Thursday, 23 September 2010

I will get organised...Oh and another new friend

Hello there, well today I have been laid up with my back...again! Gets very frustrating but there is not much more I can do so I must be thankful that it is arthritis and slipping discs. My Brother has Friedrich ataxia so I have nothing really to complain about, but what I can complain about is that the painkillers do make me a little sleepy and therefore I don't get very organised with blogging and photo taking etc. I did plan to blog my reading list today but not going to happen. I also wanted to show you some almost finished crochet, an get the picture. So what I thought I would do(as it requires no effort at all) is tell you about a blog I have recently started following. Pene's blog is full of absolutely gorgeous creations, ideas and colour! I know I am probably getting annoying and you all browse as do I on so many blogs you do not need to be directed but there are just some blogs that I cannot help sharing. This does not mean that you have to go and look but I am sure you will enjoy browsing this lovely little blog.

Anyway hope you are all having a lovely is nearly the weekend again yay! It is suppose to be another nice one as well :)
Hopefully I will back on tomos with some nice pics and a nice blog xxx


  1. Hope your back is better soon and the painkillers stop making you feel so very sleepy. x

  2. Sorry to hear that you are not 100% today. Get better soon xxxxx

  3. Take it easy and that way you'll be sure to feel better sooner than later. Painkillers are not fun but sometimes a necessary evil. Thanks for the link. Take care.

  4. By the way, I looked up your brothers condition and it must be tough not only for him but for you and your family to cope with as well. From what I can gather though Emma, I am sure you are a blessing to him.

  5. Thanks Emma for the lovely mention
    Pene x

  6. Hi hunny....I am in continual pain with my back from disc problems and trapped nerves, so I sympathise completely my lovely.
    Do take care of yourself and don't rush things.
    The dust etc will still be there tomorrow....
    Hope you're feeling brighter soon.
    ((Huge hugs))
    Karen x x x

  7. Hi Emma, rest up and go easy on yourself.Hope you are feeling better soon.
    Jacquie x


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