Sunday, 31 October 2010

Home Now

So I woke up to find my husband next to me(I couldn't wait up for him all night!) He has a serious sprain on his left ankle, a badly bruised right ankle and a dodgy knee!!! Well hopefully this is a stern reminder that no matter how much he wants to remain a child he is not 12 any more, bless him.
Not sure what is going to happen with his work, he thinks it will be fine and fingers crossed it will be, but it is not a good start to his second week!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE...Will be watching the scary films later with popcorn and fizzy drinks :)
Hope you all have a fab day/night

Emma xx

Very Sad

Hello all, well you know how excited I was about the hubby getting a new job?(well actually I don't think I showed it) well it might be a case of him being let go because today I sent him off on a day out with the Children to give me some craft time alone and well he took them to a rather adventurous soft play. He was showing them how forward flips are executed on the trampoline and he smacked his ankle.
He moaned about it as soon as he got home so I bandaged it, made him comfortable and then left him to it as it was my friends Birthday night out but alas it seems to have got worse and the taxi that brought me home has taken him to the local A&E department. I am really hoping that it isn't a case of this
(image totally stolen from google)

As that may be the end of this job :(

Oh and he has forgotten his phone which is actually really stressing me out.
Will let you know the outcome

Emma xxx

Saturday, 30 October 2010

A Beautiful Blog

I have just been reading through all your lovely blogs and when reading the fabulous Paisley Jade blog which I do truly love I clicked on a link to a blog she loves and boy! I can see why. It has to be one of the most stunning blogs of family photography I have come across...I need a new camera! It is filled with smiles and beauty and has put a HUGE smile on my face...enjoy!
The Reed Life

Love ya
Emma xxx

Thursday, 28 October 2010

mmmmmm Cake

I thought I would share with you one of my first hobbies. I don't do any of it much anymore so these are quite old photos(before I got my prettiness gene!)...
A cute snowman Christmas cake

I actually loved this cake at the time and still do. It looks so simple but that bow was a real pain(only now I have found out about sugar paste...all my cakes have been made with regular icing!)

My first ever Roses
mmmmmm Dinner party cake, divine
Dalek cake for a friends son

Mater from Cars, loved him and I believe it was the first one to be made and posted about as I could not find one cake like it at the time on tinternet!
Giraffe made a little bit too big lol!

My most recent cake and one of my all time faves!
My eldest sons 5th Birthday cake not many photos of this one, this is a photo before it was totally finished but you get the idea
Postman Pat cake for a friend

and because it is that time of year...
I Loved the lid for this coffin but little bug hands make BIG mess!

Another Fave of mine, made for my hubbys Birthday the first year we were together.

So there is one of my older hobbies, hope you enjoyed the pics :)

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Forget Santa, for now it's Emma's workshop ;)

So I thought I would whizz on by just to say hello and hope you are all enjoying the half term so far. We haven't done much due to the kiosk and weather. I have been very busy with some things though...yes it is to do with the Christmas Fayre hehe! I thought I would show you what has kept me busy this evening, so you all know I am doing my own fair share ;)
It really is like a little Santas work shop here most days now. With only a couple of weeks left before the event and to send my advent swap parcel off I am trying to get as much as possible done. Here was tonights table...
I must admit I am very much in love with felt at the moment. I haven't used it to this extent in the past and now I am hooked. So simple and much faster than some crafts. I need more practice with sewing(which I think I am going to get somehow!) These gingerbread men are the cutest.

 Sewing on lovely ribbon. The light was awful and I hate this camera but you get the idea...

 This little chap needs some eyes and to be sewn together then he can join his little gingerbread friends :)

Loving felt I really am. I can see a lot of home made decorations adorning my tree this year...YIPEE!

I would like to thank you all for your recent comments about the hubbys job situation and I am pleased to share with you all that he has acquired a new job it is nearer to home and he is straight in as team leader and they are training him to be kitchen manager so he is well happy(as am I).

I hope you all have a Happy Halloween. We are going to an organised party which I am so happy about. We normally go all out at Holloween but this year it is so hectic here that I am glad I haven't got the worry and the kids just have to turn up and enjoy themselves.

Take Care
Emma x

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

HUGE Thank yous, and Give-away Result.

