Sunday, 19 September 2010


Well all the glamour and glitz of last night is now a memory. Hanging with the Mayor, talking toddlers with the local MP, and talking food with the AM(Assembly Member) is now remembered in photos and mind. It was a really good evening very relaxed and great to be a part of. It was also very sad as one of the members of the team who set new groups up, support community activities and generally assist above and beyond their call of duty left. Ceri and I had grown very close to our wonderful Laura and she will be missed, really missed x

As you might guess from the above pic, after last night, todays light meant it was back down to Earth. Back to doing all the Mum things we are suppose to do(but if you are anything like me put off until the very end) and todays main job is to tackle the ironing pile which is verging on Mountain recognition!!! I had nowhere to take a good photo of my certificate as there are clothes EVERYWHERE! I seem to be making no dent in the height of this pile either which is why I dropped tools and took a break to come and speak to you lovely people.

Now the reason I am calling all you crafting lovelies is that as you may have read in previous blogs I am a very keen fund-raiser. I enjoy it, it is worthwhile and most importantly it gives me a good excuse to get creative and/or spend hours at a time making things to sell or donate or just to decorate(which of course is my hobbie). This time I/We need a little assistance and I am hoping that the land of Blog is where we are going to find it. Our next fund-raiser is a Christmas Fayre. It is being organised by a lovely lady in our community with all the proceeds going to the 'Help the Heroes'  charity. There will be Santas grotto, games, stalls, know the drill. This charity is close to the heart of my friend and I as my husband was in the Navy and plans to go back and her fiancĂ© is in the RAF. We are putting a couple of stalls together for this Fayre but the problem is there are not enough crafty people in our little community to help us fill this stall, and with us only learning to crochet less than a year ago(which is when I learnt to knit also) our fingers just wont be fast enough. So this is where I am going to be cheeky and ask YOU to help us...

We would really appreciate, love, be ever so stupidly ecstatic if any of you could make something with fabric, yarn, paper, beads...anything that is centred around the Christmas theme that you would donate to us to help us raise money for this fabulous cause. If ANYONE is interested then even the smallest little thing will help, comment and I will e-mail you with the details and address. It is a great way to get your mind set for Christmas and also maybe a little practice for anything you are thinking of making.

Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend
Emma xxxx


  1. Hi Emma ,well done with the award !! You are right to be proud of all you've done this year.
    I would love to sent something ( haven't thought of what yet ) Does it have to be christmas related or just something that could be a gift eg soft toy ?
    Jacquie x

  2. Hi Emma found you via bunny mummy and would love to send you something if I have time to get it havn't mentioned when you would need things by. My email is on my profile page. I am more than happy to donate to such a worthy cause. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Jenny x

  3. Count me in chuck!! I have some goodies all ready to send to you!!! xxx

  4. I'd also love to help, please email me and I will send you something from fostermummy land. X


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