Tuesday, 28 September 2010

What a Day!!!

WOW! Where to begin? I am really not sure. I had todays blog all planned out, crochet, yarn, crochet was the plan of action but then my day started! This is going to be quite long but please bear with me...

So today I was going yarn shopping with one of my best friends and she was picking me up. I was running late(which is VERY unusual for me) so rather than keeping her waiting in the car I didn't bother with Make-up and just threw on the first clothes to fall out of the wardrobe. We had to stop at my local shops to use the post office. On our way in we notice a very small camera crew talking to people walking past, we were not really intrigued because on our doorstep in the next few days is The Ryder Cup! You may have heard about it. Well it is taking place literally 1/2 mile away from where I live and it is a nightmare. Schools closed on Friday, Roads closed even to pedestrians trying to walk!!! So we figured it was something to do with this and carried on with our objective as quickly as possible as we had important yarn shopping to do! Before we headed back to the car I stopped into the resource centre(or my second home these days)and that is where a new itinerary began. One of the lovely community resource ladies(who I know very well) asked me when I came in what my thoughts were on the Ryder Cup and it's affects on Newport so I told her(as she knew I would!) little did I know that the lovely lad lurking in the background was working for the Beeb! I was then asked to speak on camera to which I replied with a firm NO. I assumed they were all part of the same crew we had seen previously...but they were not. This new gentleman was from THE ONE SHOW! Now many of you might think this lame but I am a HUGE fan of the One Show. Now this piece of information changed everything. How could I turn down such an opportunity??? Well I simply couldn't despite looking absolutely dreadful.
This is Lucy Siegle one of the shows presenters. She was absolutely lovely, so genuine and funny, had a ball with all of the crew.

Can you see Ceri in the top photo??? I cannot believe how dreadful I looked today, but Oh well. Ceri also got her say in too(To be honest I think we all were of the same opinion!)

To find out what that opinion is you will have to stay tuned. Not sure when we will all be on air but I hear it is tomorrow!!! How exciting.

So despite not wanting to keep Becky waiting earlier I had now kept her waiting AGES, but we finally got on our merry way and had a really fabulous day going for lunch with our little lads and buying lovely new things(hopefully will show you tomorrow). Not long after getting home I had to go to the kiosk. We work Tuesday evenings to serve the dancing school that uses our community centre. It was one of those days that I didn't want to rush out of the house, I wanted to laze around using my lovely new wool and spend time with my husband but I went in and boy was I glad I did. Waiting for Ceri and I were 2 brown envelopes. Now the fact that we had post sent to the community centre was strange so I was so very curious to open mine and find out what was inside. I was thrilled. Out of the blue, with no warning at all or hints from anyone we received one of these each...

A letter that came with it said we were nominated and 'Members of the judging panel were impressed by the number and high standard of the nominations received, and wanted me to convey their congratulations to you'(whatever that means). This really makes it easier to do what we are doing. We didn't get into all what we do for awards and prestige, we do it because although it isn't a rich estate and it has its many troubles we love our community and want it to be the best it can be.

So you would think this has all been enough for one day right? Right! Well I then get a phone call from Ceri(I got into work first) asking if I wanted a ticket for the Ryder Cup as we could have one because of our volunteering!!! Hmmmm a chance to hob nob with the stars??? Oh yes please! So we have free tickets to the Ryder Cup on Friday! It is all a pain in the arse trying to get there though, like I said we live 1/2 a mile away and yet have to haul ass to a park and ride between about 4-8 miles away depending, pay £20 for parking and then get a shuttle bus to the event!!! We could walk it in 10 mins!!! But can't look a gift horse in the mouth and we really need to go check it all out for ourselves. Sadly the ticket will be all I can photograph as no cameras or mobile phones are allowed!

So to top my day off I came home to a sparkling flat, healthy curry bubbling away and my wonderful family, and that for me was the best bit :)

Emma xxx

Monday, 27 September 2010


Happy Birthday to my wonderful, new husband. He turned 27 today so for the next 3 months we are the same age hehe! Unfortunately I am sat here alone this evening because he has to work :( sometimes it really sucks being the wife of a chef! I never get cooked for(because he has enough of that in work!) and I never see him. It isn't even as if he is doing something that is crucial and important to the well being of the population like the emergency services he is simply feeding people. Whilst I am here in this very unexpected rant I will also say that being the wife of a chef has led me to dislike(strongly) people who go out to eat on Christmas day! WHY??? Even if you can't cook there are plenty of places that will cook it for you so all you have to do is heat it up. Restaurants and Pubs open on Christmas because they can charge EXTORTIONATE amounts of money for very little effort because they know people will pay, so because of this chefs need to cook. My husband should be cooking for his family on Christmas day not theirs :(

Sorry about that, don't know where that came from. I think it is because it is yet another celebration when we are not together. So anyway on to my wonderful fellas Birthday. Because he is working tonight and wouldn't see the children today much because of school we decided to open gifts last night(we like it to be a time consuming family event). So after bath time was over we jumped on the bed and Daddy opened his presents...
Now Bug has the knack of opening presents he likes to 'help' everyone with theirs, and by the look of the next pic it isn't just un-wrapping he wants to help with...

