Saturday, 25 September 2010

Award YAY! Plus Give-away...

I have been tagged for this award by Lynda at Hookin' with Laalaa. I actually love to get awards from other bloggers I feel really honoured. To be picked out from so many makes me feel very special and really brightens my day. Lyndas blog is a fantastic blog and I am taking part in her advent swap which is a fantastic idea and something I am very giddyly excited about.

So I have to now tell you 7 interesting facts about myself...hmmmm

1. The first time I ever went on a plane was to Australia!!!

2. I got married for the second time in August, the first time was in Las Vegas...

3. I can never make a decision easily...I always change my mind 100 times before it is final!

4.I am obsessed with Christmas. I love EVERYTHING about it, and want to sing Christmas songs all year long...shhhh this one is a secret.

5. I am hypermobile which basically means I can do stuff like this...
it also means I dislocate joints...a lot!

6. I have met quite a few celebs but the best was meeting Colin Firth in Covent Garden M&S whilst my friend was looking for underwear! We spent the whole time talking football :)

7. I LOVE cake. I cannot resist cake. No matter what diet I am on, no matter what else I can resist I cannot say no to cake...mmmmmmmmmm I love it!

So that's it. I have done 7 interesting facts before so have tried to use different facts lol but as it turns out the first one is the same!

Now I have noticed that I have quite a few more followers lately which I am so chuffed with. Very happy and smiley indeed it is making me :)
So as the number is very quickly reaching the big 50 I have decided to have a give-away when it does. I haven't quite decided what the give-away is to be yet and as it is my first I am struggling to think, but I will decide and make something.

Please if you want to help me with my Christmas Fayre stall let me know. I will need any kindly donated items by the 10th November so plenty of time to get involved, I am truly grateful to all those who are already taking part, I can't thank you enough

I love hearing from all of you and am really enjoying reading my comments lately. So a GREAT BIG FAT THANK YOU for stopping by and saying hi xxx


  1. Congratulations! Cant wait for the giveaway!
    Heather x

  2. Ooh a giveaway, fantastic!!
    Great list!
    The joys of Christmas and cake, I'm so with you there! With me your love of Christmas NEVER has to be a secret!
    Hope your back is feeling better today Mrs!!

  3. Oh Emma!.. What you do with your thumb is hurting me just LOOKING at it!!.. But I'm right there with you on Christmas and Cake!! Yes many of my favorite things begin with "C", certainly all necessities in life, I think!.. Cookies, Cake, Candy, Chocolate, Coffee.. But you got me on a roll now! Cheese and Crackers with a nice Cabernet.. Cinema (I love the movies!).. Definitely Christmas! Oh, and I can't forget Crochet!... Have a great weekend! ~tina

  4. P.S... I spend a lot of my time with Children! (another C word!).. Can you tell?!! (0;

  5. I did comment earlier that I have some bits all ready to send to you Emma but don't think I've heard from you yet as to where to send so thought I'd just recomment in case you missed the first one xx


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