Monday, 6 September 2010

End of Holidays...

Yep it is that time of year when the leaves start to change colours surrounding us with gorgeous reds, yellows, oranges and browns, they scatter across the road and remind us that summer is at an end and Autumn is almost here. It is the time of year that all Mums seem to have big smiles on their faces as they look at their little ones all kitted out in their new uniforms and shiny shoes troddling off to school and look at their homes and think 'now I can tackle you'. Homes become cleaner, routines jump out of the woodwork to fill our schedules and hobby time for those fortunate enough to have an hour or two in the afternoon becomes a little bit more of a priority.
I am not fussed about this time of year really, I am filled with several different emotions, happy that my Children are getting back into their routine and back to the place that thankfully they enjoy, Sad that I am not going to see as much of them or do as much with them, excited that for two days of the week when Little Bug is having his nap I can maybe fit in some much missed crochet and knitting!
Yesterday we decided that even though it was raining we would venture out and do something. I have been suffering a lot lately with my bipolar and can barely keep my eyes open for more than an hour at a time, but my Husband took a couple of days off work and his aim was to perk me up a bit. Yesterday he achieved this.
We decided to go to Cardiff as it is not very far and was not going to push me too much, plus he could treat me to a little shopping ;)

We headed towards the Cardiff Museum, it is a natural history museum and not very big but the kids loved it.

Although it isn't very big we seemed to spend an awful lot of time in there and didn't even get a chance to view the art gallery as time was ticking on and I was on a promise...for some shopping.
I know Sunday is suppose to be the day of rest but when days off are few and far between I think it makes sense to have open shops in a town on Sundays, if Cardiff didn't indulge the Sunday shoppers then I would not have been able to buy pretty and useful things like this

...and look my man took me into John Lewis Haberdashery department and got me treats, a new scarf for me

Well it will be when I have used those lovely new bamboo needles to knit one lol! This is Rowan Drift, 100% Merino wool, shade 00907.
And that isn't all

Look, look...NEW YARN...Lots of it!!!

17 balls of Rowan Pure wool DK.

I am hoping to make a blanket that will fit in nicely with Autumn and Winter, I spent ages picking out the colours, trying to find shades that would fit the seasons well. I am quite happy with my choice. I am hoping it makes me finish all my WIP's so I can make this balnket guilt free hehe!
So that is it for now. I am off to nap now(Hopefully I will get some knitting or hooking in tonight) Hope you all had a great weekend
Em xxxx

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  1. Hi Emma ,your yarn colours are lovely.
    Hope you are feeling better soon.
    Jacquie x
    P.s. blog looks great :0)


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