Sunday, 28 November 2010

Feeling Better

So sorry about the last post, THANK YOU for all your messages of support they really did perk me up and bring me back to my 'normal' self much quicker.
So Saturday was meant to be spent shopping for my biggest's boys Birthday but instead my Pops came over with his brood to save the day. He was fab, he brought bread, milk, potatoes, sausages and cake! He also bought drills and things but they were of no interest to me once I saw cake AND custard ;)
I am so, so happy to report that him and my husband managed to get the door fixed by taking apart a door we don't use, I can tell you I released a huge sigh of relief!
My husband seeing that I was having a bit of a crappy time lately took me out Saturday night. Oh it was wonderful, truly wonderful. Dinner out(some cute pictures taken on phone but will not load to computer) then to a bar for a couple of drinks before seeing the late showing of Harry Potter :) we haven't had a proper date night like that in years, what a fab time. It really cheered me up.

I have also been keeping busy this weekend and got some orders complete

and whilst I made these(and another Elmo hat, and scarves but don't want to repeat myself )
Hubby did this

I am getting excited that there are now 85 followers on my facebook page, 15 more and the give-away will begin. I have started working on the prize so hopefully will be posting pics of a finished item this week.

I have been happily looking at your lovely posts of late and some of you have completed some absolutely stunning items. I must admit I am feeling a little jealous of all those stunning blankets that are going to keep you warm in this bitter cold weather. I think that I am going to use this feeling and turn it into motivation to get my Autumn blanket finished. I have to learn to say no when people ask me to make things and actually make something for me hehe!

I am currently sat here watching yet another Christmas film...

Kids are in Bed but I love them and can't get enough of them. We went through the DVD collection today and I was shocked at how many of our Christmas films have 'disappeared' this year and some that we didn't have, so a trip to amazon was in order. Some of the films we ordered were...

I am looking forward to this delivery I can tell you! 

Right now to sit down and enjoy something like this...
(this is the second CK strawberry mug of mine as t'other one got broken)

...and carry on crocheting until another item is finished.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend xxx

Friday, 26 November 2010

Tears have Won

Click off now if you do not want to read my misery as I cannot think very positively right now.
I wasn't going to post at all today but looking through all the lovely blogs and knowing that I wont be able to get through them all as I am just too sad has made me even sadder.
I am usually such a positive person and battle all the woes as best I can but the sadness has won today and when I finish this little bloggy moan I am going to sit, cry, light a cigarette and wish I had the biggest bar of chocolate ever!
I am at present locked in my home! Yes! Locked in! This is the final straw for me as I am exhausted and can't face any more stress! So December is a busy month for everyone especially those of us who have childrens Birthdays too. I have been ever so busy lately, and even busier with people putting orders in with me. I have given myself a pat on the back here and there for being organised and not letting all the struggles we have had of late bring me down. So today started bright and breezy, take children to school, scream at them to 'wait at the road', 'put your hat ON RIGHT NOW!'. Then it was into the people wanting to come and volunteer(can't even begin to go there on that one...lets just say hard work and leave it at that), pick kids up take them back to the kiosk, I continue working whilst they have their taekwondo lesson(Biggest bug is doing well this week and looking good for his grading...= more money!), pack kiosk up scream at kids to 'GET DRESSED PROPERLY','STOP RUNNING THROUGH THE SNOW IN YOUR PARTY CLOTHES!!!'(Yes we had snow and I was going to write a lovely blog about it! Oh well!) Head over to a friends childs Birthday party, sit face painting for 3 hours until finally it is time to go home.
All the way home I am thinking about warm snuggly pyjamas, hot chocolates, my lovely blogging time etc. Get home put key in door, turn handle...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Handle literally breaks in my hand! No open door!!! Just me and the 3 bugs stood outside in the freezing cold! Phone is inside the house as I had forgotten it this morning...I quickly headed to the neighbours house, who broke in through the upstairs back door, I used their phone to call my husband who had to come home. By the time they had finished my door lock was completely bent! They actually had to bend the door the wrong way to get us in! My double-glazed £1100 door was bent! I was almost in tears at this point...I hated parting with cash the first time for double glazing so I really don't want to do it a second! Then it had to be locked up and sealed for our own security
My husband has not had even half of his normal wage in total for the last 2 months and the first Bugs Birthday is next week. I have too many things to do and not enough time as it is and now I am going to lose even more time trying to sort it out :(
I am so very, very sad I cannot tell you. I really need a holiday.
I am so sorry to be so miserable, especially this close to Christmas but I had to write it down to try and get some of the frustration out so that it doesn't completely eat away at me.
I will be back to normal soon and can't wait for a peaceful 5 minutes to come and relax with all your wonderful Christmassy blogs and share some of my nicer news. For now though I am going to click the kettle on, cry, try and pick a good film(Maybe Uncle Buck again, or Delirious), or boxset(times like this call for Black adder or Family Guy), cry some more, eat the last quarter of week old maderia cake(the only sweet treat in the house) and get warm and snuggly with my big fluffy dressing gown.
Big Hugs
Emma xxxx

