Thursday, 28 October 2010

mmmmmm Cake

I thought I would share with you one of my first hobbies. I don't do any of it much anymore so these are quite old photos(before I got my prettiness gene!)...
A cute snowman Christmas cake

I actually loved this cake at the time and still do. It looks so simple but that bow was a real pain(only now I have found out about sugar paste...all my cakes have been made with regular icing!)

My first ever Roses
mmmmmm Dinner party cake, divine
Dalek cake for a friends son

Mater from Cars, loved him and I believe it was the first one to be made and posted about as I could not find one cake like it at the time on tinternet!
Giraffe made a little bit too big lol!

My most recent cake and one of my all time faves!
My eldest sons 5th Birthday cake not many photos of this one, this is a photo before it was totally finished but you get the idea
Postman Pat cake for a friend

and because it is that time of year...
I Loved the lid for this coffin but little bug hands make BIG mess!

Another Fave of mine, made for my hubbys Birthday the first year we were together.

So there is one of my older hobbies, hope you enjoyed the pics :)


  1. Emma you've been holding out on us they are GREAT!! well done I love the truck, oh and the giraffe, and super mario!! Hell I love em all lol
    Pene x

  2. I'll show my daughter she loves cake making and decorating too. The Mario one is fabulous!

  3. Good grief Emma these are amazing!!! You should be doing this for a living! :)

  4. Your cakes are just wonderful Emma - you talented girl! Loving the giraffe! I agree, you should do it for a living. (Or at least as a sideline!) xx

  5. Your cakes look amazing Emma , great to see them all in one post, So many hours of work !
    It would break my heart to cut them .
    You are a woman of many talents :0)
    Jacquie x

  6. OMG..these are fab hun...Why a old hobby??
    Your so talented..wish i could make cakes like that..cause to buy them at the supermarkets is so expensive..and when you get home you can always find bits of the cake have fallen off!!

    Love them all!!
    Hugs Clare xx

  7. Hi Emma, I just wanted to pop by and say thank you for your lovely comment and for following my blog, and then I also saw your AMAZING cakes and have to say what a fab blog you have! These cakes are really really good and I think you should definitely take this hobby up again :o)Have a lovely weekend! Sarah

  8. Oh Emma! I've always wanted to take classes for cake decorating, but never got around to it.. at least not so far!.. But you know I LOVE to bake so, I've made a few cute cakes, I'd like to think, for the kids' birthdays as they've grown!.. LOVE your Mater cake, and the Jack Skellington one too!!! I haven't had a chance to even START my Pumpkin cookies, so I hope to today! Happy Halloween, and have a great weekend! ~tina

  9. These cakes are amazing!!! Far out!! My son would loooove your mario cake - will have to show him!


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