Saturday, 18 September 2010

Autumn Blanket

I have crocheted many blankets since learning the art in February this year and I have to say I am pleased with all of them, each one so lovingly put together with hour after hour, day after day of hooking. Thoughts were different with each one, everyone set different challenges but my abilities grew with each stitch as did my love of crochet. Oh yes I love crochet. Not a day goes by when my mind isn't at bursting point with ideas, colours, yarns. I am always planning my next yarn shopping trip and I plan all my makes(in my not very organised with it really). But for all this love, all this work and this wonderful journey so far I am yet to own a crocheted blanket of my very own!!! You see each of my blankets have been gifts. Every. Last. One. and this is now making me a little sad as I want to feel the soft wool wrapped around me on cold nights, want to gaze lovingly at a colourful joy draped over my sofa or bed calling me over to have a little cuddle, little feel, little touch. So this my friends is what the Autumn Blanket is for...ME...ME, ME, ME!

A few weeks ago my husband took me to John Lewis and treated me to this lot of woolly fabulousness...

Now what I described to you lovely people was 17 balls of Rowan pure wool DK...But ALAS this was not entirely the case. Although I had spent an age picking and choosing, sorting colours, putting some back then grabbing it again, trying to get the right mix for my autumn blanket I had missed some vital little writings on 4 of the can see if you look really close on the picture of wool that the yellow is 4ply!!! As is the other yellow and both the terracota coloured wool. Well after waiting all this time to finally get started on my own blanket I was simply not going to wait to find time to take it back. So what did I do??? I used both the balls of each colour together, doubling the yarn. This has made it slightly thicker than the DK but not really that much and it still feels fantastic.

Obviously when I bought the wool I knew what colours I wanted in the blanket but I was not at all sure what sort of blanket to make. I already have my wonderful ripple on the go(which looks like it is to be the winter blanket of 2011 as funds cannot stretch that far this year), so I don't want a ripple, I also want this blanket NOW, NOW, NOW. So I thought long and hard and eventually came up with the idea of a Sunset Granny Blanket, and that is what this little beauty will now be called. Here is the beginning of its HUGE journey...

and a few days later...
Can you see the sunset??? Starts with the sun and gradually moves outwards into the sky. I am thinking about Shepherds the whole time I am hooking this project. "Red Sky at night Shepherds Delight". And oh how delightful.I absolutely adore working with this wool, it is gorgeous to work with, so soft slipping through the fingers and off the hook. I also love granny squares, so relaxing and so rewarding. A blanket forming right before your very eyes, taking shape, growing and changing with every round.

My husband originally bought me 2 balls each of Rowan 4ply in

454 Gerberra
457 Quarry Tile

Various quantities 13 balls Rowan pure wool DK

046 Tudor Rose
036 Kiss
028 Raspberry
030 Damson
008 Marine
007 Cypress
019 Avocado

Now as it turns out with a Granny Square as you all know the bigger it gets the more wool is used each round, so my wonderful Husband has ordered another 11 balls in the various colours and it looks like(although I haven't yet mentioned this) I am going to need a few more! So this is going to work out a very expensive blanket but Oh what quality, what delicious, out of this world quality and all mine to snuggle into when the nights are drawing in. I also haven't told the hubby that I am treating this blanket as my Birthday gift as it is all I need or want this year(this I think will make him very happy...he doesn't understand the yarn obsession).

So there it is my new blanket and what I am going to be working so hard on over the next few weeks, trying to get it finished for when those chills start nipping. I must leave you all now as I really have to get ready for the Community Awards Evenings, because although we are getting an award we have also been asked to provide refreshments so early I must be.
Take care hope you are all having a wonderful weekend
Emma x


  1. Lovely!!!
    Its going to be so cosy!
    I started an alpaca ripple earlier this year but put it aside for the summer as it was too hot to sit under it while I was working on it.
    I need to get it out and finish it off for this winter.
    Em xxxxxxxx

  2. So nice. Love all the planning, colors and the anticipation of the finished product. Fun, isn't it?

  3. Beautiful colours! And it looks like such lovely yarn. I am yet to make anything with pure wool; living in such a warm place means it's not usually a practical choice!
    Caz :)

  4. Gorgeous! Gorgeous colours, gorgeous yummy yarn, I bet you can't wait to get all snuggled underneath it! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Lovely!
    and I was going to tell you what you already knew - this kind of blanket very quickly uses up a lot of yarn per round - good job you have a lovely kind husband!!
    p.s. thanks for the award and congrats on your community award :-)


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