Monday, 18 October 2010

Busy but Beautiful Autumn

So as you all know I am so busy, busy, busy all the time. Friday was our 60's night for the childrens taekwondo group which I have just been voted committee Vice-chairman. It was a fantastic night, the kids had a ball. I spent a majority of the night sat in a corner fulfilling the face-painting wishes of all the children there. Awesome.

So after a hectic weekend we decided that we needed an autumn walk. We had been appreciating the change in season on school runs and quick trips to the local shops but we needed to feel the changes, crunchy leaves underfoot, cool air in our lungs, so whilst the sun was shining we donned our jackets and headed to the park.

This is our local view point. I know everywhere has them and I love them. Looking out at all the beauty.

My biggest boys, enjoying some brotherly playing time.

Crunchy leaves for us to crunch and crackle with our feet.

Littlest bug LOVING the big slide

 Beautiful berries bringing in the season

Glorious changing leaves. I love this time of year, all the colours are stunning.

Tree saplings, these were just doing their thing on the paths edge. Isn't nature incredible?

So we had a really lovely day. Family time has been rare in our household with the hubbys hours but lately obviously that isn't a problem so we are taking full advantage...for now.

I am also trying to crochet as much as possible for the Christmas Fayre. I haven't had chance to take many photos lately but I did make this little guy
My first amigurumi. His name is Bob. I need some more practice with these things and plan on making another soon. I got the pattern out of one of my knitting magazines.

I have the give-away to draw this week too. I do want to make a couple of things for it too and will be trying to fit that in over the next couple of days so that I can hold the draw on Wednesday. So good luck to everyone. I hope you have had a fab weekend too.
Big hugs
Emma xxxx


  1. Lovely Autumn piccies Emma ,love the seasonal changes right now too.
    Your boys and Bob are all so cute :0)
    Jacquie x

  2. Looks like you've all had fun - I love crunching the autumn leaves!
    Your little amigurumi is very cute:)

  3. Love your autumn pictures - such a great time of year for photos! Make the most of those family walks - my two mostly opt to stay at home now.


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