Thursday, 3 June 2010

Lovely days

Phew! What simply perfect weather we are having this week. I absolutely love sunny days they make me oh so happy inside. My mind races with possible plans we can make as a family. No more staring at walls, watching T.V, endless breaking up of fights and arguments NOPE! Just running, playing, exploring, resting, drinking juice, watching clouds, feeding ducks, swinging, climbing just general good fun. Then at the end of a long sunshine fun filled day is the tired but happy bedtime of exhausted little faces off to dream about what they have done and what they are yet to do...

So this half term has been a fab one my bestest friend in the world has been down from Manchester with her children so far we have...
Seen ducklings, Cygnets and Goslings

Been to a boat festival and the children got to see the boat 'sink'...

We then headed to the beach where we all had the time of our lives eating...


Becoming mermaids...


and of course enjoying ice cream!!!

After all this mega excitement we had a day of rain which was refreshing and gave us grown ups a chance to sit have a chat with endless cups of tea and laze about all in our pj's watching family films whilst tucking in to some wonderful home made grub. Yesterday was another hot one though so early we rose to make more picnic food, get the clan ready and head off to meet more friends to enjoy the day at one of my most favourite places in Wales, the Museum of Welsh Life. Here are just a few of the 112 photos that were taken on this brill day out...

So with all that going on I am sure you are thinking that surely there was no time for any crochet but you would be wrong. I have indeed been busily crocheting. Squeezing it in between all our busy days and hectic schedules of late. I think I have mentioned that my Niece is having a baby in September, well I am happily making a few blankets for her little bundle. I have finished one Ta Dah...
A very simple blanket with a shell edging. I used a very soft baby acrylic for this blanket.
I used a blanket made for my baby as inspiration as I loved it and still do. First he was wrapped in it and now it is a little worn it is perfect for a summer nap. I am also working on another(rather boring) blanket. My Sister(Nan to be!) wanted an all white blanket and because I knew I would get quite bored working with just white I decided that I would just do a large granny square with a nice edging.

I am hoping when this is complete to work more on MY projects as I would like a blanket for myself before Christmas lol!
Anyway hope you are all having a super week
Em xxx


  1. Great photos Emma.The museum of Welsh life looks good. How nice to live close to the beach.Love your baby blanket,it's so pretty .
    Jacquie x

  2. Wow, looks like you had a nice time! Your crochet blankets are gorgeous! How lovely of you to make them for your niece and her soon to be new addition! What a lovely Aunty you are!!!!! HAve a wonderful weekend! xxx

  3. Fun with friends.....can't beat it. How you have managed to fit any crochet in is a mystery! Love the Big Granny. Indi came from the huge Next store in the Arndale on Tuesday. Have a fun week in Manchester...see you when we get back from Scotland. axx

  4. Wonderful pictures. Glad you are having such a good half term.

    I always have to smile when someone else gets to do something for someone else in a colour/s that aren't what they would normally use! Glad I'm not the only one that sometimes feels that way. *hugs*
    Love O. xxxx

  5. You have had a wonderful week - sunshine and fun. If the sun's out tomorrow I think I'll pack a picnic and head for the south coast and the sea, you all look like you had a ball!


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