As many of you know(definitely by now as I haven't shut up about it) My friend and I are running the craft stall at our Christmas Bazaar. The Fayre is to have a lovely family time in our local community and to raise money for Help4Heroes. I asked a few weeks ago as only a few of us have enough time to make anything at all and our results would most definitely not fill a stall I asked on this very blog for help, and boy did I get it. I have been overwhelmed by the amount that just a few of my blogging ladies have sent. The smallest generous donation means so much. To take a few hours or days, or even to look through old makes and see what treasures are hidden, then to donate them is a wonderful, kind thing to do. So before I continue...

                                                     THANK YOU

The first parcel to arrive was from the lovely Jacquie a gorgeous cushion of deep red and white, with lovely buttons, and three sewn hearts perfect for decorating at Christmas and any other time of year.

These have been so popular even before the Fayre and a friend of mine has asked me to reserve it for her as she is adamant it is hers lol. THANK YOU JACQUIE

The second parcel I received was from the kind Victoria. It contained some snowflake bunting(which I love and am busily making some more for the fayre and for me), a lovely Christmas hanging decoration and the cutest snowman. THANK YOU VICTORIA

You can't really see on the white background but it is a glittery yarn used on the snowflakes. Perfectly Christmas :)

The third parcel that arrived at our humble home was from the fab Ruth Marie. No crocheting this time just fabulous sewn Christmas goodies. 3 yes 3 Table place settings and runner in wonderful Christmas themes and 2 wonderful bags(which my husband said were changing bags as they have pockets for bottles...I corrected him and said they were craft bags and the pockets were for yarn!...I hope I am right Ruth). The quality is really brill THANK YOU RUTH

Now a few weeks ago I placed an order with Jenny over at Winnibriggs house. I saw some slippers she had made and I just had to have some for bug. A few days ago I had the postmans red slip through the door telling me I had a parcel waiting for me but being as lame as I am due to one thing or another we didn't get a chance to pick the parcel up until today. My husband(having nothing to do as he is still un-employed!!!) cycled his way to the post depo and collected what he thought would be, but turned out not to be some little boys wasn't just slippers. Oh no! It was a lot more.
Firstly though let me show you the gorgeous slippers in question...
I LOVE them. They are just what I wanted and even the packaging is such lovely quality.

Now back to the 'small' parcel, with these slippers came this bounty...
Isn't it all marvelous? Jenny sent
6...6! Beautiful bags which I think judging by the inside and out are reversible(well I say so anyway) and

13 beautiful Christmas felt hearts each one has an embroidered design and isn't Jenny's Union Jack background so fitting for the cause??? So THANK YOU JENNY

I am sure you all agree that this is generosity and kindness that is above and beyond. All you wonderful ladies have done a great job and I truly am so deeply grateful(this stall is going to ROCK!) There is still time to take part if you would like to, just leave me a comment and I will get back to you.

So I now have to tell you the results of my give away to celebrate so many lovely followers. The total number of followers today is 57. After writing all the names and placing them in a plastic dish(never a hat around when you need one) My eldest picked a little screwed up piece of paper out

and the winner is...
Bunny mummy...Jacquie
I know it is a bit blurry I know. It is very strange too as before I was very cruel to the environment by tearing up all that paper I tried out the random number generator but couldn't figure out how to copy it to use it. After Jacquie came up I HAD to take a photo of my computer screen as the number the generator chose was
(very blurry I know) but Jacquie was actually the 12th person to follow me!!! How strange.

I must admit I feel terrible now on everyone else, I truly wish you could all be winners. I think I will have to have another give away after Christmas(I am sure I can think of an excuse for one by then)

So another long blog in the Land of Emma and I hope you have all enjoyed the pics. Congratulations Jacquie and Thank you all for following my ramblings
Emma xxxx

Monday, 18 October 2010

Busy but Beautiful Autumn

So as you all know I am so busy, busy, busy all the time. Friday was our 60's night for the childrens taekwondo group which I have just been voted committee Vice-chairman. It was a fantastic night, the kids had a ball. I spent a majority of the night sat in a corner fulfilling the face-painting wishes of all the children there. Awesome.

So after a hectic weekend we decided that we needed an autumn walk. We had been appreciating the change in season on school runs and quick trips to the local shops but we needed to feel the changes, crunchy leaves underfoot, cool air in our lungs, so whilst the sun was shining we donned our jackets and headed to the park.

This is our local view point. I know everywhere has them and I love them. Looking out at all the beauty.

My biggest boys, enjoying some brotherly playing time.

Crunchy leaves for us to crunch and crackle with our feet.

