Friday, 26 November 2010

Tears have Won

Click off now if you do not want to read my misery as I cannot think very positively right now.
I wasn't going to post at all today but looking through all the lovely blogs and knowing that I wont be able to get through them all as I am just too sad has made me even sadder.
I am usually such a positive person and battle all the woes as best I can but the sadness has won today and when I finish this little bloggy moan I am going to sit, cry, light a cigarette and wish I had the biggest bar of chocolate ever!
I am at present locked in my home! Yes! Locked in! This is the final straw for me as I am exhausted and can't face any more stress! So December is a busy month for everyone especially those of us who have childrens Birthdays too. I have been ever so busy lately, and even busier with people putting orders in with me. I have given myself a pat on the back here and there for being organised and not letting all the struggles we have had of late bring me down. So today started bright and breezy, take children to school, scream at them to 'wait at the road', 'put your hat ON RIGHT NOW!'. Then it was into the people wanting to come and volunteer(can't even begin to go there on that one...lets just say hard work and leave it at that), pick kids up take them back to the kiosk, I continue working whilst they have their taekwondo lesson(Biggest bug is doing well this week and looking good for his grading...= more money!), pack kiosk up scream at kids to 'GET DRESSED PROPERLY','STOP RUNNING THROUGH THE SNOW IN YOUR PARTY CLOTHES!!!'(Yes we had snow and I was going to write a lovely blog about it! Oh well!) Head over to a friends childs Birthday party, sit face painting for 3 hours until finally it is time to go home.
All the way home I am thinking about warm snuggly pyjamas, hot chocolates, my lovely blogging time etc. Get home put key in door, turn handle...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Handle literally breaks in my hand! No open door!!! Just me and the 3 bugs stood outside in the freezing cold! Phone is inside the house as I had forgotten it this morning...I quickly headed to the neighbours house, who broke in through the upstairs back door, I used their phone to call my husband who had to come home. By the time they had finished my door lock was completely bent! They actually had to bend the door the wrong way to get us in! My double-glazed £1100 door was bent! I was almost in tears at this point...I hated parting with cash the first time for double glazing so I really don't want to do it a second! Then it had to be locked up and sealed for our own security
My husband has not had even half of his normal wage in total for the last 2 months and the first Bugs Birthday is next week. I have too many things to do and not enough time as it is and now I am going to lose even more time trying to sort it out :(
I am so very, very sad I cannot tell you. I really need a holiday.
I am so sorry to be so miserable, especially this close to Christmas but I had to write it down to try and get some of the frustration out so that it doesn't completely eat away at me.
I will be back to normal soon and can't wait for a peaceful 5 minutes to come and relax with all your wonderful Christmassy blogs and share some of my nicer news. For now though I am going to click the kettle on, cry, try and pick a good film(Maybe Uncle Buck again, or Delirious), or boxset(times like this call for Black adder or Family Guy), cry some more, eat the last quarter of week old maderia cake(the only sweet treat in the house) and get warm and snuggly with my big fluffy dressing gown.
Big Hugs
Emma xxxx


  1. Oh bless you....what a complete bleep bleep time. My madeira cake would be half a bottle of vodka...

    Hope somewhere along the line this will be one of those mad moments you got through.

    Take care. x

  2. Oh Emma sweetie your really not having much luck at the moment. I too regularly have days like this when everything seems against you and I know people will say "look at the bigger picture, be grateful for what you've got, there are people worse off than you!!" But none of that really helps, you just need to wallow in it for abit and eat chocolate! I am willing a big bar to you right now and big hugs
    Pene xx

  3. Oh no Emma, what a day! Thank goodness you are not still stuck outside in the cold at least that's one thing... I think Family Guy and Madeira cake sounds like the right thing to do in the circumstances, hope it makes you feel better :) Sarah

  4. Oh Emma, I'm so sorry to read this. Do what YOU need to do for now and all will come good. We're all thinking of you and we are here for support whenever you need it. xx

  5. What a stressy day!!!!!!!!
    Why do unexpected expenses always occure when things are tight ?!
    Sending you big hugs Emma , Hope things get better soon .
    Love Jacquie xxx

  6. Big hugs back to you - how frustrating!!!!

    Praying for some peace in the midst of the turmoil!! xoxox

  7. Ohhh hunny...((huge hugs)) from me to you x x x
    Sometimes life throws these stressful times at us...just take comfort that you have some lovely friends to send you some much needed hugs when it happens....
    x x x

  8. We all have days like this but you will come out of it a stronger person. I know it's easy to say, but try to put things in perspective, at least you and your family are healthy. At the end of the day it's just a few minor things which generally come in three's just to p..s us off !! oxoxoxo

  9. Having had one of those days myself yesterday, I am sending you a hug :)
    And I had to make do with wallowing in my pj's freezing (heating broken and very cold n snowy) with copius almond coffee and jelly tots!!! odd combo but had no other sweets in house and didn't dare bake incase that went wrong too!
    Hope tomorrow is a better day for you

  10. Oh Emma I'm so sorry I haven't seen your post sooner. How old is your double glazed door? Did it come with any sort of guarantee against locks or parts failing, etc? Does your home insurance policy cover this sort of thing? Checking it out may help a little with the finance side of things - esp at this time of year. I know having all this happen is awful but just remember - it's just a door - it can be fixed - and that you and your family are all OK and nothing happened to them and that's the most important thing. I wish I could do more to help you sweetie - keep that chin up please xxxx :) Sending you a BIG virtual hug!!!!

  11. Emma,I feel your pain sweety. There is just never time or money to make everything work and the holidays put a little more stress on everyone. A good cry really does help and once you get it all out you'll be back at it with full force. Just be comforted in the fact that you've got all our thoughts and best wishes. <3


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