Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Forget Santa, for now it's Emma's workshop ;)

So I thought I would whizz on by just to say hello and hope you are all enjoying the half term so far. We haven't done much due to the kiosk and weather. I have been very busy with some things though...yes it is to do with the Christmas Fayre hehe! I thought I would show you what has kept me busy this evening, so you all know I am doing my own fair share ;)
It really is like a little Santas work shop here most days now. With only a couple of weeks left before the event and to send my advent swap parcel off I am trying to get as much as possible done. Here was tonights table...
I must admit I am very much in love with felt at the moment. I haven't used it to this extent in the past and now I am hooked. So simple and much faster than some crafts. I need more practice with sewing(which I think I am going to get somehow!) These gingerbread men are the cutest.

 Sewing on lovely ribbon. The light was awful and I hate this camera but you get the idea...

 This little chap needs some eyes and to be sewn together then he can join his little gingerbread friends :)

Loving felt I really am. I can see a lot of home made decorations adorning my tree this year...YIPEE!

I would like to thank you all for your recent comments about the hubbys job situation and I am pleased to share with you all that he has acquired a new job it is nearer to home and he is straight in as team leader and they are training him to be kitchen manager so he is well happy(as am I).

I hope you all have a Happy Halloween. We are going to an organised party which I am so happy about. We normally go all out at Holloween but this year it is so hectic here that I am glad I haven't got the worry and the kids just have to turn up and enjoy themselves.

Take Care
Emma x


  1. Emma, your ornaments are fantastic. They look so finished. I think felt is fun too.

  2. I love working with felt too. It's a lot of fun and easy to manipulate. Your decorations look fab! I need to make a start on them....just have to get the other million projects out of the way first!!!!!!! x

  3. Really nice ornaments, your home will look fabulous!

  4. Yay felt... brilliant stuff .
    LOVE your decorations . The gingerbread man is soooo cute and the decorations on your little tree are perfect.
    Your sewing looks pretty good to me Emma :0)
    Jacquie x

  5. Love the felt decorations.

    As for hubby, I'm so glad for you all. Turned out the right thing to do, sometimes spur of the minute decisions can be the right ones.

  6. I soooo pleased that everything has turned out well for you and hubbie in terms of employment. Everything happens for a reason and I reckon this all happened for a good reason!! xxx

  7. Oh wow Emma - love your decorations - they are super duper and will look great on the tree. Congratulations to your hubby on his new job xxx

  8. Your gingerbread men are just sooo cute!

    And congrats on hubbies job..and i wish him all the best!

    Sorry ive not got back to you re the bag on my blog!! please could you forward me your home add.
    Hugs Clare xx Weekend Crafter xx


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