Sunday, 28 November 2010

Feeling Better

So sorry about the last post, THANK YOU for all your messages of support they really did perk me up and bring me back to my 'normal' self much quicker.
So Saturday was meant to be spent shopping for my biggest's boys Birthday but instead my Pops came over with his brood to save the day. He was fab, he brought bread, milk, potatoes, sausages and cake! He also bought drills and things but they were of no interest to me once I saw cake AND custard ;)
I am so, so happy to report that him and my husband managed to get the door fixed by taking apart a door we don't use, I can tell you I released a huge sigh of relief!
My husband seeing that I was having a bit of a crappy time lately took me out Saturday night. Oh it was wonderful, truly wonderful. Dinner out(some cute pictures taken on phone but will not load to computer) then to a bar for a couple of drinks before seeing the late showing of Harry Potter :) we haven't had a proper date night like that in years, what a fab time. It really cheered me up.

I have also been keeping busy this weekend and got some orders complete

and whilst I made these(and another Elmo hat, and scarves but don't want to repeat myself )
Hubby did this

I am getting excited that there are now 85 followers on my facebook page, 15 more and the give-away will begin. I have started working on the prize so hopefully will be posting pics of a finished item this week.

I have been happily looking at your lovely posts of late and some of you have completed some absolutely stunning items. I must admit I am feeling a little jealous of all those stunning blankets that are going to keep you warm in this bitter cold weather. I think that I am going to use this feeling and turn it into motivation to get my Autumn blanket finished. I have to learn to say no when people ask me to make things and actually make something for me hehe!

I am currently sat here watching yet another Christmas film...

Kids are in Bed but I love them and can't get enough of them. We went through the DVD collection today and I was shocked at how many of our Christmas films have 'disappeared' this year and some that we didn't have, so a trip to amazon was in order. Some of the films we ordered were...

I am looking forward to this delivery I can tell you! 

Right now to sit down and enjoy something like this...
(this is the second CK strawberry mug of mine as t'other one got broken)

...and carry on crocheting until another item is finished.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend xxx


  1. So glad that you got everything sorted :) xxx

  2. I hear you about never making things for yourself! Glad you had a lovely night out - hopefully I will fit in some crochet today too!

  3. Hi Emma, that's brilliant news that you got your door fixed and everything's sorted, phew. Really love your knitting, the little hat is soo cute! x

  4. Great all is looking up once again. That cake looks delicious.

  5. Glad you got the door sorted. I love the fingerless gloves I keep telling G that I want santa to bring me some. Your hubby is lovely to cheer you up like that, lucky you. Hope this week is better, I'm just hoping the snow thaws so I can get to the craft fair on saturday!!
    Pene x

  6. Sounds like you've a great, understanding family. Glad you're sorted.

  7. I've just been catching up with your posts - sounds like you've had a hard time. Glad things a looking up and that you had a lovely 'date' with your husband!

  8. Glad you got it all sorted and are feeling much better. Love the idea of your date night!

    Enjoy your Christmas films when they arrive xxx

  9. Hi Emma , glad things are better. Great your family helped out .
    Love your makes as always. Can't beat Christmas DVDs :0)
    Keep warm
    Jacquie x


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