Monday, 22 November 2010

Good Weekend...

Hello lovelies. How are you all? Well I hope. I have had a bit of a manic few weeks but it finally looks like it is all starting to calm down and organisation has finally entered the household(just as all the mayhem of Christmas and December Birthdays start!). Last week saw the Christmas Bazaar which was taking up a lot of my time and meant I didn't get to do all the pretty things I wanted for my advent swap...
all wrapped and ready to be sent across the ocean to the lovely Tina at Beansie Babbles.
The Christmas bazaar was a great success and I have been informed that the total is £860! What a fantastic amount to be sending to the men and women injured in war.

So with the Bazaar, swap and finances sorted it should be plain sailing from here out...that is what I thought anyway. I wasn't counting on Mr Emma becoming a stroppy teenager and winding everyone up with his grumpiness and argumentative attitude(he is a typical Libra). On Friday night I was on the phone to my lil Brother organising a few days ALONE with him in January because frankly I need a rest(I think we all do sometimes).
On Saturday the misery husband was under strict instructions to make up for his behaviour by cleaning EVERYWHERE in time for the party we/I was having that evening(Ann Summers lol). I asked my friend if she fancied meeting in town for coffee 'Yes sure' she says, but then I get a phone call from her other half asking if I would like him to pick me up to go to their house for pancakes, bacon and tea...Do I? Of course I shoes are quickly shoved on my feet ready to be whisked off for a gorgeous breakfast made for me :)  Oh Happy I am...very quickly forgetting the stress and tempers and worries etc. Then I am told that we need to detour to the farm shop before town...YAY! I don't drive so getting to the farm shop we love is a bit of a pain so I love it when I can hitch a ride....
 this leek is HUGE and cost just 40p!!!
Fresh baked bread and home made Blackcurrant preserve mmmm my favourite
 How very merry :)

Look at all that wonderful colour! Such beautiful red tomatoes.

I have to admit the shopkeeper and my friends thought it was a little nutty to be whipping the camera out at the farm shop. Snapping up what to them are just everyday things but to me are little snippets of gorgeousness that I just know my wonderful bloggy friends will love too.

After a lovely day of catching up and buying food for the party, drinking coffee and soaking up the beginning of the Christmas atmosphere. I am not like a lot of people I adore shopping at Christmas. My tip is to get all the major stuff early then just the nice bits need to be bought in December and you can take the whole thing in your stride!

Once the party was over(pics a little rude for my blog hehe!) and Sunday had arrived it was all about eating good food, cake(to help with the after effects of a little too much alcohol!) and spending time with Bug before his big Brothers arrived home from their Dads and the bathtime, bedtime, messing about time started.

 He does help sometimes hehe!

 Yay finished...

Not for long...and now we start again :)

Once the bugs were all tucked up in bed it was time for me to finish off at least a couple of orders. They are all mounting up, it is amazing how you don't have any and then they all come at once. 

 baby novelty hats, made to order. Bunny ears
Elmo, A few people have been asking for character hats so I can see a few more being made in the new year. I was thinking of all the cbeebies Characters lol! They should be popular!

So today I am spending the day finishing some more orders and continuing/starting some more(I have to do lots at once to stop the monotony) 

I hope you all have had a fabulous weekend
Emma xxx

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Beautiful Blogger

Firstly let me say a HUGE thank you again for all that are following me. I am being totally useless lately and not getting anywhere near the bottom of my never-ending to-do list. I am determined that over the next 3 days I am going to tick off nearly every obligation on it! But that means I can't spend endless hours just reading your lovely festive blogs, seeing all the beautiful makes and the gorgeous days you are all having :(
How do you all fit in the time to read and comment AND make all the wonderful items??? How do you find the time to take the photos? I need some tips here as I am struggling and have much difficulty pulling myself away!!!

