Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Parcels in the Post

Well after reading a fair few blogs in my time I am confident in saying we all love getting nice little treats via (in my case) Mr postman. And the best way to receive these goodies is after a really hard, stressful and busy day which is exactly what happened today. I actually had to get a taxi today to travel less than a mile as my back was so painful I couldn't bare the walk after a day at the kiosk, meeting with a business advisor and helping a friend with the hellish DLA forms. She has MS and is having terrible trouble trying to understand what exactly she is suppose to be trying to explain, so I offered to help put what she wanted to say into words but the forms are AWFUL! So after a few pages we had to leave it as I was desperate to get home and remind myself what my family actually looks like. The fella actually describes catching me at home 'harder than catching a falling star', so that kinda sums up how hectic things are at the moment but anyway I did get home eventually and there waiting for me were 4 parcels.
The first was my corset for my moulin rouge themed hen night :) the second and third were these...

I have purchased these as one of my close friends came to knit and natter, she has just moved into a new home and it is being totally renovated so whilst all the boys work is going on she decided to pick up her knitting needles again and she was making this...

Well how could you not fall in love. I decided I would attempt to make some of these little knitted characters as they make fab gifts, especially for our hospital box.

I want to make them ALL right now!

My fourth parcel is something I have wanted for a long time now, and I can't even remember ordering it so I was so thrilled to tear open the packaging and find this...

Elspeth Thompson was very loved in the land of blog and is very missed so I am so delighted to have this little token of her. I had to immediately dive in and absorb the beauty and the wonderful, simple ideas. These images jumped out at me for their uniqueness and gorgeousness...

This book would make a wonderful addition to any home.

Now remember my last blog I mentioned that I was hoping the fella would take me out to buy new yarn??? Well he went bigger and better than that and bought me my wedding ring!!! I saw it and immediately had to have it, and to celebrate the fact he also bought me these stunning flowers...

I was so thrilled. I am not putting any pics of my ring on here yet, that you will have to wait for(but with the wedding only 5 weeks away not too long!) but aren't the sunflowers gorgeous. Enjoy some flowery eye candy :)


  1. Wow Emma ,your life is so busy and exciting at the moment.Hope you manage to relax and rest your poor back soon.You always seem to manage to think of others too,I love your Knitting books,so sweet.
    Thanks for all your kind comments
    Jacquie x

  2. Geez Emma, your life is so full on! And your poor back, I feel so sorry for you! It's been a wee while since my back has bothered me (after my Biscuits I had a few problems with it) but it's an awful thing!
    Aren't those knitted dolls cute?
    I'll e-mail you with those ingredients!

  3. Hello my lovely!

    Im just jumping about with delight at those knitty jelly babies on the photo spread! Oh my word, how completely fabulous!!
    I hope your back problem isn't too serious, nothing worse than back pain so I hope you soon feel better.
    The Homemade book is a treat isnt it? I have it myself and look at it often, mostly when Im stuffed in the armchair with a good cuppa and a pile of biccys!

    Much love
    Julia x x x

  4. Oh, DLA forms are a nightmare. I sympathise.

    But congratulations on the ring!

  5. Hi Emma I love the Jean Greenhowe books - you will have so much fun with those :) not long till the wedding can't wait to see pics x x


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