Thursday, 7 October 2010

Just dropping by and Thank You's x

Hello everyone...just to remind you...IT'S NEARLY FRIDAY!!! I am so mega excited as my bestest friend in the whole wide world is coming to stay for the weekend and my fabulous little Brother is joining her and we are going to have a weekend of fun, fun, fun!!! And due to this fact I will be once again neglecting the land of blog for a few days.

I just wanted to pop in to say hello to all my new followers, I hope my wafflings are in some small way enjoyable to you all. I am getting ever closer the 50 mark and I have the perfect give-away prizes in store for when I do.

I also wanted to say a HUGE thank you to the people helping with our little Christmas Fayre in November. A few of you have been very busily making and creating and I cannot tell you how much your donations mean to us here. Everything we make from the items sold will go towards the rehabilitation of British soldiers seriously injured whilst fighting in the War. Help4Heroes I have added the link so you can see the cause for yourselves. Jacquies stunning cushion and hearts have arrived and I can definitely see the hearts coming home with me as it will be my money in the tin for them hehe! A few of us are fighting over the cushion(I can see a bidding war starting!) I am so looking forward to seeing all the other things you are all donating.

I am so busy at the moment that I am not having lot of time to take photos of anything. I am organising a bake sale for the 20th October for Concern so I have that and the fayre and the swaps I am taking part in keeping me very busy!

Big thank you to Pene for giving me this award

I am truly touched and really grateful. Please read here or here for facts about me lol!

Right some of you may remember I had a ticket for the Ryder Cup??
Yep there is a Ryder Cup ticket, but I didn't go. Instead it went to a man who adores golf and who I couldn't see go without when I can't stand golf lol! He also helps us a lot with the Kiosk and is one of my best mates Dad!

So there we go. Sorry it is not a great post today but my mind is completely chocka...I have to tell you though I am missing sitting and reading all your blogs and can't wait for some free time when I have total peace! Lmao! As if!!!

Hope you all have a fab weekend

Emma xxxx


  1. Geez, I thought I was busy!
    You are a star by the way, you are!!

  2. Well done on the help4hereos, I lurve that charity its such a good cause.
    Have a good weekend full of loads of laughter, hugs, smiles and good times x

  3. Wow, you are busy! Congrats on the work for your charity and it will get the others out their in bloggerland to their own bit for charities near to them. Thanks for all of your enthusiasm and inspiration. Great job!

  4. I have a few hand stitched goodies I can donate to your Christmas Fayre if you'd like to email me your details:)


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