Sunday, 18 July 2010

Sharing Friends

Now we all know how much we love our blogging, we especially love it when we see the number of people following us has gone up because it confirms that we are most definitely not talking to ourselves and we can give the other half a smug smile to say "see! People are interested in what I have to say...", but there are so many blogs out there and I for one feel like I am missing out as there are not enough hours in the day to trawl through thousands of blogs to find the ones that I want to follow, so I am going to start sharing some of my favourite. A lot of the people following me share all the same contacts but some that I am following are not all shared(if that makes any sense at all)
So here is a lady who has me practically wetting myself when I read her blog and this gem from the other day is one of my faves...enjoy

Hugs Emma xxx

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  1. Thanks for sharing the link to the Coffee Lady! Just checked out her post on kids' crafty stuff, and she's definitely on the mark. Will be visiting her again!

    And yes, I agree with you, it's so nice to know people are visiting your blog, even if they don't always comment. I'm sometimes a "lurker" myself on blogs, especially when so many other people have commented and perhaps said what I would have. It seems pointless to say "me too!"

    Hope you're having a marvelous day...


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