Sunday, 12 September 2010

Back on last!!!

Hello everyone! Are you all enjoying your weekend? I hope so, the weather has been glorious in our neck of the woods, a little reminder from Mother Nature that Summer is not at an end just yet.

I have been so busy, busy, busy just recently and I am so stupidly happy to say that it is because of hooks and needles :D At last I have finally found lots of minutes here and there and lots of peaceful hours to spend sprawled out on my bed surrounded by balls of yarn looking like a colour explosion.

Firstly let me quickly show you what happened not long after my last post...
Yes that's right I finished it...Ta-Dah! Well it needs a few more little buttons etc I think to make it complete but it is near enough done. Here it is being modelled by my beautiful little Harry...
Secondly I will share with you my purchases from my Saturday spending spree. I first went to a shop called buyology which everyone I know who has visited has been raving about. I have to say I was not really that impressed with it, was just a large jumble sale in a huge warehouse. That is not to say they didn't have some fantastic bargains because they did and despite it's layout I will most definitely be paying another visit near Christmas time! They did sell James C Brett yarn there and no matter how hard I try I still cannot pass yarn without picking some up especially when it is so cheap so I left the store with lots of household objects and this...

It was £1.99 per 100g ball which I thought was pretty darn good. I immediately got my hook out and grabbed at not just one ball of the marble DK but both of them. Working both the yarns together I created this which will go into my Christmas gift box for friends...

I used the wonderful neat ripple pattern from the lovely Lucy at Attic24, a size 7 crochet hook and it used both balls of yarn. It took approximately 3hrs to complete and that was with the distraction that is little Bug! It was a really lovely yarn to use actually and the marble effect meant that the ever changing colours stopped it from becoming dull.

Also on my solo spree(I really shouldn't be allowed out alone with pennies I am so terrible) I had a gander in the local charity shops. I always pop into my LCS but have never found any knitting or crochet gems despite always hearing about them at knit and natter. My friend and I thought that only a select few were allowed the honour of searching through the craft treasure trove hehe! This was not the case, you simply have to ask and to my surprise a huge box of patterns and needles appeared from nowhere!!! I can tell you I spent a looooooooooooooooong while searching through, trying to make choices(something else I am not very good at) here is what I finally walked out with...
and all for a whopping £3.85 hehe! I love thrift stores :)
Next stop was WHSMITH for my regular dose of these...

I do have 'The Art of Crochet' dellivered but it goes nowhere in fulfilling the need I have for new ideas, pretty pictures and new 'to do' projects to add to the never-ending list.

So that was yesterday. I was meaning to post last night especially as I had completed the scarf but Mr P and I kind of got a little distracted with wine and music. It has been so long since we let our hair down we got a little carried away and didn't go to bed until 6am!!! And with a little Bug awake at 6.30am we are certainly paying for it, but boy do I look like a good wife when I say to him "go to bed honey, I will watch Bug" when in fact it was just to get some much appreciated blog time :)

In other news I have been working hard for what seems like forever on this little project

I am sorry about the quality of the photos I just wanted to get some on here. I have been meaning to share this project with you all for ages but always forget the camera when it is out. It is going to be a small blanket for my friends little boys Birthday(if I actually finish it in time). I got the idea from Andie at Lollipop Tree Lane I totally and utterly fell in love with her cowboy blanket, I must have gone back to view it over a hundred times and I wanted to create something similar. Her matching cushion is stunning too.
So there we have it my Sunday blog and it is a little longer than I thought it would be. I think I will now go and enjoy the rest of the day eating bacon sarnies(if I play my wifey cards right the fella might treat me to can hope) followed by hopefully an evening with my bed once more looking like this...


  1. Oooh I love your scarf...the yarn is gorrrgeous!
    I've never tried James Brett yarns..may give it a whirl!

    Karen x x x

  2. Oooh your scarf is looooovely ! It will make a great prezzie .Can't wait to see what you make with the purple varigated yarn.

    Your granny square blanket is looking stunning too, I love Andies version as well :o)

    Jacquie x

  3. Hello Emma - I tried to comment last night on your post but for some reason my blinkin computer wouldn't let me - stoopid thing!!! I love the look of that Rio yarn - it's lovely! The marble is great to work with isn't it? I'm buying more of it when I have the pennies to - they have a great range of colours on the Texere website if you need to buy any more. :) xxx

  4. Helloo!
    First of all congratulations!! Just been catching up on your posts and I saw the lovely wedding pictures! You have been a busy gal! Love the scarves and the granny squares, so colourful!
    Have a great week!
    Rachel x


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