Monday, 22 November 2010

Good Weekend...

Hello lovelies. How are you all? Well I hope. I have had a bit of a manic few weeks but it finally looks like it is all starting to calm down and organisation has finally entered the household(just as all the mayhem of Christmas and December Birthdays start!). Last week saw the Christmas Bazaar which was taking up a lot of my time and meant I didn't get to do all the pretty things I wanted for my advent swap...
all wrapped and ready to be sent across the ocean to the lovely Tina at Beansie Babbles.
The Christmas bazaar was a great success and I have been informed that the total is £860! What a fantastic amount to be sending to the men and women injured in war.

So with the Bazaar, swap and finances sorted it should be plain sailing from here out...that is what I thought anyway. I wasn't counting on Mr Emma becoming a stroppy teenager and winding everyone up with his grumpiness and argumentative attitude(he is a typical Libra). On Friday night I was on the phone to my lil Brother organising a few days ALONE with him in January because frankly I need a rest(I think we all do sometimes).
On Saturday the misery husband was under strict instructions to make up for his behaviour by cleaning EVERYWHERE in time for the party we/I was having that evening(Ann Summers lol). I asked my friend if she fancied meeting in town for coffee 'Yes sure' she says, but then I get a phone call from her other half asking if I would like him to pick me up to go to their house for pancakes, bacon and tea...Do I? Of course I shoes are quickly shoved on my feet ready to be whisked off for a gorgeous breakfast made for me :)  Oh Happy I am...very quickly forgetting the stress and tempers and worries etc. Then I am told that we need to detour to the farm shop before town...YAY! I don't drive so getting to the farm shop we love is a bit of a pain so I love it when I can hitch a ride....
 this leek is HUGE and cost just 40p!!!
Fresh baked bread and home made Blackcurrant preserve mmmm my favourite
 How very merry :)

Look at all that wonderful colour! Such beautiful red tomatoes.

I have to admit the shopkeeper and my friends thought it was a little nutty to be whipping the camera out at the farm shop. Snapping up what to them are just everyday things but to me are little snippets of gorgeousness that I just know my wonderful bloggy friends will love too.

After a lovely day of catching up and buying food for the party, drinking coffee and soaking up the beginning of the Christmas atmosphere. I am not like a lot of people I adore shopping at Christmas. My tip is to get all the major stuff early then just the nice bits need to be bought in December and you can take the whole thing in your stride!

Once the party was over(pics a little rude for my blog hehe!) and Sunday had arrived it was all about eating good food, cake(to help with the after effects of a little too much alcohol!) and spending time with Bug before his big Brothers arrived home from their Dads and the bathtime, bedtime, messing about time started.

 He does help sometimes hehe!

 Yay finished...

Not for long...and now we start again :)

Once the bugs were all tucked up in bed it was time for me to finish off at least a couple of orders. They are all mounting up, it is amazing how you don't have any and then they all come at once. 

 baby novelty hats, made to order. Bunny ears
Elmo, A few people have been asking for character hats so I can see a few more being made in the new year. I was thinking of all the cbeebies Characters lol! They should be popular!

So today I am spending the day finishing some more orders and continuing/starting some more(I have to do lots at once to stop the monotony) 

I hope you all have had a fabulous weekend
Emma xxx


  1. LOVE the Elmo hat! You gotta do a Cookie Monster one to go with it and an Oscar the Grouch in fluffy green wool!! They would be soooo cool!!! xx

  2. Emma, you are so busy! I hope things relax a little for you so you can enjoy the upcoming holiday when it arrives!

  3. Hey! I'm a Libra - I didn't know I was supposed to be grumpy and argumentative! Glad you had a great weekend x

  4. Glad you had such a good, productive weekend! Unexpected breakfast with friends sounds wonderful. And I know just what you mean about whipping out the camera under the gaze of non-bloggers! We appreciate it, believe you me :-)

    This weekend, my next-door neighbors were very puzzled to see me carefully arranging yarn balls among the leaves and grass in my front yard!

    Hope you have a wonderful Monday...

  5. Emma , your hats are amazing. Elmo is my fave :0)
    I get funny looks when taking bloggy pics, nevermind , it's worth it .
    Hope you get some relaxing time soon .
    Jacquie x

  6. Love that Elmo hat - someones going to look very cute in that!

  7. How cute! The bunny has is SOOOOO neat. I'm jealous.

  8. My hubby can be a grump at times too me and josh call him the gruffalo! I love the elmo hat is it wrong to want one for me! He he! I love Christmas shopping too although I buy pressies early or make things so mainly just mooch at Christmas stopping for an eggnog! Yummy! Thanks for the winding tips I did try yours I've also given him an extra ounce of milk and he lasted three hrs yippie! fingers crossed it stays every 3 hrs! Ur little one looks sweet joshy loved that puzzle! Fliss xxx

  9. Oops! I've got a peek at the box now!!.. Love the picture of your little boy! SO CUTE!!!.. And glad to hear the bazaar went well! ~tina

  10. Hi Emma...glad you liked the draws make over...didn't have the right pieces of wood so a trip to Boys Boden did the trick and didn't break the bank either
    Cute son...remember doing jigsaws like that with my son...over and over again hehe..memories he's 26 now and going to help me paint the new bedroom next week...more fun to be had lol
    Hugs Suz x


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