Friday, 5 November 2010

Bad day made Brighter x

Hello again, it feels like an eternity since the early hours of this morning when I was sat typing away on here. I think that has something to do with the fact it has been a really crappy day. Sorry but it has. I had some bad news regarding the families finances which always takes it's toll especially at this time of year and then after several frustrating and I admit very tearful phone calls I bent down to pick bug up and felt the horribly recognisable click in my lower back OUCH!!! I am in agony! Well it never rains as they say. I know this is going to sound ridiculous but I am quite grateful that my back is playing up this badly today as it has taken my mind off the other worries which frankly I cannot do anything about right now but would spend hour after hour worrying about if I was able to think about them. Instead all I can think is OUCH!

I just wanted to go back to bed this afternoon and stay there with my head under the duvet and pretend I am just a carefree teenager again, but of course us Mum's cannot do that bugs need feeding and looking after and besides what good is indulging in self pity going to achieve. So before I sat with my feet up I took the pup down to do her business and waiting for me by the door was parcels in the post! How excited I was. I limped and moaned as fast as I could. I was absolutely thrilled when I saw a sticker saying Sew Special Bears because I knew then it was from the lovely Jackie. This parcel totally brightened my day. I tore open the package as soon as I sat YAY...

As I mentioned before I LOVE bears and am a collector so this has made my day. The lovely, kind Jackie gave 2 of these away on her blog and as you can see I am ecstatic to receive mine.
And here is Jackies bear, the gorgeous Christmas bear on page 90

Thank you Jackie you really have cheered me up xxx

Now being this laid up I never get much crafting done because, well frankly the pain makes me feel ill but I did get to mess about on flickr for a while which means I have some photos to share YAY!
Just the usual Fayre stuff to share but hey :)

And now for some Flickr tinkling...

Hehe! I must shoot off now as the older two are off with their Father tonight. We were hoping to go to a family bonfire but the rain put a dampner on that(bam bum!). I also wanted to make some treacle toffee, man I love treacle toffee mmmmmmm but I can't and I can't even get to the shops to buy some :( (Yes I do want your violins out please) I have informed the ex that I would really appreciate him bringing some fast food when he arrives to help me gorge out my sorrows(plus I can't make dinner!) then later when bug is asleep I am going to limp into the kitchen and make myself one of these to enjoy whilst watching cheesy films curled up in bed...

Have a happy and safe bonfire night everyone and enjoy the fireworks :)

(Bonfire Night 2008)


  1. Oh Emma, I am so sorry to hear you've had such a rough day, and glad the parcel cheered you up. I can't hug you from this far away, but am sending virtual hugs through the power of the internet to hope that things pick up and you feel better soon.xxxx
    P.S That hot choc looks scrummy.

  2. Sorry to hear your back is playing you up - I did that once when I went to pick up some bags and my bag has never been the same since. Every now and again I get a niggle so I can understand how horrible it is when it plays up again. Just think of me and those giblets and then falling down the stairs - I know that will make you smile! ;) xx

  3. I have lots of sympathy for you as I too suffer with back problems. Look after yourself and get well soon.
    Jille x

  4. Take care and things will be better soon.

  5. Hope things are better tomorrow.
    Jacquie x

  6. I hope things get better soon, take care.

  7. Oh no!!.. Emma.. My gosh, I hope you're feeling better soon! Stay off your feet, and as long as hubby's o.k., let HIM pamper YOU this time around!
    Take care. ~tina


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