Thursday, 26 August 2010


Yes it is true. On the 21st August 2010 I became Mrs Emma Pearce :) I haven't had a moments rest and have a few more busy weeks ahead but I wanted to come and share this glorious news with you.

My Husband Dai and I have been together over 4 years, we have a beautiful little boy Harry together and we have been through so much in the 4 years that it is amazing we made it this far! But we have and I couldn't be happier, we stuck together and stood by one another when it seemed like the easiest thing would be to let go. I am so thankful for my wonderful family and with my wonderful Husband by my side I know anything is possible.

Now we won't have the professional photographs for a while and I obviously didn't take any but thankfully lots of friends brought their cameras so I can share a few snaps with you, some of them will be fuzzy but oh well. Hope you enjoy :)

Tables before they were positioned

My siblings and I

Love ya Mrs Emma Pearce xxx

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Time is flying!!!

Wowzer! So here I am just gone 9.30pm and I am struggling to keep my eyes open but I had to get here and write a few words as I am missing you all so very, very much and I thought I would pop by and share with you some of the reason I am so busy, busy, busy!

I have been non-stop lately and now the BIG DAY draws ever closer things are totally hectic, the other day my friend took me here

And boy am I glad she did, I haven't been here since I was pregnant with my eldest so I just got totally lost in the aisles, blown away with the value and I easily could have spent hours(and several hundred more!) on all the wonderful things. So at the end of the day my lounge looked like this...
Lots of things to prettify, fill, hold etc. I spent hours putting confetti in bags and sweets in jars but I feel like I am finally getting organised!

Yesterday we went and paid all the actual wedding day costs and food which came with a really good feeling, we then headed to Cardiff for lots more shopping which was exhausting and so I thought that it was only right that the bride-to-be(that's me!) got a few treats...

and a few more items to help make things pretty

Then it was off to Bristol via delayed trains and dozy taxis to my penultimate dress fitting :D So very, very exciting.
So that is it all I have to say right now so I am going to leave you with lots of love and hope you are all enjoying your summer breaks and I will be back soon with probably just as little to offer!