Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Kids and Cakes

Hello there, I hope you have all had a wonderful Wednesday. Mine has been busy and hectic in parts(the last 7hrs especially) so it is only a short post to say hi.

Well firstly I don't know how the rest of you Mums and Dads are getting on but we are only 2 weeks into the new term and already...

This is middle Son who is the typical boy, with the typical boy way out of trouble...

Shoes are already scuffed and uniforms are magically getting mysterious rips!

In other news the other night my husband and I had a night in together(this is very, very rare given our conflicting shifts)anyway this night in led to some drinking of parent pop and generally a fun filled night which apart from getting merry was mainly spent scouring youtube for all the songs that reminded us of our teenage years. Obviously I did more than listen and watch because this arrived today

It was sat on the stairs waiting for me to get home and play it, and play I have ALL night it has been on repeat. I am so VERY, VERY happy! Here is to drunken nights in with music, great company and the ever handy debit card!

Before I head off to put my very weary head on my pillow I want to share these with you...

This week is national cupcake week, how Fabulous is that!!! I have been wanting to bake some all week but with bugs and little bugs it hasn't been possible, but I have spent the evening busily baking ready to take them to Knit and natter in the Kiosk tomorrow :)
Night all see you very soon I'm sure xxx


  1. I'm still laughing at "Parent pop". Your son has a face full of fun and mischief...just wonderful to be young.

  2. Amazing how quickly they can wreck their clothes isn't it? My daughter's speciality is scuffing her school shoes within 5 minutes of first putting them on!

  3. I love the Beautiful South!
    Boys and trouser knees - I well remember that stage but they do grow out of it.

  4. Oh, it's fun to reminisce about the old days with the hubby. Mine and I both graduated high school in 1989, though in different states. We liked SOME of the same music, and are both pretty broad-minded musically anyway. We like to imagine how we would have reacted to each other if we had gone to the same school. Would I, the hippie girl, have dated him, the scruffy metalhead boy? I think I would have. :-)

    Enjoy your tunes!!!


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