My husband loves biscuits and chocolate so every year on his Birthday I indulge his childish side and get him his favourites ;)
I didn't get a picture of him with the snow balls because as soon as he saw a glimpse under the wrapping he put them away, so the children did not see("I am NOT sharing those") were his words! If you can see in the pic Bug was getting his hands on EVERYTHING!!!

When I first bought Hubby his first CK mug(cowboy print) he was not enthused and wanted no part in 'girlifying' the home, but on our wedding night whilst we were away someone staying in our home chipped said mug and hubby was quite upset about it, so of course I HAD to go to my local CK stockist and make up for it ;)

So that was it...or so he thought. He knew he was getting a tattoo out of Emma's funds but as for pressies he was done. Well as it turns out his x-box died on Saturday night...He was devastated, you see I have many, MANY obsessions and hobbies, collections, impulsive spending sprees and he is always deliberately ignorant to this, he on the other hand has work, home and x-box. Now I am in no way an x-box widow but when I am busily crocheting, knitting, sewing, reading and generally doing what I want he spends a few hours absorbed in some fantasy game about demons, assassins, soldiers etc so when this one outlet died he was so very, very sad. Being the wonderful wife I am I had to turn his frown upside down and so I with a small weight in my heart(I have been trying so hard to keep some money in my bank account) rushed out at 3.30pm yesterday(whilst he was still in work) and purchased this...
...and it was totally worth it :)

I love you dear Husband, you are to me everything I need. I am never alone, I am never left to worry, I am not a Mother without support, I am never left to grin and bare it, I am never short of someone to laugh at ;) You make everyday an adventure and everyday a chore, but I hope never to be without you whether you are good, bad or a total bore. Thank you for being you and helping me everyday to be me :)

Anyway sorry if this post has really bored you or got you reaching for your buckets lol. I will be back soon enough with some of this...
Hope you all had a great weekend
Emma xxx

P.S I also didn't get pictures of the 2 pairs of wrist warmers I crocheted for Mr P. He loves them as he cycles and he has been hampering after some since the weather started to turn, and of course I wasn't going to buy any!

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Sharing another of my Loves

So I have been over to the lovely BekiMaries blog and discovered who my new Pen Pal is and Oh Me, Oh My!!! I cannot contain my utter excitement...I cannot, I cannot. My new Pen Pal is Jackie and you will never guess what Jackie does...OK maybe those of you who follow her will, but it is so utterly thrilling and exciting I am just about fit to burst! Jackie designs and makes...BEARS!!! Cute, adorable, furry, funny, cheeky, gorgeous bears! And this just makes me SOOOO Happy.
Oh wait this might not really make sense as I don't think I have shared with you one of my lifetime loves(although by now I am guessing you might have an idea) I LOVE BEARS! Always have since being a little girl. I have my bears from being little and as I have grown my love of these stuffed animals has grown with me, now obviously if you do collect bears when you are older they usually tend to be a little more expensive than the high street bears. Being an arctophile I have spent a fair few pennies in my time but they are all totally worth it. I have some older photos of my collection which I am going to share. I have had a few additions since they were taken but I can do a proper photoshoot soon and really show off my wonderful little family of stuffed love :)

Now I really think that it has been too long since I had a new family member and since it looks like the ipad might be a tad too much for Santa this year I may have to add one of my new pen pals creations to my Christmas list hehe!
Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend
Emma x

Award YAY! Plus Give-away...

I have been tagged for this award by Lynda at Hookin' with Laalaa. I actually love to get awards from other bloggers I feel really honoured. To be picked out from so many makes me feel very special and really brightens my day. Lyndas blog is a fantastic blog and I am taking part in her advent swap which is a fantastic idea and something I am very giddyly excited about.

So I have to now tell you 7 interesting facts about myself...hmmmm

1. The first time I ever went on a plane was to Australia!!!

2. I got married for the second time in August, the first time was in Las Vegas...

3. I can never make a decision easily...I always change my mind 100 times before it is final!

4.I am obsessed with Christmas. I love EVERYTHING about it, and want to sing Christmas songs all year long...shhhh this one is a secret.

