Monday, 13 September 2010

I Want, I need...Must have one!!!

I have always been a little different and a little wacky. I have always bounced from one end of the spectrum to the other. I love the prettiest little cute things in life, love to surround myself with bright flowers, pretty tea cups, country hearts, steiff Bears etc etc but I LOVE the darkest things too. I love the whole gothic scene(did you notice the Grooms steel toe New Rocks in my wedding blog?), I love to wear black, listen to metal(most of the time) and more importantly fill hours looking for the quirkyness that makes it all fun. Tim Burtons work is always a good example of how the dark and scary can be fun and wonderful and I am a huge fan of anything that does the I have come across this is wonderful full of amazing little dolls I love them

Aren't they amazing, don't you think they are just fantastic? I was never into dolls as a little girl but now as a big girl I think I have found the dolls for me.

Santa I will be sooooooo good please leave me one under my tree xxx


  1. Wow, I found the same blog on Saturday, my faves are the hansel and gretel dolls.I was loving the dark yet cuteness of them, so adorabley weird.

  2. I'm just the same, always bouncing from one end of the spectrum to the other between black clothes, goth lifestyle and metal to bright colours, pretty things and more hippy type clothes! The dolls are great.

  3. Tim Burton is great, I agree. These dolls are really something. There are certainly some very creative people in this world.


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