Littlest bug LOVING the big slide

 Beautiful berries bringing in the season

Glorious changing leaves. I love this time of year, all the colours are stunning.

Tree saplings, these were just doing their thing on the paths edge. Isn't nature incredible?

So we had a really lovely day. Family time has been rare in our household with the hubbys hours but lately obviously that isn't a problem so we are taking full advantage...for now.

I am also trying to crochet as much as possible for the Christmas Fayre. I haven't had chance to take many photos lately but I did make this little guy
My first amigurumi. His name is Bob. I need some more practice with these things and plan on making another soon. I got the pattern out of one of my knitting magazines.

I have the give-away to draw this week too. I do want to make a couple of things for it too and will be trying to fit that in over the next couple of days so that I can hold the draw on Wednesday. So good luck to everyone. I hope you have had a fab weekend too.
Big hugs
Emma xxxx

Monday, 11 October 2010

Crochet lovelies :)

So I know I have already put a quick post on today but I thought I would post this one as I have been very busy today and I just could not wait to share with you lovely blogging friends as I know you will understand my giddiness at getting a project started and finished on the same day.

First though I want to show you something I think is totally gorgeous and right up our crocheting street. After going for lunch yesterday the hubby and I were walking through town when something caught my eye in the window of Monsoon. Luckily I had a camera to hand and I had to take a pic right then!

Can you see? It is a granny stripe scarf!!! I have already started my own using this yarn but I think I am going to have to hunt for a similar yarn to that on the picture so if any of you know where I can get some. I know this scarf is for a girl but I too love the colours.

Now on to why I am blogging again this evening. Well as many of you kind and lovely people know I am creating items to sell on a Christmas charity stall and after seeing some ideas on the web I decided to create this

It is a hot water bottle cover. I am sorry the photo isn't the best but it is dark, I just couldn't wait to take it. I still have to sew on the felt parts but other than that it has been a one day project(well best to make use of the husband as he is not in work!)
I plan on making a couple more to put on the stall and I hope people love them as much as me :)

A Fabulous Give away for a Fabulous Cause

Hello everyone, this is a very, very quick post to let you all know about a fantastic give away. You know I am crazy about bears yes? Well Jackie over at sew special bears is having an incredible give away. She is giving away this beauty

How wonderful is this bear. She is EXTRA special too because she is a limited edition of 10 to raise awareness and money for Cancer Research. I don't know anyone who hasn't been affected by this most awful disease and Jackie will be donating £15 from each bear sold to the charity. So pop on over and see this brilliant give away for yourself xxx

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Grumpy me but...Give Away!

Well hello my lovely blogging friends, I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend. Mine has been rather mixed to be honest. I was absolutely looking forward to it. My bestest friend and my Brother arrived on Friday afternoon and they came straight to the kiosk as the boys had Taekwondo. We then spent the night ordering Chinese and laughing until our sides were hurting. Until my husband arrived home and gave me the news that he had quit his job!!! I could not believe it. I still can't. My mind is racing with 1001 thoughts that I could never put into words. I would love to say that it was because of a really good reason but it wasn't he had just had enough of the place! I am heart-broken, I honestly am. I was so upset and angry that he had just done it with no word to me. I have no idea what he plans to do, hopefully get another job but in this climate I don't think he realises how hard that is going to be, also the fact he was a supervisor and on great pay means it will be even more difficult to find a replacement job! So as you can imagine it put a dampener on the weekend to say the least. But after the initial shock I was determined to enjoy the weekend and I have to say last night was one of the best nights ever. It has been years that we have all been together just having a laugh and relaxing.

Anyway that is enough of that, I am not going to let it get to me, I have enough to see the family through and although it will be a struggle until he finds work it is not the end of the world.

Now as you may have noticed I have been wrist warmer crazy but I have finally finished the last of the families so now I can concentrate on pairs for the fayre.

Now for the more important part of this post. I did mention in a previous blog that when I reach 50 followers I will have a give away, well the time has come. As I write this I have 52 followers so welcome to all the new people following my ramblings. I wasn't sure what to give away or how to do it but I have decided to show you some of what will be sent to the winner of the give away.
Because I am having the give away to show appreciation to ALL my followers you do not need to leave a comment or anything EVERYONE who follows will go into the hat and the draw will take place next week.

Like I said there will be a few more items to go into the parcel but for now these items will be winging their way to the winner, so GOOD LUCK all.
Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend and now I am going to get a cuppa and read through all your lovely blogs xxxx

Big hugs
Emma xxx