Friday, 17 September 2010

Award YAY!

Hello all. Are you excited that it is Friday??? Have you got that Friday feeling? I have and now I am even more excited because this is turning out to be a weekend of awards. I just clicked on to the lovely Clara's blog as I am loving all her Preparation for Christmas(I am a little Christmas obsessed) and I noticed she has received an award, I was just scrolling down to leave my Congratulations and there I was in her list of who she had passed it on to :) I am so very, very happy. Thank you so much Clara you have made my day xxx

(Recognising Your Talent)

I am going to pass this award on to


I could go all day picking out blogs that have inspired me with their writers immense talent but there we are I have picked 6. I would have given it to this lady especially as I always want to copy her makes like I tell her frequently but Clara had already awarded it first hehe!

The reason I said at the top of this blog that it is turning out to be a weekend of awards is that I received a letter inviting me to the Community Awards evening to receive an award. My friend Ceri got the same invitation so although we are not 100% we think it is to do with volunteering in the community. I am soooo chuffed I can't tell you, and although she is trying to be all chilled and she is hiding it deep, deep down inside,  I know Ceri is as stupidly, over the top, giddy with excitement over it. It seems we are being recognised for all our hard work and effort over the last year and I know that for me it is a real boost and I can't wait to do more and more to make our community thrive again!

Phew! I have also been working my little fingers to the bone lately but don't want to just add them on to this blog, they have a right to their own blog just like my gratitude for any award I receive deserves it's own space :) So I will be back tomorrow with hopefully some lovely(if I can ever work out how to use the husbands camera properly) photos and yarny/woolly chat :)

Happy Friday
Emma x


  1. I LOVE your new blog banner - it's lovely!!! Thank you so much for my award - that's really nice of you to pass it on to me - thank you again :) xxxxx

  2. Emma,
    They say good things come in threes so maybe there
    is something else in store for you this weekend? Kudos to you and Ceri for the community volunteering. Have loads of fun.

  3. Im swooning at the new banner Emma, its gorgeous - but I also wanted to say well done on the blog award and for the Community Awards too - hats off to you girl for that!
    Im posting a tutorial next week by the way, for some toasty crocheted arm warmers if you feel like bobbing by!

    Hope you have a great weekend,
    Love Julia x x x

  4. Congrats on the blog award!
    and congrats to the ladies you've passed it on to.
    I found you via the Patchwork Heart and what I've read so far of your blog is great..
    And you're another bloggy Em/Emma/Emily...there seems to be a lot of us about!
    Have a great weekend.
    Em xxxxx


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