Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Chunky Wool and Big Needles= Fast Progress!

So remember my post yesterday when I showed you the wool and needles my lovely husband bought me to make a scarf with? Well I am very pleased to say that a few hours each day since Sunday evening has led to this much scarf...

I have had to fold it over to get it in the frame as I had no one here to hold it whilst I took a pic but hence to say it is nearly complete YAY! I am about 2/3 of the way done and I am loving it. So simple and so fast.
I am also loving my new size 10 bamboo needles. It is the first time I have used bamboo as I have only been knitting since January and I am loving them. No clickity clack as I go, so light and so much prettier, which of course is the most important thing ;)

Hope you are all well Em xx


  1. Wow Emma, how handy is this! Could you let me know some of the details as I was thinking of knitting one with Rowan Big Wool but at just under eight pounds a ball it could get expensive. Can you tell me the amount of stitches, how many ball used, what length you've go etc so I can figure it out, a rough idea would really help. I always knit Doctor Who scarves you see, really, really long! But with 100% merino? It may not be worth it.
    Oh by the way that plasma ball was 19.99 from argos, a bargain!
    Ali x

  2. It's lovely Emma. Lovely colour too. Lynda xx

  3. I LOVE IT! Fab colour, will look amazing being worn in the Autumn/Winter! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. LOVELY colour!!!! Looks like I'm not the only fast lady around here! Lol!!! xxxx

  5. What lovely lovely looking wool. That scarf looks great already.

  6. The color is gorgeous! The yarn looks really nice to work with.


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