5. I am hypermobile which basically means I can do stuff like this...
it also means I dislocate joints...a lot!

6. I have met quite a few celebs but the best was meeting Colin Firth in Covent Garden M&S whilst my friend was looking for underwear! We spent the whole time talking football :)

7. I LOVE cake. I cannot resist cake. No matter what diet I am on, no matter what else I can resist I cannot say no to cake...mmmmmmmmmm I love it!

So that's it. I have done 7 interesting facts before so have tried to use different facts lol but as it turns out the first one is the same!

Now I have noticed that I have quite a few more followers lately which I am so chuffed with. Very happy and smiley indeed it is making me :)
So as the number is very quickly reaching the big 50 I have decided to have a give-away when it does. I haven't quite decided what the give-away is to be yet and as it is my first I am struggling to think, but I will decide and make something.

Please if you want to help me with my Christmas Fayre stall let me know. I will need any kindly donated items by the 10th November so plenty of time to get involved, I am truly grateful to all those who are already taking part, I can't thank you enough

I love hearing from all of you and am really enjoying reading my comments lately. So a GREAT BIG FAT THANK YOU for stopping by and saying hi xxx

Friday, 24 September 2010

Fave Books

So Beki Marie tagged me to share with you my favourite books past and present. Well! Anyone that knows me knows this is no easy feat. I am terrible at deciding anything and I always struggle with this one as I feel that there are so many that once I have started I remember more and more and the list becomes endless. So this time I have thought long and hard and made a list which I am sticking to...for now!
I love Janet and Allan Ahlberg books and a fave to read to my little bug is Peepo but Burglar Bill is what my Grandma read to us when we were little ans I love it.

The first book I read in my mind lol. I love Roald Dahl and the clever Mr Fox is one of my all time favourites.

I really did enjoy Enid Blyton as a child and my favourite were the wishing chair tales, oh how I use to wish I had a wishing chair.
Now on to books I love now that I am all grown up *cough*

Maureen Lee has to be one of my all time favourite authors. I discovered her work one rainy afternoon when I picked up the least grannyish looking book from the pile. I was hooked and have a huge collection of her work.
This is a fantastic book, not for the weak hearted it really touches a nerve. A very sad story but also very horrific. Again Another lady whose work I love.

 Oh how I love this book, I love everything about it starting with the cover and the title. I fell in love with this book the moment I laid eyes on it and the story it tells is better than wonderful. I use to write a lot of reviews on amazon and this review takes me back to when I first clapped eyes on it.

I got this a long while before it became the amazing film it is now. I had to buy a second copy when my husband started reading it as I needed to read it again and again. The thought of this story fills my heart with love and my arms with goosebumps...and the film fills me with secret desire for the delectable Eric Bana!

I read these books for years, totally mesmerized by the story of the detective Alex cross. Very gripping reads, I still love to pick one out and spend a few hours reading.

And last but by no means least...
 Yes I am a grown up Harry Potter fan. I LOVE these books. I was very slow getting into them, in fact the second film was out(and I had refused to go to see either) before I picked up the first book, but since then I haven't put them down. I have shared every moment of Harrys adventure and was very upset when I finished the last book.

So that is my reading list. Like Beki I will tag a few of you to share yours if you want to xxx


Now to leave you with something delicious...because I like to share ;)

Thursday, 23 September 2010

I will get organised...Oh and another new friend

Hello there, well today I have been laid up with my back...again! Gets very frustrating but there is not much more I can do so I must be thankful that it is arthritis and slipping discs. My Brother has Friedrich ataxia so I have nothing really to complain about, but what I can complain about is that the painkillers do make me a little sleepy and therefore I don't get very organised with blogging and photo taking etc. I did plan to blog my reading list today but not going to happen. I also wanted to show you some almost finished crochet, an award...you get the picture. So what I thought I would do(as it requires no effort at all) is tell you about a blog I have recently started following. Pene's blog is full of absolutely gorgeous creations, ideas and colour! I know I am probably getting annoying and you all browse as do I on so many blogs you do not need to be directed but there are just some blogs that I cannot help sharing. This does not mean that you have to go and look but I am sure you will enjoy browsing this lovely little blog.

