Tuesday, 14 September 2010

More Friends...

I know, I know I am going on a bit now aren't I??? Well I had to share this ladies blog as she is one of my bestest friends in my crazy little world. Ceri is new to all the blogging malarky but has a lot to share so I am hoping that my wonderful blogging friends(that's you!) will enjoy her blog and give support, show her what I see in you all, my wonderful blogging friends who make everyday a bit nicer, a bit more interesting and a lot brighter :)

Ceri and I were in work this evening but spent nearly the entire time crocheting(joys of running your own kiosk!) which means I have finished my Birthday blanket but I cannot show it to you yet because I know the Mummy will have a nose if I put it on here and that will ruin the (what I hope will be) lovely surprise.

Hope you have all had a wonderful day
Emma xxx


  1. sssshhhhh, we were working very hard!!!!

  2. Okay, I am off to visit Ceri! Thanks again.

  3. Hi hun thanks for your get better wishes x
    There is one thing while i am off sick i can catch up on reading lots of blogs ;o} x x

  4. Thanks for dropping by Emma....I have been busy and am neglecting my blog and bloggy friends ((apologies))so a rather late Congrats are in order!! You looked absolutely stunning on your Big Day! In answer to your question....yes I made my own label. First with gosgrain ribbon but now on 1 inch cream bias binding with embroidery thread. Very simple. ax

  5. Hi, thanks for stopping by! Im always glad to find new and interesting blogs. I will go have a read at your friends blog now. bye for now, kelly


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