Monday, 4 October 2010

Too much to do...

Yes that is the feeling in our little home at the moment, and every time we are on top of things something has to happen!
Firstly I have not been on the internet for a few days as my charger blew up on Friday. Seriously! The smell of burning filled the room as did the sound of my tears! Luckily there was just enough battery left for me to whizz on to e-bay and find a charger and voilĂ  it arrived today YAY!

On Friday morning we had a phonecall from my Sister in Law to tell my husband his Nan had been rushed into hospital in the wee hours and was in having emergency surgery. She had a twisted bowel. This is a really serious condition for anyone but especially the elderly so we were all very worried. Luckily she got through surgery without any problems and even though she is still in intensive care she is doing really well and should soon be on a normal ward.

So that has been my weekend, not much crocheting just worrying and getting some time in with the family. I realised that I haven't shared much in the way of crochet with you recently so this is just a quick blog today before I go to soak my fruit for Christmas cake.

Girls wrist warmers made for a friends little girl.

Boys plain black.

Yay! I have my own little stamp for when I am selling things :) This makes me very happy.

So as you can probably tell I have gone a bit wrist warmer crazy recently. I am predominately making them for the Christmas Fayre  (I am still asking for any help for this fund-raiser and if anyone of you could spare a little time to make something I would be so incredibly grateful) but I have been making them for everyone who asks lol! I have worked some from Lucys pattern  which is a lovely pattern but it is much easier and neater to simply work in the round, which is what I have been doing for the last few pairs.

I have also been very busy with lots of other projects most of which I haven't even shared glimpses of. I am very much the type who once I have finished something I am straight on to the next thing. So because I get on with new projects I always forget to take photographs of all my projects.

These little projects have been so much fun to make, the blanket is a Birthday present for my friends little boy and the cushion is for my bug! I am in love with both, the colours are so bright and fun!

I have used different buttons and I used the granny stripe for the back as I was dying to try it out, and how easy is it? Pretty awesome really. I got inspiration for these two lovely items from Andie at LollipopTreeLane. I must have looked at her blanket 1000's of times and never tired of it. I am going to be making another for my own little bug hopefully for Christmas.

Anyway I had more to show you but blogger is being a true pain and I cannot upload any more photos so I am off to sort my little monsters out and enjoy our baked goodies which I managed to make whilst waiting for blogger to load!!!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekends I will try to get around all your blogs over the next few days and get back to normal!!!

Emma xxx


  1. Lovely blanket and cushion!! Here's to hubbies nan making a speedy recovery and lots of get well soon wishes xxx

  2. Hope your OH'S Nan gets better soon, lovely crochet...pretty colours!xxx

  3. Hope your hubbies Nan gets better soon.
    Love that kiddies granny square blanket (secretly I want to make one like that for me!)

  4. Love the stripey wrist warmers and have just looked at lucys pattern, I can do that (i think). Anyway will give it a go and post pics once done. oh I forgot will have to wait till I get the all clear from the chiro in 2 wks grrr..
    Glad your charger situations sorted have a good week
    Pene x

  5. Sending get well wishes for your nan in law.
    Love all your crochet and your stamp is cool.
    Jacquie x

  6. Glad Nan is on the mend. Very lovely items you have on the go. Slow down a bit...sounds like you have lots on your plate!

  7. Hi Emma pop over to my blog you might find something of interest?
    Pene x

  8. Hi Emma. I am making a few things for your stall - hope it's not too late. Can you please send me the details I need to get them to you.
    Cheers, Victoria


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