Thursday, 26 August 2010


Yes it is true. On the 21st August 2010 I became Mrs Emma Pearce :) I haven't had a moments rest and have a few more busy weeks ahead but I wanted to come and share this glorious news with you.

My Husband Dai and I have been together over 4 years, we have a beautiful little boy Harry together and we have been through so much in the 4 years that it is amazing we made it this far! But we have and I couldn't be happier, we stuck together and stood by one another when it seemed like the easiest thing would be to let go. I am so thankful for my wonderful family and with my wonderful Husband by my side I know anything is possible.

Now we won't have the professional photographs for a while and I obviously didn't take any but thankfully lots of friends brought their cameras so I can share a few snaps with you, some of them will be fuzzy but oh well. Hope you enjoy :)

Tables before they were positioned

My siblings and I

Love ya Mrs Emma Pearce xxx


  1. Congratulations to you both!!!!!!!!!

    You both look so happy,I'm glad everything went well.
    Love the picture of you dancing with your skirt twirling out.The last two photos are extra sweet :0)
    Love the flowers and the tables too.
    Thanks for sharing, I've been wondering how things went.
    Jacquie x

  2. Awwwww congratulations to you both! The pics are totally lovely and I love the last one especially! Much love Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Congratulations! Looks like you had a wonderful day. :)


    Looks like you had a lovely day, I'm glad it all went well!

  5. Yay!!!!
    It looks so wonderful and don't you look glam?
    Congratulations lovely lady!!

  6. Congratulations Emma! Lovely pics. You look gorgeous! xxx

  7. OMG - what wonderful pics - it looked a fantastic day! And double OMG - your wedding date is the same as ours so when we were celebrating our 2nd anniversary in Florida you were getting married!!! (And we chose Lilac and Cream as our colours too! Too Spooky!!!)

    Congrats Mrs Pearce - are you used to the new name yet? I still find that when I look at my surname it looks weird - even after two years. However, the best bit about changing my maiden name (which was Williams) is that now you don't have to spend hours looking thru most of the phone book looking for me!!! My married surname is French in origin and there are only 5 with our name in our local phone book - and only because we're all related!!!`Much easier!! xxxxx

  8. Congratulations Mrs P! You look like you had a fantastic time. Just love that last photo!

  9. You look utterley glorious!! What a dress!!
    Im so happy you had such a grand day, love the skippy last pic, brilliant!!

    Congratulations to you both, love
    Julia x x x

  10. Congratulations!
    You both look so happy. Your dress is beautiful.
    Enjoy married life, it's wonderful. x

  11. I have got a bit behind with visits just saw your lovely post - Congratulations - what a beautiful bride and groom, wishing you many happy adventures together, Betty xxx

  12. Sorry I'm so late but just wanted to say congrats and what lovely pictures and that you look lovely, truly lovely! *hugs* O. xx

  13. Bit late but, Congrats on getting Married ..!
    You looked beautiful. Although I could have "Glamped! you a pair of wedding wellies lol...x


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