Anyway hope you are all having a lovely week...it is nearly the weekend again yay! It is suppose to be another nice one as well :)
Hopefully I will back on tomos with some nice pics and a nice blog xxx

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Lovely, Lovely Parcels

I was keeping my eyes out today for the postman. I have been waiting for my order of wool to come so I can continue with my SGB. I am missing it like crazy which sounds absurd when you think about it...it is only a blanket for goodness sake, but none of my other WIP's are holding the same interest with me whilst I am forced to wait 'patiently'. So today I was quite disappointed when he just walked past our house without so much as a leaflet telling me about the latest offers at a local pizza delivery outlet. So I continued to get myself sorted for the day, hoping that tomorrow will bring me something exciting.
Well just as we had ourselves all sorted to leave the house a ford focus pulled up outside and who should step out of it but our postie!!! HOOORAYYY! He had brought me gifts, what a joyous surprise. Now the postmans offering were too small to be my longed for wool delivery but Oh what goodies I knew they must be. I rushed down to meet him at the door and almost had his hand off as I thanked him for the parcels.
I was overcome with excitement as I saw this on one of the parcels
Sorry it is a little blurry, was very excited. This surely couldn't be what I thought it was could it???
Yes, Yes! Yes it was, there was the senders name and address confirming it.
Now what lovely wrapping. I always love nice wrapping it makes the whole experience of receiving parcels even nicer.
This is a gift, a wonderful, handmade, gorgeously cute gift I purchased from this lovely lady over at PaisleyJade. Kristy is one of those wondermums I also hear and read about in the world of blog, I am totally envious of how much some of you can fit into your day and still create such beautiful things. Beautiful things just like this...
isn't he adorable??? So cuddly, so snuggly so absolutely perfect for my little bug's Birthday in December(at least I am getting organised in some areas). I feel very lucky to have snapped this little guy up. Thank you Kristy, I love him :)
I had another parcel arrive in the post. This was also eagerly anticipated. It is handmade but not a purchase from another of my lovely blogging friends but actually from e-bay. I cannot remember what I originally went on there for the day I saw this but I got totally side-tracked by this and HAD to have it. I am so pleased that it was also beautifully wrapped(I love tissue paper...and owl tape!)
Can you see it, peeking through the paper???
It is a tote bag, made with CK fabric(one of my fave designs as well). I think it will make the perfect bag for bugs belongings. Books, toys, swimming stuff etc will all have a happy time being carried around in this snazzy bag don't you think?

Now I have some big news to share...We have a new family member. My niece gave birth on Sunday to a bouncing, baby, boy. He weighed a fabulous 7lb 4oz. This makes me now a very proud Great Aunty!!! Bit mad saying it really as I am only 27 but there it is. Of course I have made her blankets and handed down bags of bugs baby clothes but I obviously had to buy her a little something, I mean shopping for little ones I think is one of the nicest pleasures. I discovered a wonderful new store that opened a few months ago and I nearly stopped breathing when I saw all the stunning items in this store. I can't show you what I bought as I had it gift wrapped but you can see the giraffe rattle I purchased on the homepage and the 'My First Year' fabric book at the top of the pile...I ADORE shops like this, and I can't wait to go Christmas shopping there :)

Now not only do we have one new family member OH NO, today also saw another new family member join us. Everyone say hello to little Suki
Isn't she the cutest??? She is a pure breed Border Collie. 9 weeks old and already melting our hearts with her cheeky ways.

So that is all for today. I do have my book list to post after being tagged yesterday but I still need to think about a few.
I hope you are all well, and if any of you are interested in helping me with what I talked about in my last post then please let me know. It is all really appreciated :)

Sunday, 19 September 2010


Well all the glamour and glitz of last night is now a memory. Hanging with the Mayor, talking toddlers with the local MP, and talking food with the AM(Assembly Member) is now remembered in photos and mind. It was a really good evening very relaxed and great to be a part of. It was also very sad as one of the members of the team who set new groups up, support community activities and generally assist above and beyond their call of duty left. Ceri and I had grown very close to our wonderful Laura and she will be missed, really missed x

As you might guess from the above pic, after last night, todays light meant it was back down to Earth. Back to doing all the Mum things we are suppose to do(but if you are anything like me put off until the very end) and todays main job is to tackle the ironing pile which is verging on Mountain recognition!!! I had nowhere to take a good photo of my certificate as there are clothes EVERYWHERE! I seem to be making no dent in the height of this pile either which is why I dropped tools and took a break to come and speak to you lovely people.

