Saturday, 25 September 2010

Sharing another of my Loves

So I have been over to the lovely BekiMaries blog and discovered who my new Pen Pal is and Oh Me, Oh My!!! I cannot contain my utter excitement...I cannot, I cannot. My new Pen Pal is Jackie and you will never guess what Jackie does...OK maybe those of you who follow her will, but it is so utterly thrilling and exciting I am just about fit to burst! Jackie designs and makes...BEARS!!! Cute, adorable, furry, funny, cheeky, gorgeous bears! And this just makes me SOOOO Happy.
Oh wait this might not really make sense as I don't think I have shared with you one of my lifetime loves(although by now I am guessing you might have an idea) I LOVE BEARS! Always have since being a little girl. I have my bears from being little and as I have grown my love of these stuffed animals has grown with me, now obviously if you do collect bears when you are older they usually tend to be a little more expensive than the high street bears. Being an arctophile I have spent a fair few pennies in my time but they are all totally worth it. I have some older photos of my collection which I am going to share. I have had a few additions since they were taken but I can do a proper photoshoot soon and really show off my wonderful little family of stuffed love :)

Now I really think that it has been too long since I had a new family member and since it looks like the ipad might be a tad too much for Santa this year I may have to add one of my new pen pals creations to my Christmas list hehe!
Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend
Emma x


  1. Oh how CUTE Emma!! The one in blue gingham and red bows really caught my eye!... (Well, now I'm just going to have to keep bears in mind for the swap I think!) ~tina

  2. Sweet bears Emma and thank you for your sweet comment too! Just catching up on your posts and see you have a cute little puppy! Ours is 5 months old, hard work at first but we love Wilson to bits!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Rachel x

  3. When I was little I had a teddy bear that my Grandmother brought me, I called it Grizzly, He had a string inside him so when you pulled it he would growl. My sister pulled the string to hard oneday and broke it! Back then (god that made me sound old) anyway back then they had a place you could send your broken toys to get fixed, My mum called it the Toy hospital, well Grizzle was sent there, When he came back, he was good as new bless him...Em xxx


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