In other(lovely) news I have received the Beautiful Blogger award from the brilliant Sarah over at Home Made Gorgeous. She has a wonderful blog and a pretty fab granny square background for her blog hehe! I love it!

So now 10 things about me.... Will try and think of 10 new ones but I am a total scatterbrain of late so can make no promises ;)

1. My favourite sandwich is a luncheon meat and tomato sauce sandwich(we were a poor family and I never grew out of the taste...mmmm my comfort food)

2. My husband and I are exactly the same height. 165cm!(5ft 4")

3. My eldest son taught me what 3 little dots were called when he was 7... an ellipsis!

4. I love collecting things(I am in denial that it is just hoarding). I seem to get hooked on something and end up with hundreds...main things are mugs, bears and yarn!

5. I am terrible with money. It is like water through a sieve and am so much happier when living on the ultimate breadline.

6. I am quite good at different accents and cannot stop myself breaking into the accent of the person I am speaking to...especially south African! I love it!

7. I ALWAYS steal my husbands food after telling him I don't want always looks so good on his plate!

8. I am a total procrastinator. I avoid anything I have to do, to do what I want to do.

9. I LOVE sleep but I hate that there are only 24hrs in the day and I am only capable of functioning in about 6 of them, because the rest of the time I am thinking about sleep or actually asleep!

10. I get very overwhelmed some days at how much I love my life and family and how much I can't give to others because I just don't have enough time(or hands). This is the first time I have said this as I always feel it is like the 'plastic bag' scene from American Beauty and my friends might mock me!

So there we are, and now I have the task to try and pick 10 difficult.

Kristy at Paisley Jade

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend. I am off to most definitely get at least 2 things ticked off my list(I really am hoping so anyway). 
Big Hugs
Emma xxx

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

A Christmas Give Away

Kelly at Vintage Lifestyle is having a Christmas give away with some beautiful gifts. Take a look x

Monday, 15 November 2010

Exciting Weekend

Hello all my lovely followers and those of you who just pop by from time to time. Well I hope you all had a great weekend and the weather wasn't too bad wherever you are. I had a really eventful weekend a much more exciting one than I had planned. 
Firstly I want to say a big THANK YOU to Felt like Stitchin for the wonderful donation she made to our Christmas stall. A few days before the sale a lovely parcel arrived on the doorstep(thank you once again Mr Postman)

 Aren't they adorable? Little Didi dolls that I know they are sold on her site and they are absolutely gorgeous up close the detail is fantastic.
 I wanted this one for myself as you can imagine but it was snapped up toot sweet!

As was this little monster...well who could resist really?

I also received another wonderful parcel from Jenny at Winnibriggshouse. Jenny had already sent me a huge amount of goodies so imagine my thrill and astonishment when this little lot arrived
More gorgeous hearts! I have to admit quite a bit of my own money went into different stalls at the fair(especially the bottle stall!) In fact my purse was completely empty at the end of the day, and I must admit a bit went into my own till! I bought several of these hearts as they look absolutely stunning on the tree. I also bought one of the bags Jenny made. They were terrifically popular. If you contact Jenny she can make allsorts and the bucket bags make fab Christmas Presents(we sold them as small yarn bags for the side of the arm-chair)

So on to the Fayre you have all heard me waffle on and on about for weeks now. It was a fantastic day. The event(a few of us felt) could have been better organised and there were a lot of things that could have been added to make it a much more Chrismassy event. Music would have been good and some extra planning for Santas Grotto. Luckily we have put our names down to organise next years Bazaar(we are putting our money where our mouths are!) Which should be brilliant if we spend enough time plotting and planning. 
Our stall was one of the best(that is fact) unfortunately we were under strict orders about the pricing(something else that will change next year) so a lot of what we sold made about half of what it could have but it all went to a good cause and I think the unofficial total for the afternoon was £850. Which considering it was only on 3 hours is pretty good.

 Before the tree arrived hehe!

