Thursday, 13 May 2010

Struggling but still doing!

Hello there lovely blogger friends, and welcome to the new people that are following me. Firstly let me say how much I am enjoying the land of blog and how wonderful all of you are. It is so nice to sit down after a busy(sometimes stressed filled) day, sink into my cushions, relax with a cup of tea and retreat into blogland to read all your lovely goings on. I feel I may become a pain in the arse simply because I am constantly leaving comments but I just really love reading how your day was, what new yarn you have, looking at your wip's or new fabric it all puts a great big fat smile on my face and the fact that people are reading about my days is really wonderful and I can only hope you enjoy it a fraction of what I do.

Anyhow, I may have mentioned in another blog that I am not very practised at sewing and am very slowly trying to teach myself. I have a stash of fabric that is very, very slowly starting to build up although I now have proper sites to visit for really pretty fabric at last it might be a quicker process. Here are a few sites I have, here and here. Obviously there are more out there but I have struggled to find any so I am overjoyed at these...but I am going off track. Years ago when I was just 21 I made a patchwork thing out of my middle childs clothes by hand, with no order, structure or knowledge of any kind and so made a total mess of it. I couldn't get rid of it as I didn't want to waste the clothes but I couldn't really use it so I decided to make another cushion using it...I call it Clumsy Cushion...

This is the back, I decided to make life easier for myself I would just fold the inside over...

So there it is, totally rubbished but I think the fact that it is my childs clothes and I was so clueless when I started it but had so much love for the idea that it still has a lot of charm.
I also decided to keep practising whilst lady(my machine) was out so being very patriotic made this...

Halfed stuffed with filling then I got all my ends from here...

and added them to here...

and Voila!

My old gal did me proud again. I did have a few issues with the bobbin at times but that is totally me being clueless about anything to do with sewing machines and is going to be a long journey!!!

P.S It is nearly the weekend :)


  1. Some really good books for sewing that I use are the Readers Digest Sewing Encyclopedia and the Book of Sewing by Alison Smith. They have so much info in there about everything to do with sewing and dress making and I find them really useful. If you also perhaps Google the model number of your Singer you may be able to find an online manual which may help with your bobbin problem. If not drop me a line re the prob and I'll see if I can help


  2. Hi Emma,
    Don't you find that by doing you learn? I too am trying to get the hang of sewing so find myself just giving things a go, learning from how it went. Made a peg bag from the Cath Kidston Sew book last week, never really done anything from a pattern before. Appliqued cupcakes and everything on it, I felt I deserved a prize by the end, I was so chuffed. Going to give bunting a go. How hard can it be?
    Loving the ickle Welsh flag and I agree your cushion does have a lot of charm.
    Ali x

  3. Love your blog, too! I tend to comment a lot, and I always love to hear from others. Blather away, my dear!

    Very excited to see your new sewing endeavors. I do not sew at all (other than seaming crochet squares together, or sewing a button back on), but my two closest friends DO. One makes beautiful quilts, and the other does more practical sewing, such as curtains and clothing.

    I myself do not possess the wherewithal to take on another passion, because there are so many lovely fabrics out there, and I barely have enough room for my yarn stash. :-)

    I hope you'll post tons of pics of your fabrics and the things you're working on!

    Have a wonderful weekend...

  4. Oh dear another lovely blog to follow, it's no wonder I never get anything done lol.
    One of my first sewing projects was a cushion made from my little mans clothes, yours looks great.
    have a great weekend

    Beki xxx

  5. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog its so nice to find someone has taken the time to say something x

    Sara x

  6. Hi Emma ,just found your post.Love your Singer too!!!!!!!!
    The cushion is sweet .My singer is a tempermental old girl,so don't blame yourself!!
    Jacquie x


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