Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Lovely, Lovely Parcels

I was keeping my eyes out today for the postman. I have been waiting for my order of wool to come so I can continue with my SGB. I am missing it like crazy which sounds absurd when you think about it...it is only a blanket for goodness sake, but none of my other WIP's are holding the same interest with me whilst I am forced to wait 'patiently'. So today I was quite disappointed when he just walked past our house without so much as a leaflet telling me about the latest offers at a local pizza delivery outlet. So I continued to get myself sorted for the day, hoping that tomorrow will bring me something exciting.
Well just as we had ourselves all sorted to leave the house a ford focus pulled up outside and who should step out of it but our postie!!! HOOORAYYY! He had brought me gifts, what a joyous surprise. Now the postmans offering were too small to be my longed for wool delivery but Oh what goodies I knew they must be. I rushed down to meet him at the door and almost had his hand off as I thanked him for the parcels.
I was overcome with excitement as I saw this on one of the parcels
Sorry it is a little blurry, was very excited. This surely couldn't be what I thought it was could it???
Yes, Yes! Yes it was, there was the senders name and address confirming it.
Now what lovely wrapping. I always love nice wrapping it makes the whole experience of receiving parcels even nicer.
This is a gift, a wonderful, handmade, gorgeously cute gift I purchased from this lovely lady over at PaisleyJade. Kristy is one of those wondermums I also hear and read about in the world of blog, I am totally envious of how much some of you can fit into your day and still create such beautiful things. Beautiful things just like this...
isn't he adorable??? So cuddly, so snuggly so absolutely perfect for my little bug's Birthday in December(at least I am getting organised in some areas). I feel very lucky to have snapped this little guy up. Thank you Kristy, I love him :)
I had another parcel arrive in the post. This was also eagerly anticipated. It is handmade but not a purchase from another of my lovely blogging friends but actually from e-bay. I cannot remember what I originally went on there for the day I saw this but I got totally side-tracked by this and HAD to have it. I am so pleased that it was also beautifully wrapped(I love tissue paper...and owl tape!)
Can you see it, peeking through the paper???
It is a tote bag, made with CK fabric(one of my fave designs as well). I think it will make the perfect bag for bugs belongings. Books, toys, swimming stuff etc will all have a happy time being carried around in this snazzy bag don't you think?

Now I have some big news to share...We have a new family member. My niece gave birth on Sunday to a bouncing, baby, boy. He weighed a fabulous 7lb 4oz. This makes me now a very proud Great Aunty!!! Bit mad saying it really as I am only 27 but there it is. Of course I have made her blankets and handed down bags of bugs baby clothes but I obviously had to buy her a little something, I mean shopping for little ones I think is one of the nicest pleasures. I discovered a wonderful new store that opened a few months ago and I nearly stopped breathing when I saw all the stunning items in this store. I can't show you what I bought as I had it gift wrapped but you can see the giraffe rattle I purchased on the homepage and the 'My First Year' fabric book at the top of the pile...I ADORE shops like this, and I can't wait to go Christmas shopping there :)

Now not only do we have one new family member OH NO, today also saw another new family member join us. Everyone say hello to little Suki
Isn't she the cutest??? She is a pure breed Border Collie. 9 weeks old and already melting our hearts with her cheeky ways.

So that is all for today. I do have my book list to post after being tagged yesterday but I still need to think about a few.
I hope you are all well, and if any of you are interested in helping me with what I talked about in my last post then please let me know. It is all really appreciated :)


  1. Cute puppy and looks like Christmas at your place.

  2. Suki is so cute, I'm sure she's going to provide you with heaps of fun (just remember to hide your shoes).
    Pene x

  3. He arrived super quick!! Glad you like - and I loooove your puppy. My husband is wanting to get a puppy sometime. xox

  4. Babies, puppies and parcels!
    Lucky all!
    I think it is only right to miss your blanket, who could not miss being happy and content?
    Hope you get your Rowan delivery soon!

  5. Suki is adorable! Congrats to your niece - I am a Great Aunty too, doesn't it sound ancient?
    Hope your wool comes soon.

  6. You are busy and super organized! Congratulations on becoming a Great Aunt and your puppy is adorable.

  7. Oh Emma...your pup! What an adorable little soul she is too!
    I know exactly how you feel, waiting for the postie to bring longed for goodies, and each day you wait until finally it arrives - such joy!!
    Well, the postie will be bringing you something else very soon too!! I just wanted to say thank you so much for buying one of my prints, I hope you will enjoy it and as long as your Postie behaves, it should be with you in a couple of days!

    Sending love
    Julia x x x


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