 This is Carina, she is a close friend of mine and part of the communities sub committee and Vice Chair of the Community Association.
 The 3 Amigos. You may recognise my friend Ceri from her blog
Always in the Christmas mood am I hehe!

We had a ball at the Fayre and I must say I am receiving so many orders that I am having to have a schedule! All very daunting really but I am enjoying it which is the most important part. I really don't want to stop loving my hobbies or feel like they are a chore. I am a little relived that the Bazaar is over as now I can concentrate on getting orders out and then on MY families Christmas. I am desperate to get started on some lovely things for my home and children. I have made bug and biggest a hat so I am not neglecting them is bug with his lovely new hat...
He is sooo cute(especially in his gorgeous brimmed beanie ;)

Anyway when all the excitement of the Bazaar was over and I was sat on my sofa, feet up, crochet in hand X-Factor on the box(I had actually remembered to turn the t.v on for once) the phone rang. It was my Dad informing me that my Step-Mum had given birth to my new baby Brother in the early hours of Friday morning!!! A week early!!! All I thought was Damn! I haven't even started his blanket(oh the mind of the ardent crocheter) I was totally excited though, a little annoyed that my Father hadn't rang me in the early hours to come and take care of my other siblings so he could be at the birth of his son but that was neither here nor there now!
I immediately went into Big Sister, Eldest Daughter mode(I am my Fathers eldest but have 2 older half Sisters from my Mum) I arranged to visit the next day and cook for them and my Grandmother and Great Aunt who were driving down to see the little man so I rummaged through the freezer to find enough meat to serve everyone and then tried to make a blanket overnight. It didn't work. I got about a third of the way through before I could deny sleep no longer. So I made a baby hat instead from a cotton blend yarn. 
May I introduce you to Thomas Elliot Stewart

Isn't he a doll? Can't wait to get his blanket finished and see him all snuggled up in it. You may notice also the crochet in the picture. The lap blanket was a gift from me to my Great Aunt she is on Dialysis 3 times a week and she gets a little nippy in the hospital. My Dads house is full of granny blankets, honestly it is like the Dingles in there lmao!

So there you have it my very exciting weekend...what a long post today. I doubt there will be many of you who manage to read it all lol! Oh and I just remembered I never told you about Chess...hmmmm that is something I don't want to think about. In other news I am off to Manchester tomorrow. My Brother has bought me a ticket to see the Rocky Horror Show. WOOOOOOHOOOOOO! I cannot wait.

Big Hugs 
Emma xxx

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Busy Weekend

WOW! What a weekend. Got lots to share but am sooo tired. Am very excited though. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and I will be back to share some wonderful news(well I think so anyway)
Emma x

Friday, 12 November 2010

Christmas Give Away

Hey there my wonderful blogging friends. Now the nights are drawing in, the wind is becoming bitter and all the trees are nearly bare which means it is nearly the festive season. Now to celebrate this fact I am hoping to have a give away on my BRAND NEW Facebook page! I have taken a very small step on the ladder and have started selling my wares! So heres the give away info...if my page reaches 100 likes in the next 3 weeks there will be a give away. I am going to be spending  A LOT of time creating the give away gift and have the perfect idea in my mind. So all you have to do is click on the little box which is just on your right there...can you see I have sneekily added in a gadget box. Click the like button on my page and you are automatically entered into the draw.
I hope you will all support the start of my little adventure and tell all your friends.

Emma xxx

Thursday, 11 November 2010


Last Year I wrote this poem. I am not a lover of poetry but sometimes I just start typing and when I stop I leave it at that. I think this year it is even more relevant as we have soldiers fighting right now who I don't think this Government give 2 hoots about. To our boys who have fought and won and to those still fighting. To those who lost their lives so that we can live ours x


By Emma Stewart

You will stand there today and bow your head
You will talk for your Country when others fight instead
You ask us to remember the boys you gladly forget
And walk with the men who for "freedom" you have let.

You will stand there today with our Queen by your side
You will look down at your feet and your eyes you will hide
But what about our soldiers who burn under heat
What about our lads trained to know no defeat.

They are there today and they will be there tomorrow
When today you will talk of tears and sorrow
We will stand for our men who you say are not forgotten
But they are still there Mr Prime Minister
Angry and downtrodden.

