Sunday, 2 May 2010

Serene Sunday

We have had a really lovely day today. Woke up not too early and decided that despite the cold wind we would venture out on the train. We didn't have a plan and at first thought we would go to bath but my eldest was having a friend stay over tonight so we had to be home at a reasonable hour, so with the time factor we decided to hop 3 stations along to Chepstow and have a tour of the castle. It is amazing I have been in Wales for 13 years now and have never ventured to more than 2-3 of its castles!!!

We really did have a lovely day and the castle was a lot more impressive than I thought it would be. I was expecting just overgrown ruins but it was amazing how many rooms there were and how many of the features were still jumping out at us, giving us a tiny peek into the past.

They had a gentleman there who was playing all the 16th century instruments including a very impressive recorder, he was dressed the part and it really did make the whole thing a little surreal. Absolutely fab though I must say and the boys enjoyed it immensely.

I can't upload any more pics now as it is having issues but I think you can see from just these few how pretty and impressive this place is. I am working on some new blankets at the moment and that is how I plan to spend this Sunday evening whilst the boys enjoy their sleepover in their beds, deciding how they are going to fit as many things in as possible in the last few moments before they are told to turn the lights out and sleep. Oh to be a child again and enjoy such simple pleasures.

I hope you are all enjoying your long weekend and fingers crossed the sun will shine tomorrow so we can take full advantage xxxx

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