Tuesday, 28 September 2010

What a Day!!!

WOW! Where to begin? I am really not sure. I had todays blog all planned out, crochet, yarn, crochet was the plan of action but then my day started! This is going to be quite long but please bear with me...

So today I was going yarn shopping with one of my best friends and she was picking me up. I was running late(which is VERY unusual for me) so rather than keeping her waiting in the car I didn't bother with Make-up and just threw on the first clothes to fall out of the wardrobe. We had to stop at my local shops to use the post office. On our way in we notice a very small camera crew talking to people walking past, we were not really intrigued because on our doorstep in the next few days is The Ryder Cup! You may have heard about it. Well it is taking place literally 1/2 mile away from where I live and it is a nightmare. Schools closed on Friday, Roads closed even to pedestrians trying to walk!!! So we figured it was something to do with this and carried on with our objective as quickly as possible as we had important yarn shopping to do! Before we headed back to the car I stopped into the resource centre(or my second home these days)and that is where a new itinerary began. One of the lovely community resource ladies(who I know very well) asked me when I came in what my thoughts were on the Ryder Cup and it's affects on Newport so I told her(as she knew I would!) little did I know that the lovely lad lurking in the background was working for the Beeb! I was then asked to speak on camera to which I replied with a firm NO. I assumed they were all part of the same crew we had seen previously...but they were not. This new gentleman was from THE ONE SHOW! Now many of you might think this lame but I am a HUGE fan of the One Show. Now this piece of information changed everything. How could I turn down such an opportunity??? Well I simply couldn't despite looking absolutely dreadful.
This is Lucy Siegle one of the shows presenters. She was absolutely lovely, so genuine and funny, had a ball with all of the crew.

Can you see Ceri in the top photo??? I cannot believe how dreadful I looked today, but Oh well. Ceri also got her say in too(To be honest I think we all were of the same opinion!)

To find out what that opinion is you will have to stay tuned. Not sure when we will all be on air but I hear it is tomorrow!!! How exciting.

So despite not wanting to keep Becky waiting earlier I had now kept her waiting AGES, but we finally got on our merry way and had a really fabulous day going for lunch with our little lads and buying lovely new things(hopefully will show you tomorrow). Not long after getting home I had to go to the kiosk. We work Tuesday evenings to serve the dancing school that uses our community centre. It was one of those days that I didn't want to rush out of the house, I wanted to laze around using my lovely new wool and spend time with my husband but I went in and boy was I glad I did. Waiting for Ceri and I were 2 brown envelopes. Now the fact that we had post sent to the community centre was strange so I was so very curious to open mine and find out what was inside. I was thrilled. Out of the blue, with no warning at all or hints from anyone we received one of these each...

A letter that came with it said we were nominated and 'Members of the judging panel were impressed by the number and high standard of the nominations received, and wanted me to convey their congratulations to you'(whatever that means). This really makes it easier to do what we are doing. We didn't get into all what we do for awards and prestige, we do it because although it isn't a rich estate and it has its many troubles we love our community and want it to be the best it can be.

So you would think this has all been enough for one day right? Right! Well I then get a phone call from Ceri(I got into work first) asking if I wanted a ticket for the Ryder Cup as we could have one because of our volunteering!!! Hmmmm a chance to hob nob with the stars??? Oh yes please! So we have free tickets to the Ryder Cup on Friday! It is all a pain in the arse trying to get there though, like I said we live 1/2 a mile away and yet have to haul ass to a park and ride between about 4-8 miles away depending, pay £20 for parking and then get a shuttle bus to the event!!! We could walk it in 10 mins!!! But can't look a gift horse in the mouth and we really need to go check it all out for ourselves. Sadly the ticket will be all I can photograph as no cameras or mobile phones are allowed!

So to top my day off I came home to a sparkling flat, healthy curry bubbling away and my wonderful family, and that for me was the best bit :)

Emma xxx


  1. sounds just about right a day in the weird and wonderful world of my very best friend emma-kate :))) very pleased for you getting the award! you and ceri deserve it after all the hard work you do, i'm so very proud of you and all you do <3 love you loads <3 x x x

  2. Quite a day! So happy for you.

  3. Ooooh Emme , what an exciting day !!!!!!!
    I'll be looking out for you on the T.V. :0)
    Cushions finished , hope to blog later today.
    Jacquie xx

  4. now thats what i call a busy day!!!
    congratulations on your nomination and hope you have a fab day at the Ryder Cup on Friday,
    PS can i have your autograph now you've been on the one show and you're famous and hob nob with stars!!!

  5. Oh wow!!! I shall definitely look out for you on the TV!! x

  6. WHAT an unexpected day! Very exciting! And I think you looked quite lovely despite having grabbed whatever fell out of the wardrobe first. :-) That's me every day, too. I'm glad you received recognition for what you've done. Far too few people provide any sort of service, especially at no cost, so the recognition is definitely DUE. Have a wonderful time at the Cup! We have a MAJOR (not Ryder-big) golf tournament that comes very near my neighborhood in Charlotte (the Wachovia Championship - now renamed the Quail Hollow Championship) and it shuts down all the usual traffic routes! But fun to have it in town, good for the local economy, for sure.

  7. I JUST SAW YOOOOU!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!

  8. Wow!!.. This WAS quite a day for you!!.. And congratulations on your award!! I don't know anything about the "Ryder Cup", but it sure sounds exciting, and I hope you'll tell us EVERYTHING about it, just as soon as you can! ~tina

  9. WOW...exciting happenings!

    Whalley Range HS eh?.......its a center of excellence now, pretty cool!xxx


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