Remember them Sir, Remember their faces
Remember they are strewn over many evil places
When the body guards surround you and you feel safe and assured
Remember our men vulnerable and ignored.

Give them their freedom for which you control
Give them their rights and send them home.


Friday, 5 November 2010

Bad day made Brighter x

Hello again, it feels like an eternity since the early hours of this morning when I was sat typing away on here. I think that has something to do with the fact it has been a really crappy day. Sorry but it has. I had some bad news regarding the families finances which always takes it's toll especially at this time of year and then after several frustrating and I admit very tearful phone calls I bent down to pick bug up and felt the horribly recognisable click in my lower back OUCH!!! I am in agony! Well it never rains as they say. I know this is going to sound ridiculous but I am quite grateful that my back is playing up this badly today as it has taken my mind off the other worries which frankly I cannot do anything about right now but would spend hour after hour worrying about if I was able to think about them. Instead all I can think is OUCH!

I just wanted to go back to bed this afternoon and stay there with my head under the duvet and pretend I am just a carefree teenager again, but of course us Mum's cannot do that bugs need feeding and looking after and besides what good is indulging in self pity going to achieve. So before I sat with my feet up I took the pup down to do her business and waiting for me by the door was parcels in the post! How excited I was. I limped and moaned as fast as I could. I was absolutely thrilled when I saw a sticker saying Sew Special Bears because I knew then it was from the lovely Jackie. This parcel totally brightened my day. I tore open the package as soon as I sat YAY...

As I mentioned before I LOVE bears and am a collector so this has made my day. The lovely, kind Jackie gave 2 of these away on her blog and as you can see I am ecstatic to receive mine.
And here is Jackies bear, the gorgeous Christmas bear on page 90

Thank you Jackie you really have cheered me up xxx

Now being this laid up I never get much crafting done because, well frankly the pain makes me feel ill but I did get to mess about on flickr for a while which means I have some photos to share YAY!
Just the usual Fayre stuff to share but hey :)

And now for some Flickr tinkling...

Hehe! I must shoot off now as the older two are off with their Father tonight. We were hoping to go to a family bonfire but the rain put a dampner on that(bam bum!). I also wanted to make some treacle toffee, man I love treacle toffee mmmmmmm but I can't and I can't even get to the shops to buy some :( (Yes I do want your violins out please) I have informed the ex that I would really appreciate him bringing some fast food when he arrives to help me gorge out my sorrows(plus I can't make dinner!) then later when bug is asleep I am going to limp into the kitchen and make myself one of these to enjoy whilst watching cheesy films curled up in bed...

Have a happy and safe bonfire night everyone and enjoy the fireworks :)

(Bonfire Night 2008)

Hello my Lovelies

Hello everyone, I am just popping in to say hello. I am back to busy, busy mode right now and am missing my blog. I have not had any time to take lovely photographs, no time to share lovely makes with you all. I think we all have periods where life just takes over everything and all the responsibilities, obligations and chores have to be taken care of.
Of course at the moment some of my obligations are allowing me plenty of wonderful, indulgent totally guilt free craft time just not the time to share which is a shame. I am trying to take some pics as I go along so that hopefully when I can I will put them all on this little blog of mine and you can see the fruits of my labour.

I ended up in the local A&E department on Tuesday evening with my eldest boy. I had taken the 2 eldest to the kiosk with me to give hubby some relaxing time(you know the ankle saga!) and so my 2 monkeys were playing outside and like boys do climbing all over the bars and jumping off steps well unfortunately my biggest managed to fall backwards and whack the back of his head on the concrete steps. The lump came out immediately so we thought we would avoid a casualty trip but he kept getting worse and eventually when he was getting drowsy and started to feel sick we took him. Of course as soon as he entered A&E he was fine so as per norm I look like a paranoid Mother!!! Kids you gotta love them. I am surprised that I haven't had Child Protection Services knocking my door with the amount of times I have visited the hospital over the last 2 years!!!

Anyway things seem to be getting back to normal around here, I only wish the day had more hours to grab the camera, upload, share, blog, craft, love, laugh and capture more glimpses of our little bugs as they grow ever bigger changing every second...maybe tomorrow. Maybe.

Hope you all have a great weekend. I am off to the theatre with one of my closest friends and I cannot wait(I will try ever so hard to remember the camera)

Big hugs Emma x