Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Too long...Missing you all x

Hello, well it has been FOREVER it seems since I was last on here. I have sat down everyday for the last week and tried to write a blog but something has always come up. I have been so busy lately that I feel like all my normal hobbies are just long lost memories. One of the main reasons I have been kept so occupied is so very, very exciting...ARGHHHHHHH I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am. I have my own cafe!!! I know! Well it belongs to my friend and myself, we have called it 'The Kiosk'(mainly because the area we occupied was already being called this for some reason so we kept it...so original I know). We have gone into business together. No bosses, no one to answer to, and no money! We have gone into it to try and raise funds for our local community predominately with the intention of turning it into a catering business :) Oh geez it is so much fun. We opened a few weeks ago and it has really taken off, and the best part is we can have our own knit and natter group which we are starting THIS Thursday. We have been asked to serve tea on the patio and the communities next fair, and are becoming a valued part in our area. So wonderful...

Now I wont just blog about The Kiosk as I do not yet have any photos. I have also been to Manchester which was fab and in crochet news I have been making very dull white blankets. I will show you tomorrow as I am too tired to fetch the camera. I promise though that I am going to be much better at writing and reading in the blogging world. I really have missed you all so much, and have really missed crocheting terribly. Here are some pics from Manchester and of the start of one of my many white blankets.

My son running from the great mammoth in Manchester Museum
These pics were taken from the Manchester wheel, which I took myself. Yep! I went on it which I think was VERY brave of me. Very brave of me...

I hope you are all enjoying the fabulous weather and I will see you very soon with some much more interesting pics :)


  1. Congratulations on your new Business venture! I hope you have oodles and boodles of fun with it! xxxx

  2. Glad to here your news,how exciting !!!
    Wish I was near enough to join your Knit and Natter.
    Jacquie x

  3. Wowzer Emma!! A cafe, wish I could come and have you serve me tea and cake. I'd love to go to a knit and natter. There doesn't seem to one around here and I'm not sure if I'm brave(or committed)enough to try to set one up. I hope your new venture goes well!!
    It's lovely to hear from you and well done you for going on that wheel, I went on the one in York on our last holiday there and like you felt very, very brave! Heights are not friends welcome for tea in my house!

  4. Oh wow that's really exciting Emma! i wish you all the best of luck with your new venture - if I lived nearer I would certainly be coming down for the knit and natter days!!! xx

  5. oh wow congratulations Emma, where is your cafe? your son looks so sweet! fliss xx

  6. I am late reading your exciting news - and WOW, that is VERY exciting! Please do share news about the Kiosk and post pictures and tales when you can. I am just thrilled for your new venture, and a bit envious too. :-)

    What is the story behind the white blankets? Are you making them for something / someone specific, or just using up stash, practicing stitches, what? I must know. :-)


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