo's too!
    So pleased your keyring arrived safely!
    The sun's out so have a lovely day!
    Rachel x

  6. Hello!
    Wanted to say how much I LOVE your ripples...the colours are just gorgeous, really zingy and bright...and I know what you mean about that sublime wool, Im using it myself on my own ripple and its the ultimate in luxury isnt it? Cant wait to finish it and snuggle up in it!

    Love Julia x x x

  7. hello there..thank u for your lovely comment..i love the rainbow ripple and keep at it ..i really miss mine now it is finished ..lynnie

  8. Wow! Really lovely ripples! I still haven't found out how to make them, but I will for sure take a look at Lucy's blog now (-:


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