Now the reason I am calling all you crafting lovelies is that as you may have read in previous blogs I am a very keen fund-raiser. I enjoy it, it is worthwhile and most importantly it gives me a good excuse to get creative and/or spend hours at a time making things to sell or donate or just to decorate(which of course is my hobbie). This time I/We need a little assistance and I am hoping that the land of Blog is where we are going to find it. Our next fund-raiser is a Christmas Fayre. It is being organised by a lovely lady in our community with all the proceeds going to the 'Help the Heroes'  charity. There will be Santas grotto, games, stalls, raffles...you know the drill. This charity is close to the heart of my friend and I as my husband was in the Navy and plans to go back and her fiancĂ© is in the RAF. We are putting a couple of stalls together for this Fayre but the problem is there are not enough crafty people in our little community to help us fill this stall, and with us only learning to crochet less than a year ago(which is when I learnt to knit also) our fingers just wont be fast enough. So this is where I am going to be cheeky and ask YOU to help us...

We would really appreciate, love, be ever so stupidly ecstatic if any of you could make something with fabric, yarn, paper, beads...anything that is centred around the Christmas theme that you would donate to us to help us raise money for this fabulous cause. If ANYONE is interested then even the smallest little thing will help, comment and I will e-mail you with the details and address. It is a great way to get your mind set for Christmas and also maybe a little practice for anything you are thinking of making.

Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend
Emma xxxx

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Autumn Blanket

I have crocheted many blankets since learning the art in February this year and I have to say I am pleased with all of them, each one so lovingly put together with hour after hour, day after day of hooking. Thoughts were different with each one, everyone set different challenges but my abilities grew with each stitch as did my love of crochet. Oh yes I love crochet. Not a day goes by when my mind isn't at bursting point with ideas, colours, yarns. I am always planning my next yarn shopping trip and I plan all my makes(in my head...am not very organised with it really). But for all this love, all this work and this wonderful journey so far I am yet to own a crocheted blanket of my very own!!! You see each of my blankets have been gifts. Every. Last. One. and this is now making me a little sad as I want to feel the soft wool wrapped around me on cold nights, want to gaze lovingly at a colourful joy draped over my sofa or bed calling me over to have a little cuddle, little feel, little touch. So this my friends is what the Autumn Blanket is for...ME...ME, ME, ME!

A few weeks ago my husband took me to John Lewis and treated me to this lot of woolly fabulousness...

Now what I described to you lovely people was 17 balls of Rowan pure wool DK...But ALAS this was not entirely the case. Although I had spent an age picking and choosing, sorting colours, putting some back then grabbing it again, trying to get the right mix for my autumn blanket I had missed some vital little writings on 4 of the balls...you can see if you look really close on the picture of wool that the yellow is 4ply!!! As is the other yellow and both the terracota coloured wool. Well after waiting all this time to finally get started on my own blanket I was simply not going to wait to find time to take it back. So what did I do??? I used both the balls of each colour together, doubling the yarn. This has made it slightly thicker than the DK but not really that much and it still feels fantastic.

Obviously when I bought the wool I knew what colours I wanted in the blanket but I was not at all sure what sort of blanket to make. I already have my wonderful ripple on the go(which looks like it is to be the winter blanket of 2011 as funds cannot stretch that far this year), so I don't want a ripple, I also want this blanket NOW, NOW, NOW. So I thought long and hard and eventually came up with the idea of a Sunset Granny Blanket, and that is what this little beauty will now be called. Here is the beginning of its HUGE journey...

and a few days later...
Can you see the sunset??? Starts with the sun and gradually moves outwards into the sky. I am thinking about Shepherds the whole time I am hooking this project. "Red Sky at night Shepherds Delight". And oh how delightful.I absolutely adore working with this wool, it is gorgeous to work with, so soft slipping through the fingers and off the hook. I also love granny squares, so relaxing and so rewarding. A blanket forming right before your very eyes, taking shape, growing and changing with every round.

My husband originally bought me 2 balls each of Rowan 4ply in

454 Gerberra
457 Quarry Tile

Various quantities 13 balls Rowan pure wool DK

046 Tudor Rose
036 Kiss
028 Raspberry
030 Damson
008 Marine
007 Cypress
019 Avocado

Now as it turns out with a Granny Square as you all know the bigger it gets the more wool is used each round, so my wonderful Husband has ordered another 11 balls in the various colours and it looks like(although I haven't yet mentioned this) I am going to need a few more! So this is going to work out a very expensive blanket but Oh what quality, what delicious, out of this world quality and all mine to snuggle into when the nights are drawing in. I also haven't told the hubby that I am treating this blanket as my Birthday gift as it is all I need or want this year(this I think will make him very happy...he doesn't understand the yarn obsession).

So there it is my new blanket and what I am going to be working so hard on over the next few weeks, trying to get it finished for when those chills start nipping. I must leave you all now as I really have to get ready for the Community Awards Evenings, because although we are getting an award we have also been asked to provide refreshments so early I must be.
Take care hope you are all having a wonderful weekend
Emma x