Wednesday, 20 October 2010

HUGE Thank yous, and Give-away Result.

As many of you know(definitely by now as I haven't shut up about it) My friend and I are running the craft stall at our Christmas Bazaar. The Fayre is to have a lovely family time in our local community and to raise money for Help4Heroes. I asked a few weeks ago as only a few of us have enough time to make anything at all and our results would most definitely not fill a stall I asked on this very blog for help, and boy did I get it. I have been overwhelmed by the amount that just a few of my blogging ladies have sent. The smallest generous donation means so much. To take a few hours or days, or even to look through old makes and see what treasures are hidden, then to donate them is a wonderful, kind thing to do. So before I continue...

                                                     THANK YOU

The first parcel to arrive was from the lovely Jacquie a gorgeous cushion of deep red and white, with lovely buttons, and three sewn hearts perfect for decorating at Christmas and any other time of year.

These have been so popular even before the Fayre and a friend of mine has asked me to reserve it for her as she is adamant it is hers lol. THANK YOU JACQUIE

The second parcel I received was from the kind Victoria. It contained some snowflake bunting(which I love and am busily making some more for the fayre and for me), a lovely Christmas hanging decoration and the cutest snowman. THANK YOU VICTORIA

You can't really see on the white background but it is a glittery yarn used on the snowflakes. Perfectly Christmas :)

The third parcel that arrived at our humble home was from the fab Ruth Marie. No crocheting this time just fabulous sewn Christmas goodies. 3 yes 3 Table place settings and runner in wonderful Christmas themes and 2 wonderful bags(which my husband said were changing bags as they have pockets for bottles...I corrected him and said they were craft bags and the pockets were for yarn!...I hope I am right Ruth). The quality is really brill THANK YOU RUTH

Now a few weeks ago I placed an order with Jenny over at Winnibriggs house. I saw some slippers she had made and I just had to have some for bug. A few days ago I had the postmans red slip through the door telling me I had a parcel waiting for me but being as lame as I am due to one thing or another we didn't get a chance to pick the parcel up until today. My husband(having nothing to do as he is still un-employed!!!) cycled his way to the post depo and collected what he thought would be, but turned out not to be some little boys wasn't just slippers. Oh no! It was a lot more.
Firstly though let me show you the gorgeous slippers in question...
I LOVE them. They are just what I wanted and even the packaging is such lovely quality.

Now back to the 'small' parcel, with these slippers came this bounty...
Isn't it all marvelous? Jenny sent
6...6! Beautiful bags which I think judging by the inside and out are reversible(well I say so anyway) and

13 beautiful Christmas felt hearts each one has an embroidered design and isn't Jenny's Union Jack background so fitting for the cause??? So THANK YOU JENNY

I am sure you all agree that this is generosity and kindness that is above and beyond. All you wonderful ladies have done a great job and I truly am so deeply grateful(this stall is going to ROCK!) There is still time to take part if you would like to, just leave me a comment and I will get back to you.

So I now have to tell you the results of my give away to celebrate so many lovely followers. The total number of followers today is 57. After writing all the names and placing them in a plastic dish(never a hat around when you need one) My eldest picked a little screwed up piece of paper out

and the winner is...
Bunny mummy...Jacquie
I know it is a bit blurry I know. It is very strange too as before I was very cruel to the environment by tearing up all that paper I tried out the random number generator but couldn't figure out how to copy it to use it. After Jacquie came up I HAD to take a photo of my computer screen as the number the generator chose was
(very blurry I know) but Jacquie was actually the 12th person to follow me!!! How strange.

I must admit I feel terrible now on everyone else, I truly wish you could all be winners. I think I will have to have another give away after Christmas(I am sure I can think of an excuse for one by then)

So another long blog in the Land of Emma and I hope you have all enjoyed the pics. Congratulations Jacquie and Thank you all for following my ramblings
Emma xxxx


  1. Congratulations to Jaquie!
    If you email me the address I have some items to send for your Christmas Fayre:)

  2. You are more than welcome - anytime!!! xxxx :)

  3. Ooooooooooh, Ooooooooooh, OoooooooooH,
    I'm so chuffed Emma .
    I was sitting here,reading along ( and eating apple crumble ), enjoying all your lovely post and admiring the fabulous stuff sent by Victoria, Ruth Marie and Jenny. Then at the end,such a lovely surprise :0)
    It really, really is my lucky day !!
    Jcaquie xxx

  4. Yay Jackie!

    Just so you know for next time - to copy anything on your computer screen, hold down Ctrl & the Print Screen button. You can then paste (and crop etc) the image in your image/photo programme and taadaa! Hope that makes sense!

  5. Please email me your address..I have somethng to send you for your stall xxx

  6. What a lovely post, I am glad you are collecting lots of goodies for the stall. Thanks for the free slipper plug! I am finishing off a few more hearts and they should be with you in the next week.
    Wish I lived nearer as I can see you are going to have some great stuff to sell.
    Oh and congratulations to Jacqui. xx

  7. Wow, so many pretty items!
    I love the cushion!
    Enjoy your afternoon!x


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