Thursday, 11 November 2010


Last Year I wrote this poem. I am not a lover of poetry but sometimes I just start typing and when I stop I leave it at that. I think this year it is even more relevant as we have soldiers fighting right now who I don't think this Government give 2 hoots about. To our boys who have fought and won and to those still fighting. To those who lost their lives so that we can live ours x


By Emma Stewart

You will stand there today and bow your head
You will talk for your Country when others fight instead
You ask us to remember the boys you gladly forget
And walk with the men who for "freedom" you have let.

You will stand there today with our Queen by your side
You will look down at your feet and your eyes you will hide
But what about our soldiers who burn under heat
What about our lads trained to know no defeat.

They are there today and they will be there tomorrow
When today you will talk of tears and sorrow
We will stand for our men who you say are not forgotten
But they are still there Mr Prime Minister
Angry and downtrodden.

Remember them Sir, Remember their faces
Remember they are strewn over many evil places
When the body guards surround you and you feel safe and assured
Remember our men vulnerable and ignored.

Give them their freedom for which you control
Give them their rights and send them home.



  1. Coming from a military family I could not agree more. It breaks my heart every time I hear another one of our boys has so pointlessly died and when I see them being brought through the streets of Wooton Bassett I am not ashamed to cry. This is a subject on which I could rage endlessly at the waste but thank you for sharing your lovely poem.

  2. Emma, I don't know what to say - it's such a heartfelt poem but I don't feel that my words are good enough to describe what you've written. It's just wonderful


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