Monday, 12 July 2010

Still trying...

So hello my lovely blogging companions. Before I start I would just like to say that I am getting a chance to read your many blogs just not having the time to comment as much as I usually do. I always think it is nice that when someone has spent the time to share their thoughts, achievements or even just let you into a small part of their world to say a few words to let them know we are here, but sadly I haven't been able to do this as much as I like lately. Thank you all for your lovely comments I really love receiving them especially when I am being quite lame on the old blog front!!!

Right Catch up... Since speaking we have had 2 knit and natter sessions and they went really well. Got our third on Thursday and I am really enjoying them. So many people around who want to socialise with like minded people and/or learn to knit and crochet.

Couple of the girls who will not appreciate this pic hehe! (Oh and the front of our little kiosk in the background...will have to take some pics of our HUGE kitchen!)
This place certainly keeps me busy. Today I was on my hygiene course and in September I will be starting a community development course. We were suggested to go on it as we have now been responsible for setting up two groups in the community centre and of course the cafe which will bring people in and get the community spirit thriving again(well that is the plan anyway). I will get a proper blog done when we have prettified the place ;)

In my never ending battle with crochet(the battle being what I want to do and what I have time to do...also the battle of trying to finish EVERY project!!!) Here is what was on my sofa with me last night...

My lovely colourful ripple, all made with Sublime cashmere, merino silk. Nowhere near finished(having chained the size of a kingsize quilt!) but I am loving it. I am running out of yarn for this balnket but the fella has promised to take me to get some more soon so I can carry on adding length...

Another pic just because I think it is soooooo pretty.

Underneath is my knitting...yep that is right knitting. Because I am pretty insane I decided that I may as well start getting prepared for Christmas and I am knitting the younger children in my family scarves and hats. This one is for my little sister and I am using a cotton blend yarn.

Remember I told you about the white blankets??? Well here they are...

OK OK So the second isn't all white but I just couldn't bare it any more so I added a border. You may notice on the side of the pic another white WIP??? Grrr I know they will look lovely with new little babies snuggled in them but for someone who LOVES colour and pattern they are a bit tedious to make and because my crochet skills are limited I can't find an afghan pattern that will make a nice white baby blanket!

So there it is a little more from the land of Emma. I am hoping(my fingers are firmly crossed) that tomorrow is the day that my lovely man is going to take me shopping for some new yarn...wouldn't that be lovely??? I think I deserve some...
Hope you are all well, hugs Em xxx


  1. Hi Emma, got your comment about the cake. Of course I can pass on the recipe (I think the easiest ever!) to you and any other info you want on quantities of marzipan, butter cream etc, if you need them. Let me know how many tiers, what sizes etc and I'll let you know. I would recommend Peggy's Cake Chic book though, it's really good and really easy to follow!
    I'd try and talk you out of a six/seven day commitment leading up to your wedding but it's so much cheaper. The cake I am making for all the things like boards, marzipan, icing and ingredients (mainly organic) came to just under eighty pounds! That doesn't include the decorations on it though! My wedding cake cost just under four hundred! So a bargain for a three tier cake!
    Let me know!
    Your wee place looks lovely by the way and wasn't that post a yarn fest?

  2. Hi Emma,
    Great to get a peek at your Knit and Natter . Loving your ripple ,the colours are so pretty.
    Jacquie x

  3. Your ripple is very pretty and that Sublime yarn is gorgeous - made my daughter a beret and wrist warmers with it last year. I like the way you've varied the width of the stripes.

    I finally finished my ripple (which wasn't as big as yours)...really must get around to taking pictures of it, but am hit by an attack of the lethargy at the moment!! x


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